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Natural Paths to Physical and Mental Health.


Un-Pharma True Health and Wellness is a website devoted to promoting information (and products) pertaining to all natural health and wellness. We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It is hard to find the truth about anything these days, and knowledge about health is very likely the furthest thing from an exception, and there are very sinister reasons for this, as you will learn here, if you don’t already know.

Un-Pharma True Health and Wellness digs deep and wide, and we have learned where the truth is, and those are the sources we go to for our research. This is how we help you establish yourself on “natural paths to physical and mental health”, and off of paths to perpetual sickness and poverty. Or worse…!

Learn about the dark history of Big Pharma and modern medicine here.



 Some Great Natural Health “Hacks”

Are you looking for some natural health hacks? We’ve got lots of tricks that you may never have heard of, if you are looking for some natural health “hacks” that are either very inexpensive, or maybe even right in your back yard! Here are a few:

“Learn to Manage Your Health – Not Sickness!”

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What are some more natural health hacks, you ask?

Okay. Here’s a few more:

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You can learn more about Un-Pharma True Health and Wellness and why we are passionate about all natural health and wellness on the About page.


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