Edible Yard Weeds for Pain Relief and Health

Common Edible Yard Weeds for Pain Relief? Did you know that there are probably several common, edible yard weeds right outside your door that you could be reaping a bunch of free health benefits from? You may have heard about the health benefits of dandelions. Dandelions and wild lettuce for pain and anxiety are becoming … Read more

Improving Gut Health Naturally | A Full Point Tune-Up

Improving Gut Health Naturally Gurgle. Groan. Growl. Backfire. Burning oil. No, I am not describing someone trying to start an old jalopy. I am describing acid reflux/ heartburn/leaky gut/indigestion. In short, a painful annoyance which afflicts so many of us at one time or another and I have had more than my share. So let’s find … Read more

EMPower Plus Review | Truehope | Un-Pharma.com

Empower Plus Review I decided I would do a Truehope EMPower Plus review after I had decided to try it. Then it came to me to chronical the progress from then until and after the effects became evident (assuming they would). Truehope’s EMPower Plus supplement was recommended to me two weeks ago (strongly recommended, I … Read more

What Are the Different Forms of Dementia and What to Do

What Are the Different Forms of Dementia And What to Do Let’s talk about what are the different forms of dementia and what to do to prevent or inhibit their progress. This one cannot be written in a light-hearted way. Dementia is an ugly, horrendous, debilitating disease which robs sufferers of their ability to function … Read more

Mainstream Versus Chinese Medicine | Chinese Health Care Practices

Mainstream Versus Chinese Medicine Mainstream versus Chinese medicine have been ongoing for countless years. Ye olde east versus west. In that regard we decided to bring in a professional in order to unlock the mystique of these ancient procedures and their efficacy in our modern world. To this end we have it in mind to … Read more

What Improves Brain Function? | Can You Heal Your Brain?

What Improves Brain Function? Well, don’t ask Homer. We’ll talk about what improves brain function in this article, but I would like to also get to the bottom of what would warrant the need to improve brain function in the first place? Why do I not feel as astute and focused as I once did? … Read more

What is Bad About Processed Food? | The Monster Among Us

Just What Is Bad About Processed Food, Anyway? It really is not fair. You’ve done your homework. Read all the literature. Maybe even consulted a nutritionist. Made a solemn pact with yourself that from here on in you are going to give your body and mind the care that they so richly deserve after a lifetime … Read more

Chlorine Dioxide for Cancer? | CDS Cures

Chlorine Dioxide For Cancer The letters on everyone’s lips for the past year or so are CBD, and rightly so. However there is another three letter combination that has been discovered as an all around multi-purpose health aid. These letters are CDS and they are otherwise known as chlorine dioxide. And yes, people have had … Read more

Should I Use CBD Oil? | What Is CBD Oil For?

Should I Use CBD Oil? For those of you still on the fence, and wondering, “Should I use CBD oil?”, here is the scoop directly from “the horse’s mouth”, as the old saying goes. Dr. Roderic Gottula is an authority on this controversial oil. He was the chief medical officer for the Department of Corrections … Read more

The Best Things to Boost Your Immune System

blue eunuch stopping virus - all natural health and wellness

Let’s discuss the best things to boost your immune system. Yeah? OK. We’ll break down into categories what the best things to “boost” your immune system are, beginning with food. Because proper diet is always the first line of defense against sickness, as we know. But first look at this image of a blue eunuch: … Read more