A Tad the Worse for Wear…


“Cut Me, Mick.”

I have to say I was feeling a tad beat up and thread-bare by the time I made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate. I was strapped for cash and shoving every iron in the fire I could find. And chucking a ton of… dung… at the wall in hopes of something sticking.

I had gone for broke, putting everything I had left into trying to build an email list the fast way, if there was such a thing. Having determined that leveraging the power of the internet to earn a handsome living for once in my life was what I was going to do, I had determined I was going for it with everything I had. Despite my lack of both funding and marketing knowledge.

What Was That Thing Called…?

My impetuousness, mostly fuelled by desperation, had at a certain point landed me in a state of utter overwhelmedness. And worse off than I had been, prior to my fervent efforts to fly before learning to walk.

But I found that I was oddly not as dejected as I might have thought I ought to be. I had received a bit of a cash injection that I had not really been expecting, so the pressure was off there, for awhile.

Then I remembered about this learn-as-you-earn platform that had kept popping up along the way in my journey. It claimed to be something ethical and integral, in a sea of prospects that I had quickly, but painfully learned were anything but.

Everytime this thing had popped up, and I had read it’s claims to be so honest and legitimate, I had had a Spidey-sense that it actually was.

I wish now that I had followed that gut feeling a lot sooner. However, to make a long story less long, here I am. And despite the very extensive days I am putting into it, that feeling of being overwhelmed is nowhere to be seen.

And I am having an absolute blast!

First Things First

I quickly realised that my niche had been wrong. I wasn’t as passionate about making money online as I was about natural health and wellness, and that changed everything.Yeah, Baby!

So I then just began to put one foot in front of the other, following the simple training at an easy pace, and finding myself getting more and more excited. But without any desire to rush ahead. I was really just enjoying rolling with the moment, and learning alongside others who seemed to be in the exact same boat that I was!

And the fact that there are a ton of more seasoned people in this community called Wealthy Affiliate eager to help an old rookie out was a very big bonus.

In a Nutshell…

I have been feeling since joining Wealthy Affiliate roughly a month ago, like I am right where I need to be, doing just what I want to do. And although I am very hopeful that it will all lead to financial success like I have never before experienced in my nearly 51 years, I am oddly not in a hurry. I am just glad to be learning so very much, amongst a really great community of people, and feeling like I have settled into a “pocket” that I have been searching for for a very long time.

Blessings and Success to you, and thanks for reading!

Craig J