Are Supplements a Scam? | Do Health Supplements Work?

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Are Supplements a Scam? | Do Health Supplements Actually Do Anything?Are Supplements a Scam - Do Health Supplements Work

Do Supplemental Vitamins Work, Or Are Supplements a Scam?

A better question might be, do we need to take supplements to be healthy? We will answer that question as we go, but if you do take supplemental vitamins (even “good” ones), they may or may not actually be doing a thing for you. So are supplements a scam, or do health supplements work, generally speaking?

Of course there are some health supplements that work better than others (I am finding more and more that the majority of supplemental vitamin brands are pure garbage, plain and simple). But we should really learn which vitamins we tend to not get enough of from our diet, and go from there, don’t you think? Then we can begin to research and find health supplements that work and are not filled with sand (silica) or other fillers and poisons.

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Do We Need to Take Supplements?

Does anyone need supplements to be healthy? If we are eating good food and avoiding all the bad things and getting regular exercise, why would we need supplements? Doesn’t good food provide all the nutrition we need?

Actually, many vitamins need to come from food (their natural form) to be of significant benefit. Plus, many vitamins in supplement form won’t be absorbed by the body to be used where they are needed, but will simply be digested and eliminated without doing anything beneficial.

For example, if you are unable to spend time in the sun every day to acquire vitamin D, a good supplement will be a good idea. But a good vitamin D supplement will have K2 and / or magnesium added, for the purpose of absorption. There are also other vitamins that work together with vitamin D for many benefits.

Are Multivitamins Worth Taking?

First of all, let’s keep in mind that they are called vitamin supplements. They are not called vitamin substitutes. Multivitamins (assuming they do anything at all) are going to give you a spectrum of things you likely don’t need, and in fact, taking too much of certain vitamins can be counterproductive.

So are multivitamins worth taking? I think the shortest answer possible would be “NO”. You are far better off getting everything you can from good food, and anything you can’t from a trusted source.

Watch this short video for more on this:

So, Do They Work, Or Are Supplements a Scam?

If you are still wondering if vitamin supplements are a scam, or if we really need to take supplements to be healthy, this guy has a blunt and blatant opinion, which I just thought I would share with you, in case you are having a hard time being swayed towards the notion that supplemental vitamins are not LORD. He makes some valuable points, but I suspect he doesn’t take into account that the foods typically available to us today ain’t at all what they used to be…

At this point I will say this, if you didn’t know:

According to the National Institute of Health, the dietary supplement industry takes in 37 billion dollars per year, in the US alone.

How do you like them apples?

Vitamins and Supplements Cheat Sheet – Supplement Chart

Health Supplements that Work, and Are Clean and Safe

I know without a doubt that there are health supplements that work for me, and I have heard onslaughts of others’ testimonies of the same. But I have also spent a lot of time and a bit of money finding those supplements that work, and a very much trusted source for them. I will share that source with you. But here is another interesting tidbit for you, before I do:

This is a paragraph right from the FDA website:

“Dietary Supplements can be beneficial to your health — but taking supplements can also involve health risks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have the authority to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.”

You can read some things into that if you want (I certainly did). But if it is simply true that they “don’t have the authority” to review the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements before they are sold, that is crazy enough.

Does that not mean that the manufacturers can put unsafe or useless ingredients in their product and sell it to you as something that is safe and effective, with no accountability?

I don’t know how else to read that. It seems to clearly be the case!brighteon store - the health ranger

The Health Ranger

Why they “admit” this is a whole other discussion, but the point I want to make is that it is certainly imperative that you get your supplements from a trusted source, and if you go to The Brighteon Store / The Health Ranger, you will quickly see why I trust Mike’s products, besides the fact that I listen to his podcast, and know what he stands for, and the values he stands on.

Mike Adams, aka The Health Ranger has his own lab, and personally tests every product that comes through the door.

Brighteon Store Promise to Customers:

• 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. If for any reason you are not happy with a product you purchase from us, we will refund or exchange the item for you promptly and professionally.

• 100% privacy. We will NEVER sell your data to anyone.

• 100% of the products offered in our store are personally reviewed and approved by our founder, Mike Adams (the “Health Ranger”).

• We aim for 100% certified organic products, although in certain cases some products are actually higher quality when they are “wildcrafted” and “pesticide free” rather than organic. This varies based on the product, and our goal is always to select the product with the least possible chemical exposure. All products are accurately labeled with their organic status.

• Absolutely no GMOs.

• 100% honest marketing: Everything we state about the products we offer is truthful and based in fact.

• Routine testing for purity of foods at our Forensic Food Lab. We have zero tolerance for dishonest suppliers and contaminated products.

• USDA-certified organic packing facility. Our bulk superfood products are packed in certified packing facilities which are inspected by the USDA for compliance with organic requirements. More information here.

health supplements that work - the health ranger - Brighteon Store



So, do we need to take supplements, or are dietary supplements a scam?

Well, determining any vitamin or mineral you may be lacking is the first step. And if you can’t get that level up through diet, you may have to (and should) be very diligent and vigilant in finding a supplier of that supplement, ensuring its purity, effectiveness and safety. The Brighteon Store is one such source that I have found, and one of very few supplement sources that I currently trust completely, for anything I need. Yes, I do receive a small commission for purchases made through the links above. You can read the affiliate disclaimer below for more detail.

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for on the Brighteon Store, please leave a message below, and I will point you in the right direction.

I will leave you with two points that are admittedly trite, but are very much worth stressing, in my opinion.

1. You are much better off getting your vitamins and nutrients from food than from supplements, whenever possible.

2. The food today (even the “organic”, or “non-processed” food) is difficult to get what we need from, so we also need to be as diligent with our food shopping as we are with looking for good dietary supplements.

Happy Healing!



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15 thoughts on “Are Supplements a Scam? | Do Health Supplements Work?”

  1. Hello, I take vitamin supplements, and I do feel their benefits. I do however agree that some are not safe especially taken in larger amounts and we also need to be careful of the source and where they are manufactured and how.  I agree about the “wild farming” and pesticide free source as well.  I know it’s a big industry and there are a lot of companies that take “shortcuts” in their manufacturing processes which is not good, therefore thanks for information on a safe and genuine production site of vitamins.

  2. True, if you eat healthily all the time, why would you need supplements? I think that in this day and age, unless you are a farmer, it is impossible to get good and fresh sources of good food all the time, so it is increasingly difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals that you need just by eating well. I look at supplements as a sort of insurance for ourselves. Take it and your body will use what it can and release the rest, but at least if you are not getting enough of something, you can make it up with supplements.

  3. Yes Leah, it is hard to get everything we need from the food available to us these days. I am glad you have found supplements that are effective for you. You are obviously vigilant in finding the quality ones!

  4. I take a multitude of supplements on a daily basis, and totally believe in them.  Yes, you have to find good quality supplements, that is important. But I know I feel better and for me, they work.  I know I can get vitamins and nutrients from the food I eat, but I know I am getting what I need by taking my daily supplements.

  5. From where I stand it doesn’t look like most people eat well. Eating well is becoming more and more difficult, even when you really try. It is hard to get crucial micronutrients from the depleted and contaminated soil, for one thing. 

    Yes, they are called supplements for a reason: they are not meant to replace food nutrients. But most supplements seem to be garbage, the more I look into it.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Martina. Blessings!

  6. Hi, Craig. Thanks for sharing your article with us. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for your body to develop and function properly. While most people get everything they need by eating well, others require a little extra help. That’s where supplements come in, giving your body the help it needs to stay healthy.

    Whatever your reason for taking supplements, one thing is certain: they are not a substitute for a nutrient-dense, healthy diet.

  7. You explained everything nicely here. As for supplements, I think they help a lot as a food supplemet, especially for children, since their immune system is not build. Also in adults, supplements are very important if they do not get vitamins through food and in pregnat women and vegeterians as well.

  8. I have taken many vitamin supplements over the years. I have found that they do help me sometimes. I find brands that I trust, then the other ones I found didn’t benefit me at all. I didn’t know that FDA didn’t test those products. That to me is very scary, I don’t know how I feel about buying a product that isn’t regulated. 

    My diet is very inconstant and that is why I wanted to take multivitamin s to make sure I got all I needed in a day. Now I am not sure how I feel about the vitamin supplements I take. I had my doctor tell me to go on a multivitamin too. 

    Thank you!  

  9. Hello dear nice article you’ve put up here

    this is really great and blessing🔥🔥🔥

    agree that the best way to get enough vitamins and minerals, is by eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of fresh produce. Unfortunately many people eat processed food and then reach for supplements to add to their diet. Supplements can play a role, but it must not replace healthy food.

  10. Thanks, my friend. 

    Have you heard of the Health Ranger store? Brighteon is basically the same store.

  11. I agree that the best way to get enough vitamins and minerals, is by eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of fresh produce. Unfortunately many people eat processed food and then reach for supplements to add to their diet. Supplements can play a role, but it must not replace healthy food. 

    Getting a supplement that is pure and made from organic ingredients, is the best. I was not familiar with Brighteon Store, but will check them out for the calcium supplement that I take. Thank you. 

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