What Is the Best Treatment for Eczema?

What Is the Best Treatment for Eczema, and How to Treat Eczema Naturally Eczema can be a horrible affliction, but we are going to find out what is the best treatment for Eczema, and how to treat Eczema naturally, without any dangerous and/or expensive medications. The Scourge Called Eczema Itchy. Ugly. Oozy. Dry and flaky. … Read more

Why Are Mushrooms Called Superfoods? | 15 Mushrooms Health Benefits

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Mushrooms? Why are mushrooms called superfoods? “You either love ‘em or hate ‘em”. How many food items have we heard being described in this way? To my knowledge, mushrooms are high on the list. They have many descriptive adjectives attached to them. Delicious, magical, deadly, intoxicating, and the … Read more

Medicine From the Ocean | Eat Your Seaweed!

Extraordinary Food and Medicine From The Ocean O.K. today let’s talk about yucky looking/smelling but extraordinary foods that are good for us. Food should be medicine, and when we think of healthy food (and medicine) from the ocean, most of us tend to think of fish, or other living creatures. But that’s not what we’ll … Read more

9 Edible Yard Weeds for Pain Relief and Health

9 Edible Yard Weeds for Pain Relief and Health Did you know that there are probably several common, edible yard weeds right outside your door from which you could be reaping a bunch of free health benefits? You may have heard about the health benefits of dandelions. Dandelions and wild lettuce for pain and anxiety … Read more

Improving Gut Health Naturally | A Full Point Tune-Up

Improving Gut Health Naturally Gurgle. Groan. Growl. Backfire. Burning oil. No, I am not describing someone trying to start an old jalopy. I am describing acid reflux/ heartburn/leaky gut/indigestion. In short, a painful annoyance which afflicts so many of us at one time or another and I have had more than my share. So let’s find … Read more

EMPower Plus Review | Truehope | Un-Pharma.com

Empower Plus Review I decided I would do a Truehope EMPower Plus review after I had decided to try it. Then it came to me to chronical the progress from then until and after the effects became evident (assuming they would). Truehope’s EMPower Plus supplement was recommended to me two weeks ago (strongly recommended, I … Read more

What Are the Different Forms of Dementia and What to Do

What Are the Different Forms of Dementia And What to Do Let’s talk about what are the different forms of dementia and what to do to prevent or inhibit their progress. This one cannot be written in a light-hearted way. Dementia is an ugly, horrendous, debilitating disease which robs sufferers of their ability to function … Read more

Mainstream Versus Chinese Medicine | Chinese Health Care Practices

Mainstream Versus Chinese Medicine Mainstream versus Chinese medicine have been ongoing for countless years. Ye olde east versus west. In that regard we decided to bring in a professional in order to unlock the mystique of these ancient procedures and their efficacy in our modern world. To this end we have it in mind to … Read more

What Improves Brain Function? | Can You Heal Your Brain?

What Improves Brain Function and How Can You Heal Your Brain? How to Increase Brain Function and Memory Well, don’t ask Homer. We’ll learn what improves brain function in this article, but I would like to also get to the bottom of what would warrant the need to increase brain function in the first place? … Read more

Why Do People Eat Processed Food? | The Monster Among Us

Why Do People Continue to Eat Processed Food? Most people know that it is bad for them. So why do people eat processed food, knowing it is bad for them? Why can’t everyone just stop eating processed food? Well, likely the biggest reasons people eat processed food (and feed it to their children), knowing that … Read more

Chlorine Dioxide for Cancer? | 8 Proven CDS Cures

Chlorine Dioxide For Cancer The letters on everyone’s lips for the past year or so are CBD, and rightly so. However there is another three letter combination that has been discovered as an all around multi-purpose health aid. These letters are CDS and they are otherwise known as chlorine dioxide. And yes, people have had … Read more

Should I Use CBD Oil Everyday? | Is CBD Oil a Placebo Scam?

Should I Use CBD Oil Everyday, or Is CBD Oil a Scam? For those of you still on the fence, and wondering, Should I use CBD oil?, “Should I use CBD oil everyday?“or, “Is it a wonder drug, or is CBD oil a placebo scam?“, here is the scoop directly from the horse’s mouth, as … Read more

Does Walking Barefoot Boost Your Immune System?

Does Walking Barefoot Boost Your Immune System? The Best Things to Boost Your Immune System Does walking barefoot boost your immune system? We’re going to find out. Also, we’ll break down into categories what the best things to boost your immune system are, beginning with food. Because proper diet is always the first line of … Read more

The Many Health Benefits Bay Leaves-Laurel Leaves Provide

The Many Health Benefits Bay Leaves Have To Offer They might look dry, drab, and uninteresting. But these dull green crisp leaves have a multitude of uses, so I caution you to not sell them short. The majority of users have always believed that they are merely to add a bit of zing to soups and … Read more

Is Fluoride Good or Bad? | How Fluoride Is Harmful

Is Fluoride Good or Bad For You? | How to Slowly Poison Someone Maybe the most deadly household poisons are not on a shelf in the garage or under the kitchen sink. In the circles I run in you probably won’t hear anybody ask the questions, “Is fluoride good or bad?”, or, “Is fluoride a … Read more

Are Hops Good For Natural Relief of Anxiety and Stress?

Are Hops Good For Natural Relief of Anxiety and Stress? Hops To the Rescue! We’ll find out shortly what all hops are good for, including whether or not they can be used effectively for natural relief of anxiety and stress, or even insomnia. But first a bit of beer history: Understandably most people think only … Read more

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety and Take Your Life Back | GABA

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety with GABA Here we are going to learn how to overcome depression and anxiety, by raising GABA levels. If you have never suffered chronically from either depression OR anxiety, I’m sure you have known somebody who has. Either way, you have definitely, at some point, desired and sought out … Read more

Is Baking Soda Good For an Upset Stomach? | Heartburn Home Remedy

Is Baking Soda Good For an Upset Stomach or Heartburn? How Can Baking Soda and Water Help an Upset Stomach or Heartburn / Acid Reflux? If you’ve ever experienced heartburn, you know what it is. And if you are visited by heartburn frequently, like I was most of my life, then you have more than … Read more

What Is Alternative Health Care? | Maintain Natural Health

What Is Alternative Health Care? | Maintain Natural Health If you are wondering, “What is alternative healthcare?”, I would simply define it thusly (though we will discard this word, shortly): Alternative health / natural health care is a system of therapies, remedies, and preventative methods created and that nature still produces. It works with the … Read more