Can Fasting Cure Gastritis? | Is Almond Milk Safe for Gastritis?

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Can Fasting Cure Gastritis? | Cranberry and Tomato for Gastritis?

Can Fasting Cure Gastritis? | Cranberry and Tomato for Gastritis

What Is It, and What Causes Gastritis?

Can fasting cure gastritis? Is almond milk safe for gastritis? Is it even healthy?

We’re going to learn how to prevent or even cure gastritis at home, as well as what causes it. Here are some more questions we’ll be addressing about gastritis:

  • Can gastritis be caused by stress or anxiety?
  • Can cranberry and tomato cure gastritis?
  • Does cabbage help gastritis?
  • Are broccoli sprouts good for gastric troubles?
  • What works best for curing or preventing gastritis?

Gastritis is a serious inflammation of the stomach, which can be very serious, flaring up regularly, and is commonly the result of:

  • a poor diet
  • prolonged use of pharmaceutical drugs (particularly pain killers, i.e. aspirin)
  • metabolic steroid use
  • H. Pylori bacteria
  • alcoholism

Is there any relationship between anxiety and gastritis?

Can Gastritis Be Caused by Stress or Anxiety?

Is gastritis a symptom of stress? Are you telling me that digestive issues can be caused by emotions??

Emotions and health are very much interconnected.

In addition to the things listed above, gastritis can be caused by stress or anxiety, and will certainly contribute to it as an existing problem.

An acute case of gastritis can be caused by stress or anxiety, in fact, if the stress or anxiety is chronic. The name for stress-induced gastritis is “stress gastritis”, oddly enough. And, if left untreated, can actually lead to ulcers and cancer.

“Altered pH can disrupt homeostatic digestion, resulting in dysregulation of gastric pH. In the clinical setting, this dysregulation is typically due to physiologic stress, leading to inflammation of the stomach, known as stress-induced gastritis. In the stressed state, elevate levels of ACH and histamine result in increased acid production, thus inducing gastritis.”[4]

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Foods That Help Gastritis Sufferers

Are cranberries good for gastritis? What about tomatoes?

Tomatoes, not so much. Yes, cranberries are good. And broccoli sprouts are also good, as well as cauliflower, nuts and lean meat, organic yogurt, skinless apple, and anything with lots of vitamin C (except for highly-acidic fruits, like oranges or lemons). But according to Dr. Eric Berg, the best food for treating (or preventing) gastritis is cabbage:

Tomatoes are quite acidic, so should be avoided, but cranberry is good for gastritis, due to its high vitamin C content and its high PAC content aids in the erradication of H. pylori infections.

Meal Ideas for Gastritis Sufferers / Simple Recipes for Gastritis 

Can Fasting Cure Gastritis?

Intermittent fasting (isn’t all fasting intermittent? Constant fasting I think is called “starving to death”…) is an excellent way to allow your body to heal. Fasting can cure gastritis, for certain, as well as being beneficial for overall health. I started doing it, and I now couldn’t imagine not doing it. 7 Daily Intermittent Fasting Benefits | Fasting and Autophagy 

Is Almond Milk Safe for Gastritis?

I’ll give anyone a thousand dollars who can successfully milk an almond.

Almond milk is safe for gastritis, but a more important question would probably be, “Will almond milk make me DIE?”

If your stomach is inflamed, almond milk can help, at least temporarily. The problem is, there is so little actual almond in almond milk, if it contained any less it would be called “toxic garbage water”. They put a miniscule trace of almond in it so they can call it almond milk, which sounds much better than toxic garbage water.

It is sad how often these kinds of “in fashion” products get found out as being unhealthy. People just can’t seem to stick to anything that we have known for millennia are staples for good health. Allowing too many “health authorities” and others bent on peddling lies and death for profit and control will cause this kind of confusion, if we oblige them. We are clearly not getting smarter about these things, by and large. And this shameless lying and meddling is the reason. Or, rather, tolerating it is the reason for our confusion and bad health.Is Almond Milk Safe for Gastritis?

I’ll get off my high horse now about that. And onto the evils of soy milk! Just kidding. Another time, maybe.

Beware the Claim: “Fortified with Vitamins”! 

Almond milk is worse to drink, overall, than cow milk. And some almond milk is better than other, obviously. But typically, almond milk is around 2 per-cent almond (with its nutrients all but entirely removed), and the rest water and chronic-disease-contributing additives, including high-fructose corn syrup, carrageenan (which is a source of inflammation, gastrointestinal disease, and colon cancer), as well as detrimental synthetic vitamins like Calcium Carbonate, Dl-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate and Vitamin A Palmitate.

Ditch the almond milk: why everything you know about sustainable eating is probably wrong

Regardless of how fashionable they are, avoid “fortified” and “enriched foods”! Synthetic vitamins are nasty to your body.

Probiotics for Gastritis

Fibre and probiotics are also very good for gastritis. Here is a story for you:

“My Success Story: Get fiber and probiotics!!” : r/Gastritis – Reddit

…And another:

“Finally healing with probiotics!” : r/Gastritis – Reddit

Probiotics are helpful for treating gastritis, but again, there are good products and bad ones (I’m talking supplements). I am getting very good at finding the good ones, if I do say so myself (my humility is awesome!), and I love sharing them with you. I will show you a great source for pure and effective probiotic supplements in a minute, but how are probiotics good for gastritis, and why is it important to make sure you are getting quality supplements?

The answer to the latter question is probably most important, so let’s start with it.

Quality supplements are really hard to come by!

Are Supplements a Scam? | Do Health Supplements Work?

The above link will tell you what you need to know about just how hard good supplements are to find, and why. In short, the supplement industry at large IS a scam. But I know some people!

Probiotics are good for gastritis (you can get them from good, organic yogurt) in that: “Our GI tract is home to trillions of beneficial microbes which make up around 70-80% of our immunity. Daily stressors, both environmental and internal, as well as the use and abuse of antibiotics, disrupts the balance of bacteria in the digestive system. A correlation can be made between many major and minor health problems and this imbalance.” -Health Ranger

Which probiotic is best for severe gastritis?

4 Powerful and Potent Probiotics (100% Pure, Non Dairy Strains & Room Temperture Stable)

“Our proprietary formula was under research and development status for some time. Out of all the probiotics on the market, we were shocked to see that none of them were certified organic. It meant that all of the fillers used in their probiotic supplements were either non organic, or worse! It was our idea to replace these fillers with actual food-based ingredients with nutritional benefit.” -Brighteon Store

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My whole family takes them…

…Our whole family has been taking it. It’s a great probiotic supplement. The price is great comparing with other brands or even comparing with eating yogurt. It costs $1 per day per person. It could be expensive since our whole family is taking it but it’s worth it. It helps with different health issues we have. I’m glad I have looked into probiotics to solve these issues.”

Let Us Summarize

Intermittent fasting may well be what works best for curing or preventing gastritis. And it is easy, once you decide to start.

The best foods for gastritis are cabbage, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, fruits (less acidic ones), vegetables, nuts, lean meat and organic yogurt. Also cranberry is good for gastritis, being rich in vitamin C and PACs (proanthocyanidins).

Probiotics are also very important for gastritis sufferers, but also very important outside of diet and nutrition is the reduction of stress and anxiety, which are of no help at all for gastric issues, or any other health issues, for that matter.

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Oh, and almond milk is safe for gastritis, just as smashing your car into a brick wall is safe for not having to go to work. Both will have worse consequences, at some point.

Stay tuned. We are going to pick on soy products relentlessly, very soon…

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