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8 thoughts on “Can You Get Over Social Anxiety? | How to Cure SAD”

  1. I believe social anxiety has increased in these pandemic times as some people are not comfortable around strangers anymore or even their own friends and family that they hardly see. I am one of those as I do not want to die due to Covid and do not want to get sick due to other people not following rules or just don’t care. I have overcome this scare by avoiding certain events until everything calms down. Plus got the vaccine. So that whatever happens I am covered.

  2. This is something I have dealt with and continue to deal with. I honestly don’t remember when I started to consider that I might have social anxiety (or the point in time that the anxiety developed), so that baffles me at times. I remember feeling like I fit in fine and interacted just fine socially up until sometime around age 16/17. 

    Great article ending on the high note of neuroplasticity. I kind of intuitively started enhancing my neuroplasticity – even before I even knew what it was. Just by acknowledging damaging thought patterns and replacing them with empowering ones; literally “renewing the mind”. It has been a slow process, but I have gotten much better!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I absolutely agree with that first tip. Like 1000% agree. We really have to see ourselves past our social anxiety or any current limitation we might be struggling with. That’s kind of always the first step, the way I see. Because it gets your thinking right. And that’s a huge part of it all.

    I really loved that breakdown on the beliefs. And, yeah, I agree with every bit on neuroplasticity. I mean, for sure, it can bend back to the truth. It’s all about patterns. Certain behavior got us into social anxiety. There is a pattern to get out of it. 

    I will have to check out that video as well. I really appreciate that suggestion. Cheers. 🙂

    • Right on, Mattis! 

      Yes, please do watch the video when you have a chance. You’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks for the response!

  4. I do know someone with social anxiety and I have seen up close just how debilitating it can be. It’s also accompanied by the more recognized form of general anxiety that includes scary panic attacks. There have been some tricks and tips that have helped. For instance, they find texting people that they might like to take on a date to be just fine, but they would not be able to approach the person face-to-face. 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always nice to see additional perspectives to find things that may help.

    • Thank you, Aly. Yes, it is a terribly paralyzing thing. I wish I had learned to do something about mine a lot earlier in life!


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