Does Rosemary Oil Work for Male Pattern Baldness?

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Does Rosemary Oil Work for Male Pattern Baldness? What Else?

Did You Know That Rosemary is One of The Healthiest Herbs?

Rosemary is exceptionally healthy and has been used for health purposes for hundreds of years. It has a lovely aroma andDoes Rosemary Oil Work for Male Pattern Baldness is a shrub which grows in planters or in a garden. It is a medicinal champion, as well as a flavorful addition to cooking.

Belonging to the mint family, rosemary was recognized in ancient times, in mythology and history. The ancient Greeks revered it for stimulating the brain (they wore it in their hair to remember their studies), promoting understanding and memory. They used it as a remedy for colds, and ailments of the stomach. Rosemary was believed to possess neuroprotective properties, being used to treat epilepsy and spasms, as well as nervousness and depression.

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Opinions have never veered from those above. Conversely, other benefits of rosemary have been discovered throughout the years. It is packed with nutrients that our bodies need to function.

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Rosemary Oil to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety relief is also under the bailiwick of rosemary. Their essential oils affect mood and alertness, thus rosemary oil helps relieve anxiety.

Drinking a cup of rosemary tea every day is also a mood booster.

Rosemary as an adjunctive treatment in patients with major depressive disorder: A randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled trial

Rosemary for the Brain and Immune System

Mild cognitive impairment, which is common in older people, can be helped with the aid of rosemary, which is a brain boosting supplement.

Rosemary also has three natural components that boost the immune system. These are anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and anti-carcinogens. Colds and flu are turned away at the door when you drink rosemary tea. If these somehow manage to get through the rosemary barrier it still helps to reduce coughs and the accumulation of phlegm.

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Rosemary for Cancer and Staph Infection

Rosemary can stave off staph infection, and studies have also shown that rosemary can help to slow the spread of cancer cells and leukemia. If added to certain foods such as ground beef, it not only improves the taste, but helps to prevent carcinogens that develop during cooking.

Rosemary for Hormone Regulation, Gut Health and Digestion

This amazing herb contains vitamin B6, which regulates our hormones. This is achieved with rosemary infused aroma therapy.

Adding rosemary to the gut helps alleviate indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers. It also fights the bacteria which can cause colitis.

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Everyone knows that blood clots are the cause of blockages which cause heart attacks and strokes. Being anti-thrombotic, rosemary can prevent blood clots.

Rosemary for Liver Health and Vision

Liver has a very important job to do in our bodies. It detoxifies and filters the blood from the digestive system. If damaged it can result in type 2 diabetes and
cirrhosis. Rosemary helps to lower the risk of these diseases as well as speeding the liver’s recovery. Nanoemulsified rosemary essential oil confers a hepatoprotective effect on the damaged liver of rats.Rosemary for Liver Health

Rosemary also promotes eye health, and can protect against macular degeneration. However, you will likely see better vision improvements using Ginkgo biloba and/or DMSO.

So after that impressive list of health benefits, I will list the cosmetic benefits that rosemary provides.

Does Rosemary Oil Work for Male Pattern Baldness?

In order to keep your hair healthy season your food with this wonder herb or drink the tea. The oils in the leaves act as a natural disinfectant that protects the scalp from bacteria that is bad for the hair follicles. It also improves circulation and stimulates nerve growth in the scalp. This is a huge help in the prevention of hair loss.

So yes, rosemary works for male pattern baldness, as it does for anyone experiencing hair thinning.

Here are some other things that can help (since different things work better for different people):

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Should You Use Rosemary Oil on Your Face?

Do you suffer from pimples and general acne? Rosemary has a natural anti-inflammatory, which staves off both of these, as does the anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties contained in rosemary.

After applying rosemary oil to the skin, you could see improvements in as little as 8 hours.

Rosemary for Pain Relief

Analgesics relieve pain. Drug-based analgesics, however, can adversely affect your liver and/or become addictive. Bring on the rosemary. Studies have proven that rosemary contains eleven chemical compounds that contribute to pain relief.

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rosemary for odorRosemary for Odor

Many essential oils are very effective for getting rid of odors. But rosemary is specifically good for this, due to its anti-bacterial qualities.

Rosemary is masterful when it comes to masking bad breath and body odor. Adding it to warm water
makes a mouthwash which will kill the bacteria which causes bad breath. For those who prefer natural and chemical free body products, here is a great natural deodorant.


Now who could possibly argue with the power of rosemary? A lovely to look at, easy to grow, beautifully
fragrant plant that helps with just about everything.

Rosemary can stop male pattern baldness and help vision, liver health, acne, improve mental health and much more.

And it does so naturally, like a true health rock star.

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