Does the Sun Really Cause Skin Cancer?

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Is Skin Cancer Really Caused by Exposure to the Sun?

Does the Sun Really Cause Skin Cancer, Or Actually Prevent It?Does the Sun Really Cause Skin Cancer - Angry Sun-what really causes skin cancer

If you are reading this, you are clearly someone who questions things, and I applaud you. At an alarming rate, the curious and reasonable among us are finding that a great portion of what we are told is not only false, it is often a complete inversion of the truth! This is another type of cancer, which I won’t talk too much about here. We are here to answer the question, does the sun really cause skin cancer? Is skin cancer really caused by exposure to the sun? Here it comes. Are you ready?

Does sunlight cause skin cancer?

That would be a resounding NO. The sun does not cause skin cancer. Sun exposure is good for you.

“The conclusion that can be drawn from looking at these studies as a whole is that melanoma is not due to sun exposure. Indeed the conclusion is so clear that it is difficult to understand why scientific consensus still clings to the idea that sunlight is a cause of melanoma.” -Melanoma Is Not Caused by Sunlight  by Allen J. Christophers

But guess what does cause skin cancer?

What Really Causes Skin Cancer

Exposure to the sun does not cause skin cancer (or any other type of cancer), but do you know what does? I’ve got your ironic right here, Alanis Morissette: What really causes skin cancer is… (I bet I know the word that is at the front of your brain, right now)…


Those crafty globalists aren’t too bright, but what does that say about all the people who blindly believe all the things they somehow manage to convince so many of? Those 3-letter “deities” that you are not to question. WHO, you might ask?


Here’s a couple more questions, which we’ll address in a minute:

If the sun causes skin cancer, how did our ancestors get enough vitamin D from sunlight without getting skin cancer? And, Do any vitamins or supplements help to prevent or reduce the risks of cancer?

Consider the Opposite to Be True

You know how I research now? I have a very simple method, and you would be shocked at how often and how quickly it works in getting to the bottom of things, truth-wise.

I type a statement into that is the opposite of what they have everybody believing.

For example, the sun causing skin cancer seems fishy to me. So I type in, “the sun does not cause skin cancer”. And I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher! A whole other world emerges from the stinking swamp! Proven, factual, scientific documentation, and everything!

But let’s talk about what really causes cancer, and how the sun is entirely innocent. In fact, as you might imagine, with the complete opposite of what is commonly said and believed in mind, we find that not only does the sun cause skin cancer about as often as feeling joyful and elated is associated with being punched in the junk by Mike Tyson in his prime, the sun is actually nothing but really good for you! How Sunscreen Is Bad For You | Does Sunscreen Give You Cancer

That was a long sentence. I think it might be a record, for me…

But we were talking about sunscreen being bad. Let’s go into that, and then we’ll find out about how sun exposure is good for you, and not bad (unless you have a condition, or are a vampire, albino, or redhead).

How Sunscreen Is Bad For You | Does Sunscreen Give You Cancer?

Your likelihood of developing cancer of any kind is very rarely attributable to anything outside of your body (unless you take it and put it inside).

If your liver and/or colon are filled with toxins, this is where the concern should be focused. The toxins in your inner organs are partly expelled through the skin. This is usually why a person develops skin cancer.

Of course, anything you apply to your skin that is toxic will be absorbed by the skin (your skin isn’t real smart, in this way), and now it is in you. And there are other environmental hazards, including incredibly long periods of sun exposure, which could be dangerous, but seems to be extremely rare, in reality.

But nowhere near as dangerous as a processed food diet, drinking unfiltered tap water or other toxic liquids, or using toxic kitchen, cosmetic or hygiene products.

Or using your average brand of sunscreen.

By the way, most common brands of sunscreen also contain a hormone disruptor known as oxybenzone, which can cause male infertility, endometriosis in women, and birth defects.

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Reading Food Nutrition Labels 101 and How to Decode Them

There is an olde saying, which says, if you can’t eat it, you ought not to put it on your skin.

I haven’t confirmed this percentage, but a commenter from another article about this topic (from where I found the above quote) says, “Why is skin cancer almost nil along the equator in Africa, and at the same time 75% higher among African Americans?“.

I guess you might find it enlightening to know why sunscreen causes cancer, so here is a list for you of sunscreen’s cancer-causing ingredients:

Sunscreen Cancer Causing Ingredients

  • Octinoxate is very commonly found in sunscreen brands, and is supposed to protect the skin from sun-induced aging. And maybe it does, but experts have found that it may actually have an opposite to the desired effect. Octinoxate produces free radicals, which ravage the skin and cells. It’s also an endocrine disruptor.
  • Oxybenzone is a nasty chemical used to help other chemicals get into the skin. When exposed to UV rays, it has a chemical reaction can cause other serious skin conditions. Oxybenzone is also a hormone disruptor that can have negative effects on other systems in the body.
  • Retinyl Palmitate is actually an antioxidant, intended to enhance sunscreen’s performance against the UV exposure thatSunscreen Cancer Causing Ingredients is actually good for you. What is more unfortunate is that it also has the opposite effect to what it is supposed to. Retinol compounds also create a reaction when exposed to UV rays from the sun, which produces free radicals detrimental to our DNA. Multiple studies show retinyl palmitate to actually speed up the development of malignant cells and tumors when applied to skin. Are you noticing the pattern? IE; the opposite of what the claims are?
  • Homosalate is also intended to help sunscreen to penetrate skin. But once it is absorbed, homosalate overwhelms the body’s ability to expel it. It rapidly accumulates, becoming toxic and disrupting the normal functioning of hormones in the body.
  • Parabens (Preservatives) are also found to cause hormone disruption, as well as harsh allergies, developmental problems, and reproductive issues. As well as being used in sunscreen, they are also found in many cosmetics and hygiene products.
  • Octocrylene, as well as being toxic to the environment, is another of the toxic chemicals in sunscreen that accumulate in the body and produce free radicals that damage the cells, causing them to mutate.

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How Sun Exposure Is Good For You

Okay, since we are flipping things completely upside down and backwards to get the truth, let’s talk now about how sun exposure is good for you, and actually essential to good health.

I will list here the main ways that sun exposure is beneficial to health, and try to add links where you can read the particulars of each benefit. Here we go:

More benefits from sun exposure

The Truth About Sunglasses

How Sun Exposure Is Good For You

Here is a great article that will make you think differently about wearing sunglasses.

Excessive use of sunglasses can cause extreme facial hair growth in two out of three Texans. Not really. But the guy on the far right is named Frank Beard, funnily enough!

Here is the truth about sunglasses and why you should avoid wearing them.

Ready for some more upside down and backwards?

The leading causes of macular degeneration are prolonged dependence on corrective lenses, and not getting enough of the benefits of UV rays from the sun. The big bad sun is not a cause of vision decline, or anything else. Again, the sun is essential to health, in general–including healthy eyesight!

What Is Prion Protein? | What Is Prion Disease In Humans?

There has been a lot of money made off of demonizing the sun, making us think it is harmful to us in various ways, when the exact opposite is actually true! The type of light rays that enter our eyes affect much more than just our eyes. Sun rays play a crucial role in our basic health, physiology and psychology.

Sunglasses and The Endocrine System

In a nutshell, the worst effect that blocking the eyes from necessary sun rays has is its effect on our body’s endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for the proper functioning of hormones that that regulate the activity of our cells and organs. Among other things, blocking the sun’s essential rays can cause the skin to become hypersensitive to the sun. This disruption of the endocrine system will cause all kinds of mayhem in the body, and create a significantly heightened susceptibility to cancer.

Blocking the sun from our eyes also causes numerous problems to develop as a result of the deficiency of Vitamin D, as well as nervous system and immune dysfunction, and chronic disease vulnerability.

We simply need to receive direct sunlight through our eyes for good mental and physical health!

What Happens If Your Endocrine System Stops Working?

How Did Our Ancestors Get Enough Vitamin D Without Getting Skin Cancer?

If the sun causes skin cancer, how did our ancestors get enough vitamin D from sunlight without getting skin cancer?

Well, our ancestors didn’t get skin cancer because they spent more time outdoors, getting sufficient vitamin D from the sun, as well as from eating non-processed foods, and didn’t have the technologies that produce the EMFs that very likely cause cancer nowadays.

Are cell phones and EMFs the cause of some cancers? Do cell phone companies pay a great amount of money to prevent the media from exposing this?

Do any vitamins or supplements help to prevent or reduce the risks of cancer?

Here is what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say, in this article from the Epoch Times:

“Despite all the bad press linking sun exposure to skin cancer, there’s almost no evidence at all to support it. There is, however, plenty of evidence to the contrary. Over the years, several studies have confirmed that appropriate sun exposure actually helps prevent skin cancer. In fact, melanoma occurrence has been found to decrease with greater sun exposure, and can be increased by sunscreens.”

Do You Get What You Fear?

This is likely due to vitamin D, mainly, which has been linked to cancer prevention and longevity, as have vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene, and the mineral selenium. But basically, eating well will help prevent cancer and any other disease.

Another aid in preventing cancer is to not walk around in constant fear of getting it… It is kind of a personal philosophy, but with some factual merit. It has been known forever that you attract what you fear. I will be doing an article on this very soon.

Can chronic anxiety and stress cause cancer?

Natural Remedies for a Sunburn

If you don’t want a sunburn, don’t spend so long in the sun with exposed skin, if you can help it. You only require so much sun exposure.

If you do end up sunburned, there are some very safe and effective natural remedies for a sunburn you can consider. Apply coconut oil, aloe vera, or baking soda to the skin. Also, cucumber, chamomile, vitamin E and even ice water will all help, applied topically to the burned areas.

SummaryDoes Sunscreen Give You Cancer

Is skin cancer really caused by exposure to the sun? No. The sun does not cause skin cancer. A lack of sun exposure might, though.

Sun exposure is good for you, and actually essential for overall health. Blocking your skin and eyes from needed UV and ultraviolet rays is simply asking for trouble. Not only because of these rays being necessary for mental and physical health, but if you use sunscreen, you are likely drastically increasing your chances of developing cancer, completely contrary to what you have probably been trained to believe.

Follow the money!

What Happens When You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency?

I highly suggest also following some of the links I have inserted, to learn more about how sun exposure is good for you, and not bad, and also how sunscreen is bad for you, and not good! There is also a lot of very interesting information which I couldn’t get too deep into here, as far as what really causes cancer (besides a lack of sun exposure).

If you are like me and live somewhere where half of the year is cold and overcast most of the time, you likely know that supplementing with vitamin D during this time is a really good idea. Here is a very good vitamin D supplement that I highly recommend:

Seeking Health Vitamin D3 + K2 60 Capsules

Keep seeking the truth, and use it to walk in the freedom you were born with.

Happy healing!

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  1. Thanks, Will.

    Yes–SHADE. What a novel concept! Plus there are safe things one can use to prevent sunburn…

    We only get 3 months of real summer here in Alberta, Canada, so I really appreciate the sun when I do get it!

  2. Hi Karalyne. 

    There are many, many things we are taught from an early age that are simply not true.


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  4. Craig, thanks for the article. Well, must say I wasn’t expecting that! I’m already somewhat suspicious of the vast lists of ingredients used in things like cosmetics and cleaning products. Some worrying revelations discussed here, although I enjoyed the infusion of humour throughout! “I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher!” – that one made me laugh! I think you always feel better in the sun and can’t get enough of it myself – love foreign holidays for that reason. I’ve often wondered though if rather than splashing lotion on all day, maybe it’s better just to sit in the shade now and then, to give the body a break. Thanks, will check out some of your other articles…

  5. Oh Craig, you did it again! You wrote a great expose’!

    What I have read in the past is there are Alpha rays and Beta rays from sun. My memory confuses which rays are more cancer-causing, and which are cancer-protective. The thing about sunscreen is that the chemicals block the WRONG RAYS! Okay, so now it is good to know that NO screen is needed; which solves my memory issue of knowing which rays I should keep off my skin.
    TRUTH…I need BOTH of them. Why else did God include both of them in His life-promoting SUN??

    Thank you for the great information.

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