Does Walking Barefoot Boost Your Immune System?

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Does Walking Barefoot Boost Your Immune System?

The Best Things to Boost Your Immune System

Does walking barefoot boost your immune system? We’re going to find out. Also, we’ll break down into categories what the best things to boost your immune system are, beginning with food. Because proper diet is always the first line of defense against sickness, as we know. 

But first look at this image of a blue eunuch:Does Walking Barefoot Boost Your Immune System?

What Are the Best Foods to Support Immune System Function?

Some of the best foods to boost your immune system are going to be quite obvious, I think. Others might surprise you.

Hear is an article that goes into depth about why these are the best foods for strengthening your immune system

What to NOT Eat:

Foods to avoid, or at least limit in your diet if you are trying to strengthen your immune system:

  • Sugar. Sugar is the worst. But it’s in nearly everything nowadays. You might as well just stop eating and starve to death.
  • Alcohol. Wow, this is sucking a lot already.
  • Energy drinks. Sugar and chemicals and caffeine. If you’re bouncing off the walls, you’re not resting, and lack of rest is almost as bad as sugar is, for the immune system, which energy drinks also have a lot of.
  • Fried foods. (we’ll include potato chips here). Because of their high fat and grease content, things like french fries and bacon have a negative effect on the gut microbiome, which plays a crucial role in a person’s immune function. And they’re just plain bad. Which sucks, because bacon.
  • Salt and salty stuff. I love salt a lot. I like mine with extra sodium! I’m going to pretend this one’s not on the list.
  • Fast food. Fat and grease and sugar and salt and chemicals. See above.
  • Coffee. OK, that’s it. I don’t care if I get sick for the rest of my life! This list is out the window!!

Other Things to Avoid For Good Health:

Do you know the most important things to avoid for good health?

Stress, anxiety, fear, worry, strife, anger, absence of humorThings to Avoid For Good Health - Jack Nicholson in The Shining, looking quite stressed out

Most of these things are hard to avoid. But we don’t have to let them control us. We can’t always avoid stressful situations or terrible circumstances. Stuff is definitely going to happen, but it is how we respond. We can make a habit out of being enslaved to them by thinking that we have to come under their control.

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Circumstances aren’t the boss! I know some people who would be in constant misery if they let their circumstances dictate their measure of happiness. But they determine in their hearts, when tragedy hits them like a shovel to the head, to stand tall and look it in the eye. That doesn’t mean they don’t grieve, or acknowledge that something terrible has happened. It means they know there is something in them that is bigger than it, and it will not destroy them, just as it didn’t the last time. Or the time before that. It doesn’t have the final say, in terms of my peace, and my lot in life.

I also know some people who don’t confront hardship and stress and trials in these ways. They choose to let it have it’s way with them, and believe that they are cursed, and take to self-pity. And guess what?

They are always sick!!

Anxiety, fear, worry, rage… they are things that can enslave you if you keep letting them have their way with you. If you keep accommodating them.

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Can Walking Barefoot Strengthen a Person’s Immune System?

It might sound like a weird question, but the answer might be more weird, depending on your experience and understanding of spirituality.

We draw a clear and solid line in the sand here at Un-Pharma True Health and Wellness, between natural healing methods and New Age practices. This is not to demonize anybody, but you can easily fall into some dangerous spirituality, which is not congruent with good health and living an ultimately blessed life. I have decades of experience with the spiritual realm, and it is very real. There are no good spirits apart from that of the Creator, I can assure you. And “energy” is often used in new-age practices as a euphemism for “critters” who have your ultimate destruction in mind, and nothing besides. 

I will refer you to this website, and you can judge for yourself if walking barefoot can “strengthen your immune system”, or not. 

I will say that I love walking barefoot outdoors more than just about anything. And there are benefits to it. I walk away from anybody who starts talking about “healing energy”, and the like. But I believe that there are health benefits to walking barefoot outdoors, simply because feeling the ground on your bare feet while the sun is giving you it’s very beneficial rays, and you are breathing fresh air, etc. causes stress and anxiety to dissipate. And the absence of stress, fear, anger and other noxious emotions makes a healthy person, more than anything else. These are the things to avoid for good health.

So, does walking barefoot boost your immune system? Not exactly. But the alleviation of stress and other bad emotions that walking barefoot on the grass or sand is going to bring will be healthy, indeed!

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What Is the Best Supplement to Boost Immune System Function?


Okay, but also this:

Vitamin D3 - Pure Encapsulations



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“This stuff really works!! They’re so tiny which makes them easy to take!”

“Only Vitamin d3 that I trust.”

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“I don’t have any complaints about this product. I believe it is a clean product. Been using it for years…”


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What Are the Best Vitamins for Boosting Immune System?

First of all, you don’t actually want to boost your immune system too much.

Furthermore, “Boost your immune system” is something of a misnomer. Trying to help your immune system too much can cause adverse effects to your health. Your immune system requires “balance” to function optimally. The main thing to be concerned with in terms of a possible deficiency, in regards to your immune health would be a lack of Vitamin D.

Other than that, the focus of our concerns should be more on the things to avoid, rather than things to try to fortify our immune system. It is actually very well designed to do what it does, if we are not constantly bombarding ourselves with all manner of garbage.

Nevertheless, there are some things that you don’t want to be deficient in:

  • Vitamin C. An antioxidant, vitamin C will help reduce lung inflammation, IE; congestion.
  • Vitamin B Complex. Essential to cultivating general wellness. A lack of Vitamin B12 and folic acid (B9) is well-known to produce auto-immune disorders, such as anemia.
  • Zinc. Will most certainly shorten the length of a common cold, or other virus, and helps alleviate their symptoms. You know, sore throat, stuffy nose, general congestion.
  • Vitamin D. A deficiency of Vitamin D will result in a much higher likelihood of getting viral infections like influenza, tuberculosis, and upper respiratory tract infections.
    Here is a thorough article on Vitamin D as it relates to immune health. Your body produces Vitamin D naturally when you go outside in the sunshine.
  • Probiotics are essential too. Because all the vitamins in the world won’t do any good if your body cant absorb them. Probiotics promote gut health, which in turn allow for proper absorption of the other things.

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What’s the Best Way to Boost Your Immune System, Period?

We’ve gone over some of the best foods to “boost” your immune system, as well as what to notcan you boost your immune system? What's the Best Way to Boost Your Immune Systemeat, and all the other things to avoid.

We’ve also gone into some of the best things to assist your immune system in terms of vitamins and supplements.

Getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and regular exercise are also very important. And again I have to mention maintaining a sense of humor and wielding joy as a weapon in the face of whatever may come with the intent to cause you to succumb to stress or fear or rage, etc., which ultimately cause physical sickness.

But by far, without a doubt, the very best way to help your immune system naturally is…

Are you ready…?


You don’t avoid working out to avoid having sore muscles. The soreness is how you know that what you are doing is working! “No pain, no gain”, as they say.

You exercise and use your muscles to keep them strong. You use them to keep them remembering what they are for.

This is not a great analogy, actually. The immune system doesn’t really need to get stronger (and you don’t want it to be too strong), but it needs to be allowed to do what it does, and we can come along side it by doing things that are good for us (or not doing things that are bad…).

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A Gladiator Metaphor, For Fun:

If you knew your purpose in life was to be a gladiator, and your whole life was spent in preparation for …gladiating…

… And you found yourself in a Colosseum, ready to gladiate the crap out of the other gladiator, and you were suddenly stripped of your sword and shield, and a big brick dome was lowered over you. This dome would not be removed for four days.

When the dome was removed, you would not be in any shape to be able to gladiate yourself out of a wet paper bag!

I did an image search on Google for a “weak, half-starved and tapped out gladiator fighting his way out of a wet paper bag”, but nothing came up, oddly. So let’s just go the other way. Here is what an immune system is supposed to look like …If it was a gladiator…

21 Diseases Caused by Eating Junk Food | Stop Eating It!!

best supplements for immune system - Things to avoid for good health - gladiator

There you have it.

Blessings and health to you!

Craig J

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16 thoughts on “Does Walking Barefoot Boost Your Immune System?”

  1. Health they say is wealth. The better you avoid salt and sugar the healthier you live. I have learnt it long ago that if I want to be healthy I must eat healthy and do a lot of exercise. This is the first of looking at the benefits of walking bare footed. But I am one who loves nature, I will believe it and start practising it. Thank you for coming up with the Pure vitamin D. I will lokk at it 

  2. Yes, the worst things to avoid for health and wellness are stress, anxiety and lack of humor. Our mind are a great space controlling the body. Unless we are well inside our minds, we cannot enjoy a good physical health

    Walking bare foot on cool morning grass did work for me- not sure whether that improved my immune system  but it did made feel good. So, maybe I sort of agree with you that walking barefoot is not a magical method to improve immunity.

    Best Regards,


  3. Wow, it is great that you are so diligently concerned with your health! I never was, until recent years, but once you decide, it is amazing how fast and how much you notice the improvements to how you feel, overall.

  4. “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”.  Well, if you don’t have your immune system, you don’t have your health!  I can attest to this to some extent, in regard to your recommendation of using a vitamin D supplement.  If you had asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said I felt fine.  Then my daughter gave me the vitamin D supplement to ward of Covid.  I feel so much better and so much more energy now!  Now, I just have to get to the rest of the stuff.  Thank you for posting!

  5. Great information!  With my health issues, I have to stay away from salt, caffeine and alcohol anyway which is a LOT of what you should stay away from anyway as you say.  I also am supposed to avoid stress, HA!  But I am interested in the elderberry supplement.  I currently take all of the supplements that are in this, so having just one is so much better.  I don’t see a link where I can purchase this.  I clicked on the picture and it’s associated with an email :/

  6. I have found that something that works really well for me is to include in my diet natural herbs and spices such as garlic, onion, kion, oregano and turmeric. I also like to consume foods rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene: sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, papaya, etc. And foods with vitamin C are also a must: citrus fruits (orange, tangerine, strawberries, blueberries), peppers, broccoli, kiwi and avocado, just to name a few.

  7. That you for bringing us this very positive post.

    I really am going through a tuff time at the minute and therefore taken great strength from your comments.  I have been letting my loss control me.  I think at times I don’t want to stop letting this circumstance control me because I am not ready to leave it behind.

    Looking after my immune system is therefore very important at this time.  I must incorporate more of the foods you suggest into my diet.  I am having big problems with sleep, so I will definitely try these supplements to see if I can get myself back up and running again.

  8. Hello, pleased to meet you. I went through your post on the best things to boost your immune system. I must agree with you that eating a proper diet is always the first line of defence against sickness as you clearly stated. But, sometimes we do not know the proper food to eat or the food we must avoid to stay healthy and strong. I like the way you listed the healthy foods for our bodies and those that we must avoid. Thanks for sharing this amazing article with us.

  9. I did have to smile when I tried to imagine a gladiator that is half starved, that is trying to fight his way out of a wet paper bag! But I agree that we have an immune system for a reason and we need to let it do its work. Which means that we also have to be exposed to germs to help your body to fight it, and thereby strengthening the immune system. 

    I have recently started taking a supplement of turmeric and black pepper to boost my immunity. Great humorous read on the best things to boost your immune system.

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