How Can I Make Exercise Fun? | 10 Fun Ways to Exercise

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How Can I Make Exercise Fun?
How Can I Make Exercise Fun?

Would you like to discover some exercise routines that are actually fun, and not a chore? Have you been wondering, “How can I make exercise fun?”?

We’ve got a list of 10 fun ways to exercise that are not toilsome!

I have been an avid fan of personal exercise for years. This is partly due to having found ways to make exercise fun, and not such a chore. I find that not only does regular exercise tone my muscles, make me stronger and more limber, and, of course, keep my weight from careening out of control, but it chases away anxiety, depression, and that sluggish feeling. Just 20-30 minutes every morning makes me feel as though I can conquer the world, or at least each obstacle I face.

In a minute we are going to list 10 things you can do that are fun and also good exercise.

The Release of “Feel Good” Chemicals

Exercise boosts mood through the release of “feel good” chemicals, such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, and stimulates the growth of nerve cells that regulate emotion.

With my blood pumping and oxygen flowing, my brain and other organs are operating at full capacity and I feel like anything is possible. Unfortunately I bore easily so I need to keep changing my exercise routine so as not to get bored and find all sorts of reasons why “I just can’t fit exercise in today.”

Therefore I do aerobics, cardio, running, resistance training, dance, and tae bo videos. Ho Hum. The result – I went on a search for fun but effective activities that would give me the benefits of a workout but keep the boredom at bay. Please join me on my fitness journey.

Here Are 10 Things That Are Fun and Also Good Exercise

1. Cardio Drumming

exercise routines that are actually fun, and not a chore-cardio-drumming

This sounds a bit silly but it works. This technique combines cardio and strength training and definitely improves mood, reducing anxiety and depression by at least 46% after a mere six weeks. All the equipment needed includes drumsticks, a bucket, and an exercise ball. Search on YouTube for “cardio drumming” to find classes. You may even discover that your local community center or gym is offering a group class. Here is a short video explaining the benefits of cardio drumming.

2. Dancing

Put on your favorite music, whether it be hip-hop, Latin, jazz, or even country line dancing or Irish jigs. If you feel silly at first just draw your drapes. How about taking a dance class to add to the fun. Swing dancing, tap, ballet, or jive will all raise your heart rate and challenge your coordination and stamina.

3. Outdoor Games

How about some outdoor games with your significant other, kids, or a friend. Frisbee, catching and kicking a ball around the yard, or jumping rope will all be fun and beneficial to your physical health.

4. Stair Races

Want to become a competitive stair climber? As you can imagine, stair climbing exercises pretty much every part of your body and it is now a “thing.” Stair races are held around the world, including up the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. Not quite up for that? How about train trestles, stairs from floor to floor in tall buildings, or simply the stairs to the second floor in your home. I would think that uphill hiking would achieve the same end results. Stair climbing burns more calories than jogging but is easier on joints and muscles, and improves bone density and brain function.

5. Hula Hoop

Remember the hula hoop days?
Well it is still fun but also a great workout as an added bonus. Done alone or with others and made into a competition you will almost be able to watch those abs tighten up and that belly disappear.

6. Orienteering

This is a cross country navigation activity done on foot or with a bike. Competitors must consult a map, then locate and travel to different designated areas as rapidly as possible. This is a terrific outdoor workout. And a lot of vitamin D is icing on the cake.

7. Hill Sliding

Yes you read that correctly. Grab your kids and a spare cardboard box. Go to the nearest hill (not one with a road at the bottom), hop on the cardboard and get sliding. Then run back up. If whooshing down a hill on cardboard is not your fondest desire let your kids do that part while you walk/run beside them to guide them and then run back up. Your pumping heart will thank you. As will your giggling children.

8. ZuuZuu-exercises-that-are-fun

OK now we are going to get into really weird exercise territory. This one is called Zuu and was invented by Australians (not to suggest that Australians are weird…). This is a fitness routine based on the movements of wild animals. It uses cardio, strength training, and
agility exercises based on animal movements. Sounds crazy, but apparently swinging your arms like a gorilla, slithering across the floor like a snake, and more is a routine that gets results. Even if you really can’t see yourself participating in this one, give yourself a laugh and find the available Zuu workout videos online.

9. Backwards Running

Too much running wreaking havoc on your knees? Well, reverse yourself. Apparently running backwards creates less wear and tear on your knees, but uses thirty percent more energy. It would probably be sensible to either have a spotter for this one or go to a secluded track! No collisions that way.

10. Pogo Sticks

Remember the pogo sticks of our youth? Well, mine anyway, and anyone else around that era… If you can find a vintage pogo stick or have someone in your life that is ingenious enough to make one, go for it. Yes, you will feel weird at first but hopefully it will channel your carefree youth as well as burning up to six hundred calories an hour and is low impact. Your joints will thank you. May I suggest elbow and knee pads, at least until you regain your former (or new) expertise.

So There You Have It

You now have more varied exercise routines but also more fun, laughter, and fresh air. Feel like a kid again and watch that bod firm up, the weight fall off, and the heart and lungs rejuvenate. You are very welcome.


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  1. I’ve not heard of Zuu so it’s pretty interesting. Getting into animal posturing reminds me of some Yoga movements, except that in Yoga, you tend to stay in a pigeon pose or a downward dog for a pretty long time. Doing this Zuu thing is quite the opposite, and I can imagine the fun that comes along with it. It’s like when you’re a kid again, swinging and twisting just to move the body. No need for perfection here.  

  2. I have discovered how much I enjoy outdoor games. We first started playing volleyball in my backyard. And now I have been going once a week to a tenis court to play tennis. The game is really interesting. And the benefits for my physical health are outstanding.

    I would like to try Zuu. It seems like an interesting concept.

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