How To Improve Eyesight and Ditch Your Glasses

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How To Improve Eyesight with Food, Supplements and Exercises.

ditch your glasses-boy laughing

Just kidding! We can show you how to improve eyesight with some other methods, but not so much by the above means.

Although vitamins from food and supplements won’t do much to restore myopia or other vision impairments, vitamin supplements (QUALITY supplements that actually work!) are good for general eye health.

The only “exercises” we need to consider are relaxation exercises (I know that sounds contradictory).

You might be surprised to discover what you can achieve with some routine things applied with consistency and discipline.

But there are no supplements or foods that restore eyesight!

But Can You Restore Perfect Eyesight?

A lot of things strain and damage our eyes in this age geared to require near-constant use of internet and computers and cellphones. There is now even a condition named after the damage caused by staring at the blue light-emitting screens of our computers and phones as much as we do. It is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

We’ll get into things to do and things not do in a bit. But first let’s address the question you may by now be asking, “Can you restore perfect eyesight, without surgery?”.

Someone I’d Like You to Meet

Here is a short video from Dr. Joseph Mercola, whom I seem to stumble across quite often in my research on various health topics. I tend to trust him. He is one of those people who seems to have a genuine concern, and probably became a doctor out of that concern for his fellow humans. That is the sense I get, but you can decide for yourself.

Here is the very interesting and eye-opening video which addresses some truth about whether or not it is possible to restore 20/20 vision naturally and maybe even how to get rid of glasses forever:

Ultraviolet Ray Facts

Stop Wearing Sunglasses

UV rays have been severely demonized. We have been made to be terrified of the sun. But the truth is, the sun has far more essential benefits than harmful effects.

The sun does not cause skin cancer; it in fact protects against it. You know what does cause skin cancer?

Toxic skin products, including sunscreen!  Read this article about the lies of skin cancer.

But I’m getting us off topic…

As far as eyesight goes, there are many wavelengths of the sun which are essential to healthy vision. They provide nourishment to the retina, without which your eyesight will inevitably deteriorate.

Wearing sunglasses blocks these essential wavelengths.

How Healthy Is It to Stay In the Sun for the Whole Day?

Wearing Glasses is NOT How to Improve Eyesight!

Glasses worsen your vision over time. The American Academy of Optometry substantiates this, along with a ton of other proven, non-globalist-funded research.

This very short video explains:

The eye is a dynamic system, and myopia can be reversed. It is not genetic! There is a ton of solid science to back this up. Remember that optometry is a business.

Distance Vision Glasses Worn While Close-Focusing

Wearing glasses designed to help you see far away while doing things where you are focusing up close for long periods of time is bad for your eyes. I’ll say it again: Lens-induced myopia is not genetic! how to improve eyesight -restore 20 20 vision naturally

Your vision is actually weakened by strain. If your eye muscles are too tensed to work properly due to being stressed, you actually need to relax them–not the opposite! Poor vision is not a result of weak eye muscles, as many would have you believe.

Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

Just kidding again.

The strain of being stressed squeezes the muscles around your eyeballs (there are six of them), altering your vision.
Both near-sightedness and far-sightedness, as well as astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, etc. can actually be corrected over a reasonably short time by practicing some hardcore relaxation!

Eye exercises are not how to improve eyesight. They just put further strain on your eyes, which is the problem to begin with. Getting strain off of the eyes is what we want.

Can Over Wearing of Contact Lenses Cause Cataracts?

Did you know that vision doesn’t happen in the eyes?

It actually happens in the brain–in your visual cortex.

The retina is the part of the brain that receives the light (focused light, from the lens), and is actually in the brain, and connected to the visual cortex. We deal with the visual cortex first, and the eyeball second! 

Somebody Else I Would Like You to Meet

Jake Steiner and Dr. Mercola have some differing “understandings” about a couple of things, but I encourage you to learn from both of them. “In the multitude of counselors there is wisdom”, as the Book of Proverbs says (there might even be something in there about how to get rid of glasses… Hmmm…)

Jake humorously states on his website, “I’m the eye guru, lacking a lot of false modesty, because I understand the real problem.  I’ll earn the title by teaching it all to you, in simple 20 minute sessions, and leading you to action and better eyesight.

And if I’m wrong?  Send a quick e-mail to the impartial, not-ruled-by-me refunds department, and they’ll send you your money back.  No questions. …But I’m not wrong.” (winky-face)

Back-To-20/20 program with Jake Steiner

Jake Steiner entirely eliminated his -5 diopter myopia, and over the last several years, he has helped well over a million people either do the same, or significantly reduce their dependence on corrective lenses.

There is a 7-day free guide, and you can go from there.

The Best Vitamins for Healthy Eyes

“Vitamins might make your eye lashes silky smooth, but they won’t fix the eyeball’s axial length or relax your focusing muscle.” -Jake Steiner

Well. Enough said about that, I reckon.

Of course, vitamins can’t hurt. There are other aspects of eye health aside from myopia. If you are interested in which vitamins are known to be good for general eye health, look into lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and vitamins A, C, and E, as well as nearly all of the B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants like bilberry.

Foods That Restore Eyesight

Is this still funny? are-there-foods-that-restore-eyesight

Of course you didn’t fall for it.

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you will realize that if there are no supplements or exercises that really help then neither are there foods that restore eyesight. Of course, cutting back on processed foods is always a good idea, in general. And they have been shown to cause eye problems, as they do everything else.

As mentioned before, eyesight health is important. So any foods with the vitamins listed above are going to be a good idea to eat. But then we should be eating those foods for a multitude of other reasons, as well, right?

So, there are no foods that restore vision, but again, can you restore perfect eyesight? YES!

What’s In It for Me?

I would like to mention that I am not an affiliate for the EndMyopia/Back-to-20/20 Program. There is nothing in it for me except the hope that some people will discover this program and take action.

If you have read my other articles you will know how I feel about big corporations ripping everybody off. The optometryoptometry hamster wheel industry is like all the rest. They have pulled the wool over our eyes, convincing us that there is no hope. “You have a genetic condition for which there is no cure. You can only manage your affliction by purchasing our insanely over-priced management products…”.

And those products ultimately, and at best keep you on a hamster wheel that worsens your condition while generating obscene amounts of wealth for them, as a result.

The #1 Lie Told in Medical School | Is the Healthcare System Unethical?

To Summarize:

Can you naturally restore perfect eyesight? Well, there are a ton of people who have done Jake’s program who seem to be saying, in essence, “Hell yeah!” They have not only discovered how to improve eyesight, but a good number of them have testified that they have recovered their vision entirely. You can restore 20/20 vision, naturally.

The proof is in the pudding. Of course that is kind of like saying the truth is in the dog poop. But you get the point.

If you would like to see a topic covered here at that hasn’t been covered, please let me know and I will strongly consider it, provided it is relevant to natural health and wellness. Just leave a comment below.

Thanks for your interest in the topic of “How to Restore Eyesight and Ditch Your Glasses”, and for stopping by.



hawaiian astaxanthan

Here’s something very good for eye health, as well as being fantastic for overall health.

One of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, astaxanthin is a fat-soluble keto-carotenoid that belongs to the subclass of xanthophyll. For many people, astaxanthin is the go-to supplement for optimal health because it provides a multitude of health benefits. These include supporting the healthy functions of your brain, heart, eyes, skin, joints, tendons, immune system and more!

Astaxanthin is simply unmatched in its antioxidant strength and potency, earning it the title of “The King of Carotenoids.”

*This product, like other BrighteonStore / Health Ranger Store products, is certified organic, GMO-free, China-free and pure. All of their products are tested in their own lab to ensure the utmost quality, potency and purity.

Improving Gut Health Naturally | A Full Point Tune-Up


What Improves Brain Function? | Can You Heal Your Brain?



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14 thoughts on “How To Improve Eyesight and Ditch Your Glasses”

  1. I have been wearing glasses for many years and every 2 or 3 years I go in for testing and a general check up. I feel more comfortable doing things without glasses or contacts and in situations when I would need it I just work without glasses. After about 30 years using glasses, on my last visit to the optometrist, she says my eyes have improved a lot and I should only wear them if I feel like. They are not necessary. I am a happy woman and who feels that total dependence on glasses makes you further dependent on them.

  2. Good to hear, Michel. I wish I could say the same. 🙁

    Actually, I believe my eyesight has improved a tad, since acquiring some knowledge…

  3. Interesting article. Over the years I have suffered a little eyestrain due to computers, but luckily my eye health is still quite good and I only have to use glasses when working on my computer to reduce the glare. However when I went for my drivers license renewal I failed the eye test hopelessly as I forgot to take my glasses and the glare on their screen was too much for my eyes. So now I also wear my glasses when driving at night.

    I can imagine that eyes do get lazier when wearing glasses too often, so I try to limit the use of glasses, and luckily I haven’t needed to change my lenses for the past few years as my eyes have not deteriorated.

  4. Hi Kwidzin. Yes, you are correct, in essence. The process of bringing your eyesight back requires changing prescriptions, periodically. It is a lot to explain here, but if you follow Jake’s protocol, it is actually fairly simple. 

  5. This has been an interesting article to read. However, i’m a little concerned about the glasses bi. In know that using lenses too much will make your eyes adjust to them and ultimately damage your vsiion. But doesnt straining your eye to read without glasses if you need them, also strain your eyes?

  6. I have been working behind my computer every day for the last 6 years. This resulted in my eyesight getting worse over time. I can still see what is on the computer screen, but I can barely see the street names, and I cannot imagine what my eye test will reveal. I will try working on diet for a while and then need to see an optometrist if it does not work.

  7. Hi Alejandra. No, your eyesight is not going to really improve by taking vitamins. You need to do what Jake says in his program, and it will mean having to buy weaker lenses as you go along. 

  8. Thanks for sharing a good article to read to learn more about if is possible to improve eyesight and stop wearing eye glasses, I must say, I don’t know about if this could be possible when someone is having some eyes problems because of old age, can it be improved? Could taking some vits could help?

  9. I’ve often wondered about glasses and if they actually make my eyes worse.  I started off wearing contacts and glasses then realized that my prescription was getting worse and worse.  Thinking it was too late to fix the damage, I just gave up.  I’m so thankful for the info you have provided here.  It’s so helpful to learn how to improve eyesight and ditch your glasses.

  10. Haha! Thanks Dominique.

    Yes, it requires discipline, for sure.

    Let me know how it goes for you, okay?

  11. Hi. I found your article on eyesight very interesting.

    I had no idea you can actually restore your eyesight. And I will be honest, I actually fell for the Foods That Can Restore Eyesight (i don’t know why haha). I believe that it is very hard to restore the perfect eyesight for life, however I will try your program and see how it goes. I’m curious!

    Best regards,

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