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How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety with GABA

Here we are going to learn how to overcome depression and anxiety, by raising GABA levels. If you have never suffered chronically from either depression OR anxiety, I’m sure you have known somebody who has.

Either way, you have definitely, at some point, desired and sought out how to overcome depression and anxiety, or maybe even some other debilitating mental affliction, either for your own sake, or that of someone you cared about.

A countless number of people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and other related maladies strongly resist prescription drugs such as anti-depressants. Their reasons range from fear of addiction to adverse side effects. The good news is that there are natural ways to reduce, or in some cases cure these debilitating disorders.

Read to the end and we’ll find out what are the best supplements to increase GABA in the brain.

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How to Boost GABA Levels - man holding help sign - learn how to overcome depression and anxiety with GABA

How to Boost GABA Levels

The brain contains neurotransmitters that trigger or inhibit specific reactions in the body. GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid, is one such “chemical messenger” which blocks specific signals in the central nervous system, thus slowing down the brain. This produces a protective and calming effect on the body and brain.

For example, at the end of the day the brain automatically releases GABA to promote sleepiness, much like serotonin. Other effects produced can include stress relief, reduced anxiety, and freedom from depression.

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Studies have found that this naturally occurring chemical compound is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. GABA reduces the activity of the neurons or nerve cells, thus aiding in the control of fear and anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.

When GABA levels are lower than they should be complications arise. These low levels are due to chronic stress, lack of proper nutrition, little or no exercise, illness, age, and/or environmental toxins. People with certain medical conditions may have lower levels of GABA. Seizures, Parkinson’s disease, ADHD, and panic disorders are included in this category.

Learning how to boost GABA levels will include eating the right foods as the first step to increase GABA levels naturally, thereby giving you a chance to take your life back without the negative aspects of taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Increase GABA levels naturally

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Increase GABA Levels Naturally with These Foods:

how to overcome depression and anxiety by raising GABA levels
  • fish and shellfish
  • beans and lentils
  • brown rice
  • seaweed
  • tomatoes and potatoes
  • berries
  • noni fruit
  • fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, and kefir

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What is the Best Natural Treatment for Anxiety and Depression, or Even Insomnia:

In recent years GABA as a supplement has proven to be very effective due to its natural calming effect on the brain. The FDA has approved it as a supplement in pill form and as a food additive in sports drinks, snack bars, and chewing gum. These supplements are made by the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria.

A study in 2015 found that taking 800 mg of GABA capsules per day enhanced the ability to think more clearly and helped reduce stress and anxiety.

Two precautions to note:

1. only purchase GABA from reputable vendors and companies.

2. make sure it will not conflict with other medications you may be on.

Case Studies:

1. Lisca Bruna of Panama can attest to the efficacy of GABA capsules in overcoming deep depression. Always a happy, carefree, joyous person, Lisca suffered a major trauma in her life which resulted in her falling into a depression so severe that she literally could not force herself to get out of bed.

Both she and her sister have a rare immune disorder which forces them to be especially vigilant about what foods and medications they can safely imbibe. Hearing about the all-natural GABA supplements Lisca decided to give it a try. Beginning with one pill morning and night she soon felt well enough to reduce her dosage to one per day. After one month she was up and carrying on as normal. Her depression was gone and she had her life back.

Here is the best GABA supplement you are likely to find, especially for the cost

2. Larke Newell from Canada had a similar experience. As with Lisca, a series of extremely stressful and ongoing events caused severe anxiety, borderline depression, and terrible insomnia. Not wishing to use prescription medication she turned to GABA. Same results. Her depression lifted. Anxiety remained a factor in her life, as did insomnia but to a much lesser and more manageable degree. GABA enabled her to face her trials and tribulations head on once again.

Person drowning - How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Amazon has a good selection of brands to increase GABA levels naturally. We are recommending this one.

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Heather says: This product has saved my life. After having children and getting bit by a tick, I could not relax. I detox, take Epsom salts, eat right, drink plenty of water but still felt like I was on edge all of the time. GABA takes the edge off the stress so I can actually relax and enjoy life without feeling drugged up. No weird side effects, just pure happiness.

Another Amazon customer says: Love this product. There are some reviews that state it makes you feel weird. It can make you feel weird at the very beginning, but that is not a brand issue. This means you are deficient and you need it. As your body replenishes itself you will no longer feel that way. If you feel weird at first please keep taking it. You can take it right before bed.

Daniel Flores says: Nature’s Sunshine Gaba never fails and it is easily the best brand for herbal supplements hands down. Works perfectly and really balances me out gently and naturally when I get into a funk.

The Best Supplements to Increase GABA in the Brain

What are the best supplements to increase GABA in the brain?

If you need to know how to overcome depression and / or anxiety, or have chronic insomnia, and haven’t done so, you will want to try the above ways to increase GABA levels naturally. We are also specifically recommending NOW GABA from iHerb:

Here is one of over 14,000 (at last count) 5-Star reviews:


“I come from a dysfunctional family. I have been battling chronic depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, suicidal ideation, ADHD all my life. It’s been my lifestyle. I never seek a therapist. I have evident trust issues & can’t afford it. Books are my therapist. I recently had 2 bk to bk miscarriages. Then I began my health journey. I became aware of my cognitive developmental issues in my formative years along with physical issues like adrenaline fatigue,, compromised gut, hormonal imbalance etc. (all byproduct of prolonged living in a toxic environment) complessively contributing to deficient neurotransmitters production. I NEVER thought it was possible to recover from depression. The first time I took this pill was on the night of 12 July. The next morning, I cried of joy! I experienced first time, how it is to be a “normal person”. I felt like a dark cloud being lifted. I also understand why most normal people struggle to comprehend depression.

Here is another article with more suggestions for how to overcome depression and anxiety naturally and effective stress and insomnia relief.

Blessing to you,

Craig J


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10 thoughts on “How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety and Take Your Life Back | GABA”

  1. I never knew the body system has a way of balancing anxiety by itself. The brain and our central nervous systems are such treasures that we must continue to nurture. Thank you for pointing out how the brain balances our anxiety with low GABA levels and the effect when it becomes too low. Eating a balanced diet has always had a very high advantage especially food rich in fish.

  2. I am so glad to hear this! Maybe it was all worthwhile if you are now able to help others…? Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi Geoff. I am praying for you. I believe that it is not your lot in life to suffer in this way. PLEASE stay in touch and let me know how you are doing. You will be on my mind.

  4. This has been a very educational and informative read about depression and anxiety, and also learning about GABA. I have looked at homeopathic remedies for depression in the past, as I not keen on taking anti-depressant drugs. I did not realise that certain foods can help to increase GABA levels, so will make sure to eat more of the foods on your list. 

    Using a GABA supplement certainly appeals to me far more than using anti-depressants.

  5. Hi Craig thankyou for this very timely post.

    I am suffering greatly from anxiety and depression and finding it really difficult to function.  I really don’t want to go on medication as I have been on and off it for the last few years.

    I take your point about eating the right foods, but at the moment I am unable to eat at all.

    I therefore will try this GABA to see if it would at least let me get more than 4 hours sleep per night.

  6. Thank you for the enlightening post. Depression and anxiety are real, I suffered from anxiety years back but I prevailed, I cant believe I am even writing this. It was so painful and it looked like it  here to stay. I fought with all I can to come out. It included daily exercise, good nutrition, reading plenty of books, practicing meditation prayer and more. I am glad I came across this article where I learned about GABA, it will help me advise others accordingly.

  7. Hi, thanks for this article about How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety. Depression and anxiety is very common nowadays due to the pandemic. It is great to see that a study have been done to prove that taking 800gm of GAMA capsule per day can help you think properly and reduce anxiety and stress.

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