Is Aloe Vera Gel Really Beneficial for Health? | 8 Great Health Benefits

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is aloe vera gel really beneficial for health - 8 great health benefits of the aloe vera plant8 Great Health Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant | The Magic and Versatility of Aloe

Is aloe vera gel really beneficial for health? We’ll get to that, shortly.

The aloe vera plant is a mainstay in any household and for every person. I had been living in Panama on and off for several years, and had several of these magic plants on the terrace. Let’s get into the 8 great health benefits of the aloe vera plant. Below is an outline of what we’ll be discussing:


  • 8 Great Health Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant
  • Aloe Vera for Hair Loss
  • Aloe Vera for Dental Health
  • Aloe Vera for the Skin
  • Aloe Vera for Heartburn / Acid Reflux
  • Aloe Vera as a Laxative
  • Aloe Vera for Diabetes
  • Aloe Vera Can Reduce inflammation
  • Aloe Vera Is Great for Your Organs

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8 Great Health Benefits of the Aloe Vera Plant

Is aloe vera gel really beneficial for health?

My aloe vera plants are not only pleasing to look at but have more beneficial uses than any other plant I know. These succulents grow in tropical climates and grow very quickly. It was necessary for me to either transplant them into bigger pots or divide them up quite regularly. Fortunately I did that eagerly and with pleasure as I discovered the gel inside the long, thick leaves has a multitude of uses…

Aloe Vera For Hair Loss

When my hair began thinning rapidly I began applying the aloe gel from inside a leaf to my scalp once a day. Within two weeks I noticed a real difference. It might not have actually made me regrow hair (the jury is still out on that) but it no longer falls out and looks healthy and shiny, with more volume.

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Aloe Vera for Dental Health

I rub it on my gums periodically and it takes any soreness or redness away. It is also said to remove plaque from teeth.

Here is an article about the dental benefits of aloe vera.

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Aloe Vera for the Skin

When applied to my skin I noticed a lot less dryness and my skin felt smoother.

Whenever one of us would get a scratch, an insect bite, or a burn we would head immediately to the aloe vera plant. In just a few minutes that gel had taken the pain away and started the healing process. Same goes for sunburn. The hurt goes away very soon after a gentle application.

People have used aloe vera juice for thousands of years for healing and skin maintenance, dating back to ancient Egypt. Researchers are now beginning to unlock even more benefits to this universal plant.

Aside from just conditioning the skin to be at its healthiest, aloe vera is often effective in treating such conditions as psoriasis, dandruff, herpes sores, acne, and seborrhea.

Aloe Vera for Heartburn / Acid Reflux

I suffer from both heartburn and acid reflux, or I did until using my “magic remedy.” After taking a couple of teaspoons of it at mealtime I noticed there was no more acid reflux. I also purchased a bottle of the aloe vera juice at my local health food store and when heartburn reared its ugly head I would take a drink and the heartburn disappeared.

Aloe Vera as a Laxative

It can be used effectively as a laxative. For constipation 100-200 milligrams of aloe juice daily creates great results. However if you have Crohn’s Disease or colitis, beware. Aloe vera can cause abdominal cramps or diarrhea.

Aloe Vera for Diabetes

The gel taken orally helps lower blood sugar levels in those suffering from diabetes. One tablespoon per day is sufficient. Higher oral doses are dangerous. Also, if you are already on glucose-lowering medications you should use caution with aloe vera. Using both simultaneously could lower your glucose count to dangerous levels.

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Aloe Vera Can Reduce Inflammationaloe vera for inflammation - great health benefits of the aloe vera plant

Aloe vera juice is almost as beneficial as the gel. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It boosts digestion and removes toxins from the body. A body with an acidic PH is a breeding ground for disease. Aloe vera gel and juice keeps your body balanced.

Aloe Vera Is Great for Your Organs

Since the plant itself is very water dense it is an ideal way to prevent or treat dehydration. The juice also contains nutrients and vitamins that optimize your body’s
organ output. It is also an excellent way to keep your liver healthy.

Aloe vera is one of the only plant sources of vitamin B12, which is so important for our bodies. This is especially good news for vegetarians and vegans.

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Now for another benefit of this amazing plant. A study by Cambridge University showed that tomatoes and apples coated with aloe gel were blocked from the growth of many types of harmful bacteria. The conclusion – our miracle gel could help fruits and vegetables stay fresh and, even more exciting, could eliminate the need for dangerous chemicals that extend the shelf life of produce. OK, Ma, your next assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to try this at home.

OK, time for the old disclaimer thing.

Certain forms of aloe vera may cause diarrhea. Non-decolorized juice contains anthraquinone which is a potent laxative. The other caution – drinking aloe vera juice while pregnant may induce miscarriage.

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in or visit a tropical country often, your best bet for this elixir is either a health food store or online. But please, when purchasing, consider the quality of the product. Look for organic, pure, and 100% aloe juice or gel. Do not buy a blend which contains fillers. Read the label carefully or ask your health food store assistant.

There you have it. 8 great health benefits of the aloe vera plant.

As always, here is the best source for the item in question that we know of:

“According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, aloe vera contains 75 different active components, which include essential nutrients like iron, calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium and zinc. Aloe vera also contains eight useful enzymes, including: alliinase, amylase, bradykinase, carboxypeptidase, catalase, cellulase, lipase and peroxidase. Additionally, aloe vera is an abundant source of fatty acids, antioxidants and polysaccharides like acemannan and mannose-6-phosphate.”

Health Ranger Select Organic Freeze Dried Aloe Vera 200:1 Extract Powder is made from the inner leaf juice of organic Aloe barbadensis and is freeze-dried and concentrated 200x to retain maximum nutrition. The freeze-drying process helps preserve the polysaccharides that give aloe vera some of its remarkable health-promoting properties. The organic aloe vera plants from which we derive our product are carefully cultivated by our lab verified ingredient supplier without the use of pesticides.

Health Ranger Select Organic Freeze Dried Aloe Vera 200:1 Extract Powder is vegan, non-GMO, non-China and certified Kosher and organic. It contains no synthetic chemicals or preservatives and is lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

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  1. Wow!  I had no idea of the uses of aloe vera juice and gel!  I’m going to have to invest in both of these items!  Just a heads up, though…when I clicked on the aloe vera jar on your page (hoping to purchase some), it took me to a page titled, “How to Slowly Poison Someone”.  I’m assuming you meant to do something else with that link! 🙂

  2. I’ve been using aloe for many years. It’s great for cuts, burns, sunburn and general skin care. I was excited to read about the dental uses. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I could use it on my gums, etc. This is a very helpful article and I thank you for taking the time to put it together!

  3. Hello Craig. I`ve been using Aloe Vera gel for more than 20 years. My aunt gave me a tube of Aloe gel after I got sunburns on vacation. It cooled down my skin and it healed fairly quickly. Since then I always have Aloe gel at hand and use it for any kind of burn injuries, not just sunburn. I also apply Aloe gel to my face to treat oily skin, as it helps to reduce inflammation and acne a great deal.

  4. I love Aloe vera. It has so many useful qualities that yopu could even call it ‘The Magic Plant’ if you wanted. I have one that i keep on my bathroom window sill. This way it gets all the water it needs from the moisture in the air. They are hardy plants as well and dont need much attention at all really. Everyone should invest in one.

  5. I love aloe vera. And it has been a long relationship. And the more I discover about this magnificent plant, the more I love it. I have used aloe very for my skin forever. And the results are good. But I didn’t know I could use itfor dental health. I just learned that here. I’ll give it a try.

  6. Hi Bill. I will have to get Larke, the author to answer this one. I am curious about that myself…

  7. I never knew aloe vera had so many benefits.  I had always thought of it as a skin product only.  Using it orally for dental health, heartburn, constipation and other health issues is eye-opening information.  

    You mentioned you had aloe vera plants when you lived in Panama.  How far north of Panama can the plants be grown?  

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