Is Gene-Edited Meat Part of the “New Normal”?

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Is Gene-Edited Meat Our New Normal?

is gene-edited meat our new normalI recently read an article in the Epoch Times that disturbed me greatly. As is well known there are many and varied opinions  regarding the consumption of meat, most specifically beef. The argument against its consumption is the toxic chemicals and synthetic antibiotics used during their growth cycle. Others are blathering about cattle flatulence being hard on the environment. I refuse to pay lip service to that complete nonsense! I read a declaration by a facebook user who claimed he would rather spend a night in a barn full of cows than in a running car in a garage.

Hey, I was raised on a farm and our cattle were raised in a healthy way, being grass fed from our own fields, and not given chemicals or hormones of any sort. But I digress.

Gene-edited cows just secured record-fast FDA approval — here’s why

What Is the Purpose of Gene-Editing Cows?

Unfortunately the naysayers have been heard, resulting in the U.S. FDA recently approving the first gene-edited cattle. Apparently these cows have shorter, slicker coats, supposedly helping them to withstand heat better, leading to less stress and higher meat production. I say what a crock (since using the other more common terminology that relates to bulls should not be used here lest it offend someone).

One of the supposed major benefits of the gene modification is to be able to squeeze more cattle into much smaller quarters.

Excuse me???

A Short Video: Gene Editing is Dangerous with Dr. Jonathan Latham

Is Gene-Edited Beef Healthy?

The truth is that gene-edited and fake meat (thanks to Bill Gates and his out-to-lunch theory) are not a beneficial replacement to healthy beef. It simply strips out vital nutrients. In addition they are actually more harmful to the environment as the use of pesticides is rampant in the growing of the plant-based ingredients. In a nutshell, they lack the health qualities that natural whole foods contain.

It has been proven that free range, grass fed animals produce healthier meat by far than grain and pellet fed feedlot animals, who incidentally never get any exercise. whatsoever.

The scary list goes on. The long accepted process of beef regulation safety has been usurped by an unsafe process. Normal review steps are simply being

Is Gene-Edited Beef Healthy?

ignored. Long term safety and toxicity tests have gone by the wayside.

Vegetarian / Vegan Food vs. Meat – The Great Debate

Don’t Buy Into It – Find Real Meat

The entire concept now being spoon fed to us that we need genetically modified or produced foods in order to address the world’s food crisis is sheer nonsense (with a political and monetary agenda, may I
be so bold as to add).

There is a much more sensible solution: Stop buying the meat produced in the giant commercial feedlots and sold to grocery stores. These animals are fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and more.

Why Does Fake Meat Attract Vegetarians If Real Meat Is Bad?

Refuse to purchase fast food meat “bi-products” and other synthetic meats at your local supermarket. Instead, support local farmers who offer 100% grass fed, chemical free, meat products. The farmers will be oh so grateful as we all know their entire livelihood is being threatened severely these days in yet another politically driven piece of (insert that aforementioned bull saying again here) and need our support desperately.


Eat the real meat. Be healthy. Help the environment realistically (if you think it needs it).

There is always something sinister under the surface, you can bet. The planet and everything else created perfectly don’t need our help. Quit thinking you need to fix everything that isn’t broken.

Why Is Nutrition So Complicated? | Does It Need to Be?

Here is a video about how the sudden deaths of thousands of cattle happened 3 months after the FDA gave the green light for the marketing of gene-edited beef cattle:


Here is an excerpt from the announcement from the FDA:

“Today’s decision underscores our commitment to using a risk free and science based data driven process that focuses on safety to the animals, containing intentional genomic alterations and safety to the people who eat the food produced by these animals” – Steven M. Solomon, director of the FDA’s Center For Veterinary Medicine.

And the statement goes on and on. Have a read here:


Is Animal Fat Really Bad? | Does the Brain Need Animal Fat?

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6 thoughts on “Is Gene-Edited Meat Part of the “New Normal”?”

  1. Yes Alice, you nailed it. They have somehow actually convinced people that nitrogen is destructive. Governments, etc. seem to be able to say the most preposterously asinine things and people amazingly just swallow it down with a big happy smile on their face, without a second’s thought. Amazing.

  2. Very well said, and I couldn’t agree more! The term “boiling the frog” comes to mind. They have gas-lit everyone slowly over such a long time that they believe the tyranny is normal. It is NOT normal, but more people need to stop and realise it, and stand up to it.

  3. I also grew up on a farm where my family and others raise cows for human consumption and I do not know of anyone who uses growth hormones or any other chemicals. Like you, we grow our cows with grass from our fields.

    I think one of the reasons they came up with gene-edited cows is to make people feel good about themselves. They have bought into the lie that they are helping keep the world’s food supply stable by eating fake meat. I agree; many politicians and powerful people are benefiting from the lie that vegan meat is a healthier alternative to real meat. 

  4. So much of the agenda being pushed today is about forcing the consumer to choose products that are more beneficial to the environment and to control our lives in many other ways. Democratic governments are acting as dictators and forcing people to make so many choices that they do not feel comfortable in making. Democratic governments are elected by the people and should be held accountable for much of this nonsense. An example of this is a government supporting worm farms because they will made high protein edible products and be healthy for the environment. People are not robots and should make their own choices as to what is put into their own bodies. The government does not own us. Beef is nutritious and if people want to consume it; it should be their choice.

  5. This was a very informative topic and I intend to agree upon your conclusion of eating REAL meat.

     Genetically modified ANYTHING shouldn’t exist. 

    Natural EVERYTHING is far superior, whether it be meat, or immunity. 

    In general, your “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” statement stands true for far too much in todays world. 
    Kudos on the natural approach.

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