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Is Pomelo Fruit Good for Diabetics?

What the Heck Are Pomelos, and How Is Pomelo Fruit Good for Your Health?

Is Pomelo Fruit Good for Diabetics?I am always on the lookout for new and different fruits and vegetables to consume, not only for variety, but also for their health benefits. Today I have decided to write about the mighty pomelo, one more nutritious fruit to add to our dietary repertoire.

What Is Pomelo Fruit?

Pomelos are a citrus fruit, very large in diameter, and range in color from green to yellow. They have a textured rind, which covers a thick white pith having a very bitter taste, which should be removed before consumption. Once peeled, pomelos resemble oranges or grapefruits, having sections filled with fruit and juice.

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These fruits which can be as large as a basketball, originated in southeastern Asia and Malaysia, but are now also grown in warm regions of the United States from fall to spring.

Often considered a type of grapefruit, it should be noted that these two citrus fruits are two distinct species. Grapefruits were created from a cross between a pomelo and an orange.

Pomelo Is Costly but Worth It

Pomelos are more expensive than other citrus fruits, but most people agree that the delicious taste is well worth the bit of extra cash. An unpeeled pomelo can remain in the fridge for about two weeks.

These guys are loaded with nutrition, providing a ton of health benefits. They contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin C, copper, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and niacin.

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Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and protects us against free radicals. Copper maintains our healthy nervous system, potassium balances our fluid levels. Containing six grams of fiber per serving, pomelos aid in digestion, promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, improve bone density, aid in healthy weight maintenance, and protect against chronic diseases. Vitamin A aids in bone and eye health and reduces cancer risk.

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Asian markets are the best sources of this fruit, or you can buy dried pomelo online. Becoming more and more sought after, pomelos are now often found in local grocery stores where the more exotic fruits are displayed.

Is Pomelo Fruit Good for Diabetics?

Pomelo is good for diabetes in a couple of ways.Is Pomelo Fruit Good for Diabetics?

Pomelo is great for helping to lower blood sugar. Pomelo helps to curb the appetite for food (particularly carbohydrates, which ultimately reduces blood sugar) as a result of its reducing the secretion of insulin.

Additionally, other nutrients in pomelo reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, body sagging and nerve-related issues, which diabetics are prone to. This is largely due to pomelo’s high content of flavonoids, potassium and immunity builders like vitamin C.

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What Is the Best Way to Eat Pomelo?

Now to answer the question that I am sure you are pondering: how do I prepare them? Having a sweet, tangy flavor, pomelos are well suited to being eaten both fresh and cooked. They can be baked, roasted, or simmered. They can be used as a substitute for pineapples, grapefruit, and oranges, either in recipes or fresh. They are delicious chopped into salsas, added to salads, blended into smoothies, or pressed into juice for cocktails, sparkling beverages, or summer popsicles.

Pomelos can also be simmered into jams, jellies, or compotes, used as a sauce for fish and meat, or roasted in the oven. They are a delicious addition to cakes and muffins, and the peel can be boiled with sugar and candied or cooked into preserves and marmalade.

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To peel pomelo, cut a small piece about two inches below the pointed end of the fruit. Cut some notches into the rind around the fruit. Use those notches to peel off the rind.

How to Open and Eat Pomelo

Mmmmm my mouth is beginning to water, so before I get carried away I should put in the inevitable disclaimer:

Pomelo Can React with Pharma Drugs

Similar to grapefruits, some of pomelo’s components may interact with prescription drugs, thus increasing the amount of medication in your bloodstream to toxic levels, or making it less effective. Therefore it is a good idea, just as a precaution, to check with your healthcare provider (or research online) if you regularly take anti-anxiety drugs, antihistamines, blood pressure pills, heart arrhythmia meds, and organ transplant rejection drugs.

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For anyone who didn’t know, we have learned what pomelos are, and how pomelo fruit is good for our health.

Pomelo fruit is good for diabetics, particularly, but also for anyone concerned about building immunity, or trying to lose weight.

If you are on any pharmaceutical prescription and get the green light from someone in the know, then head to your nearest store and purchase one or two pomelos. I can almost guarantee you will be hooked in very short order.


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