Is Viral Contagion a Hoax? | Are Any Viruses Real?

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Is Viral Contagion a Hoax? | Are Any Viruses Real?

What Is the Truth About Viruses and Virology?

Is all viral contagion a hoax? Could it be that virology as a concept is actually a pseudo-science, and contagious virusesIs Viral Contagion a Hoax? | Are Any Viruses Real? don’t even actually exist?

If you thought that some other Un-Pharma articles required some serious opening of the mind to consider the truth of the concepts put forth therein, then I applaud you for showing up for this particular outing!

It is not easy for any of us to consider that we may have been “duped” in regard to these things that we have believed our whole lives. But I find once the initial pride licks its wounds for awhile, it gets progressively easier, and we are able to summon more and more courage to descend a little further down the rabbit hole without too much fear of anguish or going completely off our trolley (or at least having everyone we know think we have. I have long since stopped caring about any of it, myself).

I am going to try my best to be especially careful to use as little of my own personal conjecture here as I can, and mostly point you to much more qualified people than myself to present this one to you. This is a brand new concept to me, so I don’t feel right about spouting off about my findings just yet, even though what I have discovered on this topic seems to me to be very simply irrefutable. And I do suspect that you will come away with the same summation that I have, if you have read this far.

The first place I would like to direct you is to this short and simple article:

Letter to the Editor: Virology Is a Pseudo-Science

“ESR (virus testing lab in New Zealand) like all other virologists have been cheating the rules for the past 150 years.”

“Before the allopathic Rockefeller establishment took over in the early 1900s and turned healthcare into a “medical industrial complex”, homeopathic scientists understood (and still do) viral particles as merely the product of dead or dying cells. They are dead, inert and harmless outside the body. Story over.”

The Rockefeller establishment embraced Louis Pasteur’s stolen “germ theory”, which supposes that viral particles can invade a body from the outside. Of course, it’s called a theory, because it’s never been proven.”

The #1 Lie Told in Medical School | Is the Healthcare System Unethical? |

The Truth About Viruses

If you don’t know, this is Dr. Sam Bailey. She has co-authored a number 1 best seller, entitled ‘Virus Mania’, which examines how the medical cartel has and continues to invent viral epidemics in order to extort billions of dollars from everyday people. In this video she summarizes the findings about viruses and virology written about in the book.

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The Standard Scientific Method

As we can see, virology is classified as a pseudoscience, being that it doesn’t follow the scientific method that makes science science. The scientific method is a set of rules that has to be followed to lead a theory to an actual conclusion that is factual. Here are the 5 elements, or rules that each need to be a part of any study, in order to be called a scientific conclusion.

In other words, if a study doesn’t (or can’t, in the case of evolution, for example) adhere to all of these rules, it is merely a “theory”, and should not be allowed to be passed off as fact, like they so loosely and audaciously do, nowadays…

  1. Construct a hypothesis (a question or theory) that you want to prove to be either true or false
  2. Perform experiments to test your hypothesis
  3. Create controls to eliminate the variables, one by one 
  4. Repeat the experiments to ensure no random variables have influenced the result
  5. Experiments must be performable by others, to ensure there are no errors

Virology has skipped these rules.

In most cases, there is no hypothesis, or controls. Virology is theory, at best. Someone who is a bit more brazen might say that it is plain old horse pucky. Here’s the word I like:


‘The End of Germ Theory’ Documentary: An Easy-to-Understand, Step-by-Step Analysis of the History of Germ & Virus Theory, the Erroneous “Science” Behind Vaccination & a Close Look at What Really Makes Us Sick — The Big Pharma Cartel & the Deep Deception of Viral Pandemics

And if your mind is already half blown, you might as well go all the way:

7 Ways To Prove That Viruses Do Not Exist by Dr. Stefan Lanka

Virologists have never isolated (or seen, or depicted) “viruses” in humans, animals or plants, or their fluids. They only ever pretended to do so, by means of modifications to cell systems in the laboratory. They have never documented having ever used any control attempts in any experiments. Virologists have never actually followed the scientific method since 1954, when it was first proven that there is no such thing as a contagious virus.

Furthermore, they have never “isolated” a virus, but claim they have, by simply changing the meaning of the word “isolate” to mean “mix together”; as they add human cancer cells, cow fetus cells and/or monkey kidney cells to a sample taken from a diseased human, add some antibiotics and antifungals and then call the deformed cells ‘isolated’.

Where is the scrutiny? Where is the accountability for these sheisters and hacks and liars who we have allowed more and more control over us, as they audaciously lie, cheat, steal, bully and hack away at our minds, health, freedom and dignity?

Let’s Wrap It Up

As I stated at the beginning, I don’t want to spout too much on this. I have just scratched the surface of all of the evidence there is to support that viruses and virology are just plain fraudulent and false, as was plainly established in 1954, but evidently we forgot… I strongly urge you to watch the videos and follow the links to the studies I have dropped throughout. Proof that Viruses Do Not Exist

My head is spinning, how about you? I need some air. I’m going to do the rebel thing (having taken off my HAZMAT suit) and step out into the big, bad outdoors for a spell.

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4 thoughts on “Is Viral Contagion a Hoax? | Are Any Viruses Real?”

  1. I think c0v1d exists. But it is likely a bacterium, which is purposely put into people via the tests, and now the shots actually contain it, themselves. I am still studying this to make absolute sure, but this is what seems to be the case. I know, it seems so crazy, right?

    And I think “bird flu” is a misnomer.

  2. This is highly thought-provoking. You have wrapped up so much in one piece article. I am one of those who felt Covid was not real but when the death rate and numbers continue to increase, it was evident that something was wrong and needed explanation. How come to the mortalities if viruses and virology were inaccurate in humans and animals? With animals like chickens, why is the impact of diseases like bird flu so high that it kills them in flocks?

  3. Yes, “probably not necessary”, and in fact causing all kinds of death and serious problems.

    Good to hear from you again, and thanks!

  4. This is a very interesting and thought provoking article on virology. One does have to ask the question that if virology hasn’t followed the rules of the scientific method, it is therefore only a theory, and not fact. I have come across the idea that viruses, and specifically the current Covid virus, is not actually “real”. 

    But big pharma is the one that benefits financially and will therefore lie and deceive Jo public. With scaremongering they have everybody running to get a vaccine, that is possibly, and probably, not necessary. There is enough evidence to suggest that scientific results are hidden and twisted. 

    Thank you for questioning the status quo and making the reader think for themselves.

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