Why Are People Talking About Sudden Adult Death Syndrome?

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Why Are People Talking About Sudden Adult Death Syndrome? Is SADS Really a mystery?Is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Really a Mystery?

What is sudden adult death syndrome and why are people talking about it? Does it surprise you that people are dropping dead like never before in history, with seemingly no cause?

It may or may not surprise you to learn that there is not much of a mystery to it, at all. In fact, there is so little mystery to the huge rise in “sudden adult death syndrome” that it could make this a pretty short article. But I will try my best to be very thorough as to how the cause of it does what it does, and why.

This will be hard to hear and likely upsetting for some people, but so be it.

I am not here to wave an “I told you so” in anyone’s face, or to do a victory dance because I saw this coming 2 years ago, as many people did. I am here to explain how this has happened, and tell you what you can do to hopefully reverse the effects, as much as possible, if not help prevent you from being a suddenly dead adult.

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So, if you are wondering why people are talking about sudden adult death syndrome, or if you haven’t even heard of it, read on.

Many people reading this will know exactly where this is going, and this “sudden adult death syndrome” is not really a mystery to you, at all. Others have put a little too much faith in the modern medical and technocratic systems (they are connected) and now are regretting that, and beginning to educate themselves. I am just glad that you are here, and I only hope to help you, if you’ll allow it.

YES, V@ccines Are the Cause of a Huge Surge in SADS Cases.

I have seen many websites denying that spike protein death shots are the cause of a sudden surge in sudden adult death syndrome (I hate this dishonest term, but that is what they are calling it).

If you have the time, you can very often trace these articles to a shady motive. They will cite “scientific studies”, which doesn’t mean much, anymore. The FDA approves fake studies on a regular basis. This is now a known fact. These days, blind faith in these such organizations (they are all connected, and usually their name is a 3-letter acronym) will get you killed, quite literally.

Do not be fooled any longer. They don’t give a damn about you or me, apart from enslaving us for their own means, at best. If you are brave enough to accept this as truth, you will find it to be true very quickly, without a lot of time or effort. And I will leave that to you.

If you have taken these death shots and are now worried and regretting it, I want to use this time to provide some ways that you can hopefully reverse some of the damage, before it is too late.

YES, V@ccines Are the Cause of a Huge Surge in SADS Cases

Getting a Chronic Disease Is Not Bad Luck! It Is Probably by Design

I’m pretty sure I’m still allowed to say that, without going to prison. For now, at least. But it does feel like masked goons in black armor could break down my door at any second and haul me off to some underground reprogramming facility. Isn’t it sad and weird that a sane and rational person would have such a feeling, for merely typing something that is true?

If you are still unsure that v@ccines are designed to kill people, check this website out.

Getting a Chronic Disease Is Not Bad Luck! It Is Probably by Design

sudden adult death syndrome is not a mystery

Reversing the Effects of Having Been Jabbed

Okay, let’s see what can be done about reversing the effects of having taken death jabs, administered by psychopathic maniacs intending to greatly reduce and control the population, via terrifyingly sinister means, which it is hard for un-evil people to even fathom.

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“An adverse reaction to a C0vid vaccination can be a deeply distressing experience. It will leave you mystified as you attempt to deal with a bewildering range of physical, cognitive, and psychological symptoms that few seem able to explain, diagnose, treat, or even acknowledge.

The C0vid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Survival Guide takes you through the experience in a way that will help you feel more in control of your life again. This book addresses key areas of recovery and will guide you through measures you can take to maximize your own healing potential. It clearly explains the different nutrition plans that you may have heard about, and includes ways of keeping track of symptoms so that you can tackle them without feeling overwhelmed. It outlines the practitioners who may be able to assist you in your efforts to recover, and even includes ways of coping with life in a society that seems to not recognize that you exist.”

The above is from a book you might want to think about getting, called Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Survival Guide, which I do not receive any monetary reward for pointing you to.

If the v@ccines are safe, why have the FDA and drug companies asked for 75 years to produce public documents on them? How the v@ccine manufacturers and “health authorities made it up as they went along.

Detoxing from V@ccines

I will slam it down, plainly. 

Detoxing from the harms of v@ccines is is very likely to be a long and ongoing journey. Toxins accumulated from these shots can take a long time to leave the body, if they ever completely do. V@ccine toxins are cumulative. And each shot adds to the toxin load we have already acquired from the environmental toxins we accumulate every day.

Living the healthiest possible lifestyle may be your only way to end up symptom-free from the effects of these intravenous bio-weapons. But why shouldn’t we be doing this, anyway?

If you suffer from v@ccination damage, you may never be able to completely reverse the damage that has been done. The good news might be that you were in the placebo group (as opposed to lies you will read about the bad effects from being jabbed being in your imagination).

With that harsh disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about what you can do, and you’ll need to begin doing it sooner than later.

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What Damage Is Caused By V@ccines?

The damage caused by C0vid V@ccines is explained well, and succinctly, by Dr. Joseph Mercola:What Damage Is Caused By V@ccines

“In the end, your body will essentially believe that your innate immune system has failed, which means that it must bring in the backup cavalry. In essence, your body is now overreacting to something that isn’t true. You’re not actually infected with a virus, and your innate immune system has not failed, but your body is forced to respond as if both are true.”

In essence, the best thing you can do to detox from v@ccine damage is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which we need to be doing anyway, given all of the other things we are either willingly or unwillingly subjected to on a daily basis. And many of these things we have less and less control over, as time goes on. 

Here are some additional things I think people should look into:

  1. Ivermectin
  2. Black seed oil
  3. Chlorine Dioxide
  4. Niacin (B3)
  5. Activated Charcoal
  6. Spirulina, and chlorella
  7. Epsom Salts
  8. Removing Spike Proteins, Eliminating Graphene Oxide, Reversing mRNA Damage and More with Dr. Nieusma -CHLORINE DIOXIDE FOR VAXXINE DAMAGE

“…the endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals, etc.) and the gut microbes must be addressed for any kind of serious illness, whether it’s vaccine damage or any autoimmune issue. Strong, high-quality probiotics should be taken every day until all symptoms are alleviated. Gluten, casein, GMOs, MSG, artificial ingredients, and other toxins including ingredients from commercial cosmetics and body care products must be completely avoided.”

What Happens If Your Endocrine System Stops Working?     What Is Your Microbiome? | Fascinating Human Microbiome Facts

“Until the vaccine ingredients are expelled from the body, the body is in a constant inflammatory state. It’s no wonder multiple sclerosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, and so many other autoimmune diseases can be tied back to v@ccinations.”


The #1 Lie Told in Medical School | Is the Healthcare System Unethical?

That should keep you busy for awhile. Thanks for stopping by, and I welcome your thoughts, concerns and insights, as always.


Download this article as an e-book

7 thoughts on “Why Are People Talking About Sudden Adult Death Syndrome?”

  1. There is no pandemic and never was, and there is also no “climate crisis”, so you don’t have to be brave. Just don’t listen to all the lies.  You will not die without a vaccine. You will actually die from a vaccine. It is completely backwards.

    You can still read Dr. Mercola at https://drjosephmercola.com/

    Thanks for your comments!

  2. Hi Vasile,

    I always wonder where is a healthy life. 

    The way the pandemic started and people died was scary. You may die without a vaccine. Some of the after-effects have become really bad. I am not brave for anything, particularly during a pandemic. Then the thinking was if I have to die, then die with the vaccine. Then covid revisited and took 2nd and some also took 3rd dose.

     I am born and brought up in an Ayurvedic family and used occasional medication in my life. 

    You judge the food you eat and the water you drink, and all of us are thinking of climate crisis, and air purity.

    By the way, I always use to read Dr. Mercola’s website. I don’t see it anymore.

    Thanks for the info. 

  3. Hey Vasile. Good to hear from you again. 

    It is getting harder and harder to have a healthy lifestyle, but still much we can do…


  4. Yes, I hear more and more apparently healthy people who die suddenly.
    You have to be brave enough and accept the situation.
    FDA phase studies cause earthquakes.
    Vaccine to kill not cure, strange.
    First of all, to have a healthy lifestyle, it is very clear because we no longer trust those who are supposed to protect us.
    I read Dr. Joseph Marcola, and he also has a wonderful YouTube channel.
    Survival guide for the Covid vaccine, I didn’t know, it’s wonderful.

  5. Thanks, my friend. Yes, people are dying in higher numbers than they used to, but especially in the last 2 years, and supposedly inexplicably. Go figure…

  6. Thank you very much for this comprehensive and valuable post about sudden adult death syndrome. Actually, you are right, sudden adult death syndrome has increased a lot today. I think it’s non-communicable diseases. Diseases like high blood pressure have increased a lot. Your post has a lot to think about. Keep posting reviews like this. I will definitely share this.

  7. This is a very interesting article.  I thought your point about  seeing an increase in SADs over the next few years if the concern is justified was a good one.  It would unfortunate if people had to die to prove a point.  Most of the things you recommend to to counteract the toxins are benign, but people need to be very careful about the use of chlorine dioxide in any large amount.  It is used to disinfect water in low doses and in very tiny doses in some toothpastes.  It should not be taken in quantity because it is a low grade acid. I hope you article gives a lot of people something to think about.  It has got me thinking.

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