Safe Levels of EMF Radiation and How to Reduce Them

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Safe Levels of EMF Radiation and How to Reduce EMF ExposureSafe Levels of EMF Radiation and How to Reduce EMF Exposure-baby-on-cell-phone

What Is EMF Radiation and What Are Safe Levels of EMF Radiation?

Apparently there are safe levels (We hope so!), but what are safe levels of EMF radiation exposure, and, we should probably answer the question, “What is EMF exposure”, for those who don’t know.

While reading an article in a popular health magazine recently I became aware of a situation that I think should be addressed here. It has been around for a while, but like so many other things, has been made worse by (unlawful) lockdowns.

The culprit is EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields. The subject of the article was a woman who had suffered with neck pain, exhaustion, dizziness, and body aches.

Finally, she simply had to spend most of her time in bed. Finally desperate, she consulted a functional medicine practitioner who was also a chiropractor and nutritionist. She quickly discovered the problem and gave her diagnosis. This woman was suffering due to extreme sensitivity to EMF. In her words, “your phone, Wi-Fi, and other electronics are making you sick.”

She slept with her phone next to her at night, always had her bluetooth on, and due to being so fatigued and sore, spent most of her time in her chair watching TV.

We are going to get into how to reduce effects of electromagnetic radiation, but first, what is EMF exposure?

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What Is EMF Exposure?

Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a new phenomenon but environmental exposure to more and more artificial electromagnetic fields has become more prevalent due to growing electricity demand and ever advancing technologies.

One of the main characteristics which defines EMF is its frequency or corresponding wavelength. Different frequencies react with the body in different ways.

There are two types of EMF exposure, high frequency and low frequency. For example, high energy radiation includes x-rays, gamma rays, and some ultraviolet rays. This is the ionizing type of radiation and large exposures can damage DNA or cells. Our power lines, cellphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, computers, hairdryers, and other appliances are included in the lower frequency rays.

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EMF exposure intensity decreases as you increase distance from the object that is sending out waves. Here are some examples of electric fields we encounter in our day to day living:

  • Power lines. These are high voltage transmission lines but transformers reduce the voltage before it enters your home or business.
  • TV’s and computer screens. Modern TV’s, which utilize LCD, LED, or plasma screens emit only small amounts of radiation.
  • Microwave ovens operate at very high power levels but they contain shields which reduce leakage of radiation.
  • Electrical appliances. You get short term high exposures when you are near refrigerators, and washing machines. However, as you move away from the appliance the EMF radiation drops off.
  • Medical x-rays, CT scans, and radiation therapy use ionizing radiation to diagnose and “treat” diseases.

How to Measure EMF Levels In Your Home

How to Measure EMF Levels In Your Home

It is possible to measure EMF levels in your home with an EMF meter. They are handheld devices which can be purchased online.

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Wi-Fi EMF Danger & Other EMF Radiation Dangers and Side Effects

After much research it has been stated that there is a possible link between EMT and brain cancer. The link between cell phone use and cancer risk is being carefully monitored by scientists. They have so far found that the cancers (gliomas) were most often found on the same side of the head that people used to speak on their phone.

Wi-Fi EMF danger and other EMF radiation dangers can be significantly reduced, and we will get to that, shortly.

Electromagnetic Exposure Symptoms

The following electromagnetic exposure symptoms have been attributed to low levels of EMT at home: headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue, loss of libido, neurological, psychiatric problems, tremors, dizziness, memory loss, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, and burning, tingling skin.

Irritation of the eyes including cataracts have been reported in workers exposed to high levels of radio frequency and microwave radiation.

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Here is a list of actions you can practice in order to reduce your exposure:

  • do not linger near appliances such as washers, TV’s, or microwaves.
  • do not keep your phone on your person or near you when not in use and at night put it in a different room.
  • only have x-rays when absolutely necessary.
  • limit time in tanning beds if using at all.

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How to Reduce Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Regarding the aforementioned lady in the article I read. Her physician advised her to wear a multi-polar magnet daily, purchase some Tesla/EMF crystals and apply them to painful spots on her body, and to turn off the Wi-Fi router in her bedroom. (The crystals are said to change EMF waveform from disruptive to healthy). After following these suggestions she slept soundly for the first time she could remember. Within months her pain, energy, and sleep had improved significantly.

Another suggestion is to use herbs like rosemary, sage, and garlic, which reduce EMF induced cell damage. Doctors can run tests to measure inflammation and immune system disruptions caused by EMFs.

Here is another great tool for protecting yourself from harmful EMFs:

Laboratory Tested: Electromagnetic radiation slows the conductivity of human DNA. Lab tests have shown that MRT reverses this negative effect, and actually increases the conductivity of human DNA.

How to Reduce Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation -EMF-electrical-supplies-signConclusion

You now know, if you didn’t before, what is EMF radiation and what is EMF exposure, what are safe levels of EMF exposure, and how to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation in your home and elsewhere.

We have also touched on electromagnetic exposure symptoms and how to protect yourself from them, as well as having provided a way to be able to measure EMFs in your home, and a link to purchase a good EMF meter.

A lot of effort is now being put into studying the ill effects of EMFs. In one study, the WHO is researching worldwide, integrating results from cellular, animal, and human studies to carry out a comprehensive health risk assessment.

We hope they share it with us honestly and candidly.

In the meantime be aware of the health risks of EMF exposure, and be consistent with monitoring your exposure.

And watch for developing research results.

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8 thoughts on “Safe Levels of EMF Radiation and How to Reduce Them”

  1. Yes, William, I am in the same boat. I am going to double the recommended distance from the machines at night, since I spend most of the day on my laptop!

  2. Great post on the effects of EMF radiation.. I was aware of rays given off by cel phone as I have read articles previously, but I had no idea about home appliances such as microwaves, stoves and washers, wow ! Thank you for the education.

    I must admit that I have always slept with my cel phone next to my bed in case of an emergency call as we no longer use land line phones. Maybe a habit I should look at changing.

  3. Thanks, Reggie. I didn’t take EMFs very seriously until fairly recently. And the more I have learned, the farther my gadgets are away from me when I’m sleeping. 🙂
    I work a lot on my laptop, as well. There are things you can buy to protect yourself, which I’ll be researching more and writing about my findings…

    Cheers, my friend.

  4. I hav heard about EMF radiation, I didn’t know that m phone and computer was a pat of that. I knew about the microwaves and the medical part. I figured that since phones and other devices didn’t emit radiation. I guess I am just naive to think that other electronics didn’t emit EMF radiation. 

    I found this article to be a real eye opener and I am glad I don’t sleep with my phone under my pillow anymore. I put it on my side table now. I do spend a lot of time on my computer though as I work from my laptop. i8 need to figure out how to limit my exposer a little bit more. 

    Thank you! 

  5. This is a very interesting and helpful post on electro magnetic fields and how they work and can affect your health. I knew about EMF from big things like power lines, and yes wifi and mobile devices. But it came as a surprise to me that appliances like a fridge and washing machine also emit EMF. 

    Although I sleep with my mobile phone next to me, I always put it on flight mode before going to sleep. But after reading this I think it will be better to leave the phone outside the room at night. 

  6. Hello,

    I actually saw a news article regarding this and decided to look into it because I know a friend having similar issues right now. Basically she is having problems sleeping and always getting headaches, after reading your article I believe it is in fact EMF exposure. Thinking back her new apartment is smaller, so she has most of her electronics in her room, her TV, WIFI router, even the desk where she puts her phone is right next to her face. I’ll ask her to start unplugging things around the house and see how that affects her sleep and health, thank you!

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