Should We Start Stockpiling Food and Basic Items?

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Should We Start Stockpiling Food and Basic Items?

Should I stockpile food in the case of shortages?Should We Start Stockpiling Food and Basic Items?

The unavoidable task of grocery shopping has been given a whole new meaning. Due to inflation and supply shortages, as well as the way our world is changing politically, people are quietly and fearfully building food storage pantries and finding a way to produce and store a water supply. And, no, that does not mean scurry out and buy every package of toilet paper you can find (heavy sigh).

Will It Soon Be Too Late?

Stocking food is becoming more and more a must, rather than an option. I know what you are thinking. With the cost of groceries and household supplies soaring daily how can we afford to stockpile food? It may not be a glamorous
answer but these are not glamorous times.

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Return to basic meals that will fill you up and give your body the nourishment it needs. This happens with frugal, non-perishable ingredients. For example utilize the following as your staples and add proteins such as canned tuna and vegetables, herbs, and spices to prepare varied meals.

  • rice
  • quinoa
  • dried beans
  • freeze dried potatoes
  • pasta

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Begin Buying In Bulk, If You Can

Begin buying these staples in bulk. When you purchase one item for current use, buy one extra and store it. Check out the bulk food sections for dry ingredients. Surprisingly dollar stores carry many canned and dry items that are as good and as nutritious as the big chain grocery stores and considerably cheaper. Farms, farmer’s markets, and food co-ops are a great way to obtain your ingredients when the regular store shelves are empty.

Helpful hint: When you use one item for a meal, immediately buy two more. Always move the original one that is left to the front. This prevents items being overlooked until their expiration date has come and gone. (Yes we know that expiration dates can be ignored for awhile, but not forever).

What Foods Can Be Stored in Bulk for Months?

If it is at all possible and/or feasible grow a garden. If you are an apartment dweller or your yard simply isn’t big enough for a garden see if there is a community garden in your area. Or grow food in pots on your balcony. I am hearing that some forward thinking people have begun building hydroponic grow systems that you can use inside your home. There is a learning curve to gardening so I would suggest that you do your homework immediately before shortages get worse.

For example, find out which foods grow best in your area and plant them. Be mindful of saving the seeds for next year. Meanwhile, buy locally, when possible. The small farmers will thank you.

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What foods can be stored in bulk for months?What foods can be stored in bulk for months?

Preserving food that is available now is a must as well. Freeze dried and dehydrated items will last for a long time but canning, freezing, and fermenting (think sauerkraut) also work well.

Gather extra equipment for these procedures now. Canning jars and lids, a canning pot, freezer bags, a dehydrator, and a freeze dryer will become more scarce as time goes on. Extra sugar, vinegar, salt, and other supplies needed for these procedures will need to be stockpiled.

What Else to Stock Up On

During these times food is not the only thing to be kept in bulk. Gas, oil, and building materials, as well as common plumbing and electrical supplies should be stored for future use. Medicines, whether prescription or over the counter, are a must, including your daily supplements. Yes, in spite of the remark above, paper goods such as toilet paper, tin foil, and paper towels need to be gathered.

Oh and let’s not forget our furry or feathered friends. Pet food and accessories need to be stockpiled for their future comfort.

Resolve and Avoid Consumer Debt

Now here is another precautionary measure that will be a no-brainer to some but others not so much. Get out of debt as quickly as possible, or better yet, don’t go into it. For example do not use your credit card to buy the extra food and supplies. Even if you have to cut out a few luxuries or non-essential items, use your monthly wages or income allotment only. Financial debt will prevent you from dealing with whatever emergencies may arise. Stay away from consumer debt.

I came across this excellent article on our next topic, which is water preservation, so thought I would share the highlights of it with you:

Water Preservation

Along with all of the above, a reliable supply of potable water is essential. City or town water is distributed to your house from a water tower but what if there is a power outage, whether temporary or for a long period of time? Generators, you say. How do they run if there is a fuel shortage which is well on its way as we speak. Those with wells on their property will have the same problem. Well pumps are powered by electricity. If nothing else, have a backup generator on hand.

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It is time to go back to the old standby, if possible, especially for watering your garden and for other household things such as laundry and cleaning. Get a rain barrel or more than one. Drought would be the only enemy then.

It is of course necessary to keep the water in your rain barrels clean. Keep leaves and other debris out of them, install a filter if possible, treat the water with chlorine dioxide once a month, periodically test the PH balance, and flush and scrub them if you notice algae or insects present.

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Another hint – upgrade your garden hose to one that isn’t full of toxic chemicals.

If it becomes necessary to use your collected rain water for drinking, it is imperative to put it through a reliable filteringShould I stockpile food in the case of shortages? system. There are many water filtration systems available.

Boiling your water is another option. It does not remove debris, chemical contaminants or other impurities, but it will kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa that could make you and your family very ill.

Another purification method is purchased water disinfection tablets. And of course remember to keep an extra supply of them in your storage pantry as well. But we recommend chlorine dioxide solution, which you can get here.

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Final Thoughts

Should I stockpile food in the case of shortages? Should we start stockpiling food and basic items?

I hate to sound like a doomsayer but it is getting more and more obvious that things are not well with our world and are going downhill fast. I am not a conspiracy theorist in any way, but I believe that the “writing is on the wall” as the saying goes.

Bottom line – it is better to be safe than sorry. Be prepared.

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