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Social Anxiety Disorder Is Curable – Part 2

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Social Anxiety Disorder Is Curable – Part 2 –social anxiety disorder is curable The Cure For Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Is Curable –  Safety and Testimonies

In part one of this series (our first “series”), we heard from Sky, and asked the question, “Is social anxiety curable?”. And I think anyone having read his thorough and fascinating responses to the questions asked him would say that it seems that social anxiety disorder is curable, indeed.

Previously, we covered what social anxiety disorder is, where it comes from, and how sufferers are affected by it. We also talked about how Sky came to discover and develop this cure for social anxiety disorder, and we went into the biology of social anxiety, as well as what happens to it when the treatment is taken, and that it is actually a physical issue.

Yes, Social Anxiety Disorder Is Curable.

I’m not sure Sky is entirely comfortable using the word “cure” in relation to the treatment, but I have heard the testimonies he shares in today’s article, and I would say that if someone had paralyzing anxiety one day, and it is virtually eradicated just days later, it is more than reasonable to draw the conclusion that, in fact, social anxiety is curable, via this treatment!

As well as the testimonies Sky shares, here of a few people (there are many, many more) who have taken this treatment for social anxiety disorder to great success. We will also address safety concerns, which will surely arise.

Okay, Let’s Do It.

Q: Sky, when you contacted me, you made it clear to me that you weren’t trying to sell me anything, and it seems that your agreeing to do this comes strictly out of a passion to get the word out about this cure for social anxiety. Would you give us a couple of testimonies from other folks who have had success with this?

A: Actually, even if I was trying to sell something in this interview, Craig, I see no problem with that, and why would I? If you knew of a product that could change my life in hundreds and thousands of positive ways–which is exactly what this product can and will do–wouldn’t you be remiss in keeping that life-changing information to yourself, including where I could buy the product?

Whether people buy the flower remedy or not, makes no difference to me at all, since I don’t have social anxiety.

Actually, I decided to do this interview not just because I have a passion to get the word out about this cutting edge remedy, but rather to give SAD sufferers HOPE, because everybody needs hope… everybody.

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Why would I do an interview about social anxiety, which is an incredibly debilitating mental-emotional social disorder and not tell people where they can buy the one remedy in the world that can quickly, effectively, and permanently rid themselves of this problem?

What would be the point of doing that, right? And exactly how does that benefit your audience? Keep in mind that the remedy has no side effects, contraindications, nor is it habit-forming or addictive. So, really, there are no negatives about this remedy, at all.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with the task of telling everyone where they can buy it, okay?

As far as providing a few customer testimonies… Sure, I can do that.

Living Proof That Social Anxiety Disorder Is CurableLiving Proof That Social Anxiety Disorder Is Curable

One testimonial that comes to mind is the following, which I will read off to you: “Sky, my mother told me that after 19 days of taking your remedy, her social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are completely gone!! She suffered from nightly bouts of mental-emotional terror and horror since she was born, because she was born (literally!) in a Japanese detention camp and saw people being killed virtually every day, and was sadly raped on a regular basis for many years.

After nearly 70 years of suffering from these nightly episodes, it’s now all gone!! She even finds it hard to remember this trauma and when she does recall it, it appears to have nothing to do with her present life… almost as if it never happened. She now lives in the present moment, almost as if she was reborn, instead of living in her horrid past.”

As you can see in her case, once childhood trauma is erased or overwritten, people feel as if their lives are renewed, as if they are literally reborn.

I had a Naturopathic doctor in France who took the remedy and his two biggest fears were 1) girls and 2) going to the food market, surrounded by people.

He always made a point of going to the market right before it closed down for the evening, as there weren’t as many people there, at that time.

Three days later I called him and asked him how he’s doing. He then told me:

“On day three of taking the remedy, I decided to go to the market during the day, to see how I felt. After 47 years of having social anxiety, I realized it was all gone in an instant. I had zero fear of girls and nothing seemed to frightened me. I had no fear or anxiety while mingling among the crowds. In fact, I found it oddly enjoyable! I was very puzzled, though, thinking to myself, ‘Where did all my fear and anxiety go? Why do I feel fearless after three days of taking four tiny round sugarcane pellets a day, containing the invisible healing codes or frequency imprints of 18 flower essences? I’m speechless, Sky!”

Being Afraid of People: “Anthropophobia”

I had one male who was deathly afraid of people. Although he was outwardly what I would describe as a strong personality, he was absolutely petrified of talking to people, especially women. He always felt as if people were expecting him to say or do something—but he never knew what that “something” was. This caused endless confusion in his mind. When people came over to visit him out of the blue, he would pretend that no one was home, meaning, he would not answer the doorbell. He always thought of himself as a socially awkward, inept phony. He could not look men or women in the eye, and was always nervous and fidgety around others.

This man constantly second-guessed himself, lacked self-confidence, and had very little self-worth. He was always in his head, rehearsing himself before he spoke to others, so that he wouldn’t appear to be the fool that he inwardly felt he was. He was always paranoid, believing that others were always thinking negative things about him or laughing behind his back. Panic attacks would hit him, and he was perpetually anxious around others. He was always afraid that he’d make a fool of himself and that others would laugh at him. He was always pitifully self-conscious when he used a public restroom or attended a social gathering. fear of people - fear of talking to people - Captain Jack Sparrow

This gentleman found it difficult to be honest with others about how he felt, always hiding his feelings; constantly seeking out others’ praise and flattery. He had a problem with show-off mentality, and always went out of his way to appease and impress others. No matter how hard he tried to hide or mask his debilitating uneasiness with himself, he never succeeded, and was ashamed and embarrassed to be himself, and carried around a lot of guilt from his past.

He felt utterly inadequate, had a low degree of self-worth or value, and found it difficult to fully appreciate and cherish himself. He was very critical and judgmental of himself. There was a deep self-loathing or hatred towards himself. He found it hard to come up with even one redeeming quality about himself. He felt worthless, as if everyone else had what he was missing in life. It felt to him like he was a burden to people and that they were always watching and judging him. He would painstakingly go over every conversation he had with others, trying to see if he said something wrong and hoping that he made a good impression on them.

Anyway, to make a long story short, every one of his SAD symptoms disappeared in 10 days. Every one of them! He called me up on day 11 and told me:

“I thought I was going to have to live with SAD for the rest of my life. Then I had the good fortune to run into this remedy, which changed my whole previously pathetic life-story. I feel as if I have been unchained from my past, like I now have a future, like there is so much to live for, like for the first time in my life I can proudly be myself, genuine and authentic. I feel like the master marketer Zig Ziglar once said: ‘You were born for greatness and engineered for success!’ I now feel those words in my heart. You changed my life,

The Safety of LaScalla

Q: If people are anything like me, they will draw parallels to a type of shock treatment. This obviously is not that,
but what else would you say to people who will be wondering about the safety of LaScalla?

A: Shock treatment? No, not quite, Craig. There’s nothing shocking about this safe, natural remedy. There’s also no side effects. There’s no contraindications and it’s not habit forming. What is shocking though, is that mental health professionals still advocate for antiquated psychotherapies that require a person to say, for example, lie on a couch and relive their childhood trauma or emotional pain.

So hopefully they’ll eventually be able to let it go. And psychotherapy is also shockingly expensive. Sometimes up to $250 an hour, and shockingly drawn out sometimes to five to 20 years of therapy. Remember what we’re dealing with–It’s trauma or aberrant patterns of thought, and thoughts are things having material existence and all material substances are not as static as they appear to be to the naked eye under a microscope. All so-called solid objects or material substances, including thoughts, are in constant motion.

This motion is synonymous with vibration. And all vibrations vibrate at certain defined frequencies. So wherever there’s motion there is vibration and frequency. The trauma stored in the unconscious mind as a whole is an amalgamation of many different separate traumatic episodes in early childhood. Each of these episodes left an energetic frequency imprint on the unconscious mind.

So trauma is really an informational frequency imprint, or frequency imprint of information that’s frozen in time, or frozen in the past when this trauma imprint first came into being. This informational imprint frames a person’s present moment through the lens of the past, to the exact day and time that this trauma took place.

That’s why some people find it hard to live in the present. Because their past in effect is reframing the present moment. AllSocial Anxiety Disorder Is Curable - But You Have to Take the Remedy! we’re doing with this remedy is laying down a new, higher harmonic, coherent imprint, or frequency blueprint over or on top of the terrain of the unconscious mind, thus in effect, erasing or overwriting, the old energetic aberrant imprints that already exist.

Thus, the person themself will notice that their thinking and behavior effortlessly see changes for the better. They stop being at odds with themselves, they stop engaging in destructive behavior patterns. They no longer experience inner conflict, and they completely let go of the fear and anxiety that used to exert and limit their every waking hour.

Their mind becomes much, much calmer and quieter. They’re no longer having to deal with aberrant background static, or thoughts that used to reside in their unconscious mind, enabling them to live more fully in the present moment. The only shocking thing about this remedy is that it actually works as discussed here very quickly, permanently, inexpensively and effortlessly.

It is undoubtedly more effective than 10 to 30 years of daily clinical psychotherapy. That’s my opinion.

Social Anxiety Disorder Is Curable – But You Have to Take the Remedy!

Q: Ok, great!

It has been inspiring and very encouraging talking with you, Sky. And I hope many people will walk away from having read these articles, or watched the videos, feeling the same as I do. Thank you once again, and all the best to you, my friend.

A: Thanks you for having me on, Craig. It’s been a pleasure sharing these stories, today. If a member of your audience would like to ask a question concerning social anxiety or the flower remedy itself, I’d be very happy to oblige them. All the best.

lascallaremedy.com - social anxiety disorder is curable
Readers: You know where to click!

By the way, I am not receiving a commission from any purchases made (maybe down the road…), and in fact, I have been given a special code just for Un-Pharma.com readers from LaScallaRemedy.com for 20% off.

It is UNPHARMA20. Enjoy!

And thanks for taking this journey with us. 


PS: I will be reporting on my personal results, once the product arrives and I have taken it, so look for a follow-up, soon!

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Download this article as an e-book

10 thoughts on “Social Anxiety Disorder Is Curable – Part 2”

  1. Hi, Alex. Yes, there are other ways to “control” social anxiety. But LaScalla eradicates it, entirely. It removes the trauma. If you want, you can try regular flower essences, which is the same concept, but not permanent. You have to keep doing it.

    Here is our other article about social anxiety: https://un-pharma.com/can-you-

  2. I have had experiences with social anxiety. Large crowds are not my friend. In my case, social anxiety leads to signs of paranoia. I have a service dog now. But I did not always have social anxiety. In fact, before I developed PTSD I was very social. Aside from medication, I have been looking for natural ways to control my anxiety. Meditation, controlled breathing, and other such methods. Would you know of other ways to control anxiety?

  3. Thanks, Joseph. It is amazing to me that somebody came up with this concept! It is pretty neat how it works.

  4. I totally agree that social anxiety disorder is curable. I have seen many examples of that in my many years in the mental health field. Stress and fear do have a debilitating effect on the immune system and a person’s overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Thanks for sharing this information on Lascalla. In my many years in the mental health area, I always have taken an eclectic approach to address challenges. Each person is unique and requires a unique approach.

  5. Thanks for such a very informative article.  I actually have been feeling with social anxiety for a few years now and it really cause so many issues with my mental health. That is until I came across personal development and what it can do to help. I used to take medication and do therapy but it never really helped me as much as personal development has. I really will be sharing this article with those around me that is for sure. I find this information to be so helpful. It’s actually very similar to what I write on my blog on personal growth. It’s so important to take care of one’s health and you are doing good at doing just that. Keep up the good work. 

  6. With me it always only went so far, and then hit a wall. Everybody knew the wall was there, but nobody seemed able to do anything about it. This treatment obliterates it.

    Thanks for the feedback, Emmanuel.

  7. The most common treatment for social anxiety disorder includes psychotherapy (also called psychological counseling or talk therapy) or medications or both. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy improves symptoms in most people with social anxiety disorder.                                                                                                                                                                                              

  8. I have been looking for such verifications, before I take it, but I think it is still very new. I am convinced by talking with him and another person who has taken it, and the ton of testimonies I have heard, that it is completely safe and effective. Besides, if it works as well as it seems, the FDA, etc. would never approve it. Fear is their ace in the hole. And they want to sell pharmaceuticals to afflicted people. 

  9. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that people suffering from such debilitating impacts of SAD over decades could be cured in a matter of days. Not saying that the results are not true for the persons in the article just wondering what specifically in Lascalla makes it so revolutionary. SAD affects millions and if Lascalla could improve the conditions by even a fraction this would be a breakthrough. I would love to be pointed to scientific studies if any or whether this treatment has any third-party verification or certification. 

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