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No, Not CBD This Time, But CDS

The letters on everyone’s lips for the past year or so are CBD, and rightly so. However there is another three letter combination that has been discovered as an all around multi-purpose health aid. These letters are CDS and they are otherwise known as chlorine dioxide.

Thousands of people in Mexico, Bolivia, and other countries have been using CDS for sickness with exemplary results. I will refer you to the link at the bottom of this article. This is a comprehensive report on CDS and its efficacy in countless areas and well worth the read.

A Few CDS Cures

CDS cures viral infections, colds, flu, open wounds, burns, and is used as a disinfectant. This product floods the body with oxygen, destroying viruses and harmful pathogens in a completely safe way.

It can be taken orally with excellent results. The western media tries to say it is dangerous, confusing it with bleach, but the difference is CDS does not contain the chloride in it which is present in bleach. There have been no negative side effects in thousands of people who have used it, not even nausea. It has been used for eighty years to disinfect drinking water, with no adverse side effects.

Chlorine Dioxide Cancer Treatment?

In addition to the many known infectious agents that CDS conquers (such as parasites, bacteria, fungi & viruses), many people have taken chlorine dioxide for cancer, and reported very positive results. These many medically documented reports range from significant reduction of tumors, to absolute elimination.

For in-depth information on chlorine dioxide cancer treatment, see this website. Should you find yourself considering chlorine dioxide for cancer (including Leukemia), note that this article is mostly about MMS, which is a less “mild” form of CDS. You will have to determine which is best for you, or whomever you have in mind.

Who Popularized CDS?

Jim Humble, an engineer who worked in gold prospecting in Guiana is a firm believer as he experienced its healing powers personally. Deep within the jungle and approximately four hundred miles from any hospital, his team fell ill with malaria.

Not being prepared for this possibility, they had no malaria medications. The only thing Mr. Humble had was a drinking water disinfectant called stabilized oxygen or sodium chlorite.

With no other choices at hand, he administered a few drops to his people suffering with a fever of 40C and were delirious. To his surprise, after four hours, the crew had completely recovered. This was the basis for the development of the CDS which is a version of the pure gas without contaminants that cause unwanted side reactions.

Here is an amazing and shocking video.

CDS molecule, red and green
pathogen destroying molecule!

A small dosage can be utilized as a preventative, especially when feeling fatigued or having cold or flu symptoms.

CDS Is Very Safe.

Being small molecules that dissolve quickly in water, the CDS travels quickly to where there is a need. When the body is flooded with natural oxygen in this way, it remedies two main health issues, lack of oxygen and pathogens. CDS provides 50% more power to your mitochondria, giving you a great energy boost.

If the drops are administered at night, your sleep will be restful. The clinic advises using a Vitamin D 40000iu supplement as well as 50mg of zinc for a total health boost. However, Vitamin C should not be taken with CDS as it will conflict and nullify the benefits.


The first dose is 3ml CDS added to 3/4 of a glass of water before sleeping. On the second day another of the same dosage one hour after breakfast and another before sleeping. Third day, same dosage three times throughout the day. Repeat as above until you feel recovered. This protocol is suitable for long term application for maintenance.

Lower the Ratio For Cold / Flu Recovery

For those few who are not able to ingest CDS in the same way as most, lower the mixture to 1ml CDS to 500 ml of water, increasing as tolerated up to the full dosage.

This is excellent for cold / flu recovery. For an open wound on the skin or a burn, fill a spray bottle with CDS (0.3%) and apply it directly to the afflicted area several times per day. It does not cause stinging or burning but rather relieves pain and bleeding.

jim humble - mad scientist
Jim Humble

For more extensive information on CDS / MMS please visit the site below:


The above is an extremely comprehensive site and I encourage anyone who is even the least bit interested in this product to read it thoroughly. There are many individual headings and all are loaded with helpful and scientific information. At the top of the page there are pictures of flags so you will have to click on the US flag to get the presentation in English.

Where to Buy Chlorine Dioxide

If you are wondering where to buy chlorine dioxide, I must tell you I had to spend some time finding a proper outlet. Most sellers will only sell it as a water purifier. I can only assume this is because there is a certain oligarchy who would not be happy with anyone selling a product like this for health purposes, for very sinister reasons. If these reasons are not clear to you, please read the Un-Pharma.com About Page.

You can buy CDS through the link below. Read the obligatory FDS warning at the bottom of that page, and then know that the FDA is LYING.

CHLORINE DIOXIDE IS NOT BLEACH (In fact, it is an entirely different molecule)!

A semi-smart monkey could learn this by doing a simple internet search.

As we have discussed, and AS WITH ANYTHING ELSE, there are certain guidelines that should be followed when taking any remedy.

Click the links to other articles within this one, and be certain you know how much you should take, and how often, for your own peace of mind. If you are still unsure, or just want to see something awesome, Click Here. 

BUY Chlorine Dioxide HERE:


Here is something very cool… How to Make Your Own MMS

Chlorine Dioxide For Cancer

Oh yeah.
It also cures autism.


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