Mainstream Versus Chinese Medicine | Chinese Health Care Practices

Mainstream Versus Chinese Medicine Mainstream versus Chinese medicine have been ongoing for countless years. Ye olde east versus west. In that regard we decided to bring in a professional in order to unlock the mystique of these ancient procedures and their efficacy in our modern world. To this end we have it in mind to … Read more

Should I Use CBD Oil Everyday? | Is CBD Oil a Placebo Scam?

Should I Use CBD Oil Everyday, or Is CBD Oil a Scam? For those of you still on the fence, and wondering, Should I use CBD oil?, “Should I use CBD oil everyday?“or, “Is it a wonder drug, or is CBD oil a placebo scam?“, here is the scoop directly from the horse’s mouth, as … Read more

What Is the Cause of Heartburn? | Heartburn Home Remedy

What Is the Cause of Heartburn? If you’ve ever experienced heartburn, you know what it is. And if you are visited by heartburn frequently, like I was most of my life, then you have more than likely come across a home remedy or two in your efforts to function with this very annoying curse. But … Read more