Are Statins A Scam? | Will Stopping Statins Reverse Diabetes?

The Statin Scam The Truth About Statins Lowering the Risk of Heart Disease: Are Statin Drugs Another Scam? The safety and efficacy of statin drugs are exaggerated greatly, yes. But this is an irrelevant point. The fact is that nobody needs statin drugs. Why? Because cholesterol is not an enemy! And not only does nobody … Read more

Why Can’t We Be Totally Healthy? Is It Normal to Never Be Sick?

Should It Be Normal to Never Get Sick? Why Can’t Anyone Ever Be 100% Healthy?  Is it normal to never be sick? Is it unreasonable to imagine having perfect health, and why don’t we? Are we a flawed design? I will begin with a disclaimer: I am not condemning anyone for believing whatever they want … Read more