Can Antidepressants Ruin Your Life? | It’s a Common Claim

Can Antidepressants “Ruin Your Life” and Do More Harm Than Good? Can antidepressants ruin your life? Is depression really a chemical imbalance, and can antidepressants damage your brain, over time?  Do you get depressed when you don’t exercise, or if you don’t (or can’t) spend much time in the sun? Why is this? Have Antidepressants … Read more

What Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Depression and Why?

What Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Depression and Anxiety? Depression is rarely a result of circumstance, alone. That is not to say that being caged up like a criminal during a never-ending make-believe pandemic isn’t bound to take a heavy toll on one’s mental state. And I’m not just talking about the vitamin D deprivation caused by … Read more