The #1 Lie Told in Medical School | Is the Healthcare System Unethical?

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Just How Deceptive and Unethical Is Modern “Healthcare”?

Just How Deceptive and Unethical Is Modern "Healthcare"? What Is the #1 Lie Taught In Medical School?What Is the #1 Lie Taught In Medical School?

Is the healthcare system unethical? Let’s find out what the #1 lie told in medical school is, and how all of the other lies the medical community has told us should be judged with this fundamental lie in mind.

Tragically, most of the biggest lies the medical community has told us have become commonly believed. Fortunately, many people are starting to question the integrity of so-called health professionals and tyrannical bureaucratic systems, which are currently grossly overstepping their authority and thrusting forth a constant barrage of deception on a constant and daily basis, like a fire hose of lies to your ears. And you are shamed and ostracized (and worse), if you question them.

Just how unethical is the healthcare system in North America, and what can be done about it?

If you have found yourself here because you have begun asking these questions, you have opened up a giant can of worms, I have to say. But here’s another lie for you:

“Ignorance is bliss”!

In this case, ignorance may indeed be blissful, for awhile. Until you find yourself wracked with disease and caught in a constant cycle of sickness, and wondering why for the rest of your days you are struggling to manage that sickness, rather than managing your health, and living your life.

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Are you ready? Here it comes…

The Fundamental Lie They Tell You In Medical School:

The biggest lie told in medical school is that, “Your job will be to heal and make people healthy”.

This couldn’t be more contrary to the reality a student will find themselves in when they begin to practice as a physician.

From an article in The Atlantic, by Meghan O’Rourke called “Doctors Tell All—and It’s Bad”:

In Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician, Sandeep Jauhar—a cardiologist who previously cast a cold eye on his medical apprenticeship in Intern—diagnoses a midlife crisis, not just in his own career but in the medical profession. “Today’s physicians,” he tells us, “see themselves not as the ‘pillars of any community’ but as ‘technicians on an assembly line,’ or ‘pawn[s]’ in a money-making game for hospital administrators.” 

According to a 2012 survey, nearly eight out of 10 physicians are “somewhat pessimistic or very pessimistic about the future of the medical profession.” In 1973, 85 percent of physicians said they had no doubts about their career choice. In 2008, onlyOther Lies Told by the Medical Establishment 6 percent “described their morale as positive,” Jauhar reports. Doctors today are more likely to kill themselves than are members of any other professional group.

Modern medicine in the West has become an assembly line with a clear focus on keeping people sick to sell sickness-management drugs, rather than making anybody wellrather than addressing root causes of a condition like diabetes or heart disease and promoting lifestyle changes.  The positive effects of these lifestyle changes will not only positively affect the quality of life very quickly, but they unquestionably reduce the risk of future disease.

On the other hand, patients prescribed pharmaceuticals are likely to find their quality of life perpetually deteriorating for the sake of some small measure of relief from a symptom, through that “medication”.

Prescribed medication is the third most common cause of death globally, after heart disease and cancer.

Other Lies Told by the Medical Establishment

Your health problems are not bad luck.

What are the biggest lies the medical community has told us, in addition to falsely convincing everyone that they will heal them with drugs, and that diet and exercise are secondary to the drugs, if important at all?

  • Only medical doctors are experts in health. Physicians are trained to be specialists in sickness and disease, not health. You have to be sick. And it is all about generating profit for drug companies by keeping you sick.
  • Screening is for prevention. BS. Screening does not prevent diseases. It just puts colossal amounts of “research” money into the pockets of the drug companies. They don’t want people free of diseases. Which is why there still aren’t any cures for anything. Screening is, in essence, done for the purpose of actually promoting disease.
  • Health insurance will safeguard you from illness. The opposite is true. Health insurance keeps you on the hamster wheel of sickness.
  • Disease is a genetic hand you’ve been dealt. Nope. They put classifications like this on people to make them think there is no point in changing anything lifestyle-wise. So they will resign themselves to there being nothing they can do besides maintaining their condition with pharmaceuticals. Getting heart disease is not bad luck.
  • More research is needed. This is a good one. There is never a cure just around the corner. The truth is, everything is curable. But it will never come from the medical system.
  • You need to go to the hospital. The leading cause of death in North America is going to the hospital. Unless you desperately need surgery, or have been in a terrible accident, stay well clear of hospitals. Your education about how your body and nervous system works is usually the only intervention required.
  • And the best one of all… You will get sick and die without a vaccine. Apparently, immune systems are unreliable and a faulty design. We know better than the one who created this marvelously complex and efficient, self-healing system. 

“Thomas Renz, an attorney investigating some of these hospital abuses, has data from whistleblowers, now under Federal Whistleblower protection, and they have calculated that the hospitals, at a minimum, are making $100,000 extra per C0V1D patient, for following all of these directives, and not deviating from them”. 

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Are Most Doctors Ignorant to the Truth (or Brainwashed)?

Does the American Medical Association in association with American medical schools attempt to “brainwash” medical students?

Doctors aren’t so much educated in medical school as they are brainwashed. And from the day your family doctor enters medical college, it begins. His / her view of the world of pharmaceuticals is forged (predominantly) by the pharmaceutical companies, whom, oddly enough, the medical schools are funded by, in one way or another.

The medical textbooks given to medical students are either written by or paid for by Big Pharma. It is little wonder that the primary therapeutic course of action for doctors has been to administer pharmaceutical products.

All of that said, a distressing number of physicians know exactly what they are doing, and their lust for money and esteem is bigger than their conscience, it is clear.

On the other hand, many doctors have left the system and are setting things straight, at great risk and cost to themselves, for the sake of exposing the corrupt medical system and getting the truth out to people. Many of them, like Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Steven Gundry, whom we often link to here at Un-Pharma, are just four such doctors, constantly demonized for their courageous stance, but continue to boldly spread their truth and knowledge and expose the tyrannical meshwork of fraudulence, undeterred by playground haters with a vested interest in silencing them for their own self-serving and psychopathic purposes. And there are many, many more like them.

Please watch this video by Amy Beard, MD (a new hero!).

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In Summary

Your doctor is likely prescribing products with potential side effects which include weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, suicide, erectile dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies, and many more. Why? Because Big Pharma is paying them big bucks to influence how your doctor “treats” you. Pharmaceutical companies paid 30 billion dollars on advertising back in 2018 (I shudder to think what the numbers are now).

20 billion of this 30 billion dollars went to schmoozing doctors.

If you had been wondering how corrupt the healthcare system is, or weren’t even aware that the modern healthcare system is unethical (don’t feel bad if this is the case), there should now be no doubt left in your mind.

Everything in this article is factual and proveable beyond a doubt. Nothing is as it seems, these days. We have to be willing to accept this and educate ourselves, because we are doomed until we do, and very soon it will be too late. There is a very small handful of seemingly very powerful people on the planet who are hellbent on having your mind in shackles, for their beyond-sinister purposes.

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If we can take back control of our own health and that of our children, it will be one very big foothold we will have against these cretin reptiles who are succeeding fast in enslaving humanity on a global scale. But they are only as powerful as we believe and allow them to be.

I would never want to guilt-trip anyone, and that is not why I say that I strongly implore you to follow some of the links I haveHow Deceptive and Unethical Is Modern Healthcare? dispersed throughout this article and learn everything you can. Imagine the regret you will have when it is too late. Especially if you are a parent!

To say that “it is never too late to learn” would not be truthful, in this case. It soon will be too late. And for millions of people who are no longer with us because of fatal illnesses that could have been avoided, it is too late, isn’t it?

I know that is a sad note to end on, but maybe things have to get more sad, before people are willing to put their pride away and admit to themselves that they have been strategically duped and begin to do anything they can to get on the right side of history and begin to join the fight to set things right and stand up to these tyrants, before it is indeed too late. There are a whole lot more of us than them.

Only a small child thinks they can cover their eyes and this makes something go away. And yet, an appalling percentage of the adult population are still doing just that.

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10 thoughts on “The #1 Lie Told in Medical School | Is the Healthcare System Unethical?”

  1. That’s basically it. Actually I think it’s more about plain old control. They already have all the money…

  2. Thank you, Teresa. 

    It seems like a lot of eyes are opening these days, indeed!

    Yes, fear is by far their biggest tool.

  3. Unfortunately, there is increasing evidence that healthcare is bad. There is a good portion who want to work and who take their position very seriously. I’m sorry to have to say this, but the second part belongs to a serious fraud in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, which make good money from people’s diseases and their suffering.

  4. Hi Craig

    I really appreciate this frank and honest post about Big Pharma and its lies! 

    Our medical system is truly and sadly run on profits over health and I hope your post will open the eyes of those who are still not aware of this concept. The fact that you mentioned that doctors are more likely to commit suicide than any other profession is quite shocking to say the least!

    The fear factor is what plays well within this so-called medical system that is designed to enslave and keep the masses sick and line the pockets of Big Pharma. 

    Truly appreciate your post! 

    Peace and blessings


  5. Thank you for sharing this article – The #1 Lie Told in Medical School | Is the Healthcare System Unethical? Thanks to Youtube and the internet ,more information is available to the public. Doctors like sick people, The more patients the more profit they make. Sad to say but their mentality is no patient means they are out of a job.

  6. Yes, I am a tad “greasy”, aren’t I? 😀 

    So good to hear from you, and feel free to stay in touch. Those of us with the passion need to stick together.

  7. Hi! I very much enjoyed reading this. I am a Holistic Nutrition Coach and something I was constantly reminded about during my training was how we have a sick care system NOT a health care system. Like you stated, unfortunately symptoms are often covered up with a “Band-Aid” instead of finding the root cause. This is an area I am passionate to educate others on and I can tell it is for you as well. 

    Lifestyle habits are everything!!

    (I also love the controversial topics you slid in there)

  8. Hi, Shelley. Thank you so much for your thoughts, which I think are on the money.

    No doctor since you were 8… that is fantastic!

    Dr. Berg is great, isn’t he? There are a few like him around, whom I am so grateful for. 


  9. Hi Craig, hope you are well, If you partake in natural health care I am more than sure you are!

    I adore this topic but unfortunately most of the people in my circles are strong believers of doctors and their ease of distributing drugs and haphazardly in some cases. 

    Dr Berg is my idol lol. I have also trained to be a hypnotherapist which gives me another perspective on health care we see today. Obviously Covid doesn’t help the situation in the slightest. It is worth noting that the mind has the potential to heal the body just as much as the body does from the foods you chose to eat. 

    We can become addicted to foods made out of a plant that cause all sort of inflammation in the body. Then of course the remedy becomes the pharmaceutical drugs issued by your doctor! A never ending spiral that can be so difficult to undo.  

    My husband is currently taking blood thinners. He is not the person I met 3 years ago and he has really changed since he has been taking them. If you really do some research on DVT, blood thinners do nothing more than mask the problem. I guess so until the end result is potentially far more fatal despite the so called benefits of the drug itself. 

    Dr Berg’s alternatives are far more credible than a standard concoction of drugs. He also offers some great training programs which I completed during Covid. I am also certain you already know about his classes and training. 

    I haven’t been to a doctor since I was 8 years old, I am 45 years old now! I have no intention of turning up there anytime soon either. If I ever have to fill out a form that requires the name of my doctor. Obviously I cannot give one as I am pretty sure my childhood doctor has since passed. But the look on people’s faces is profoundly priceless!

    Thoroughly enjoyed the read Craig, no doubt I’ll be back shortly 🙂


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