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Empower Plus Review

I decided I would do a Truehope EMPower Plus review after I had decided to try it. Then it came to me to chronical the progress from then until and after the effects became evident (assuming they would).

Truehope’s EMPower Plus supplement was recommended to me two weeks ago (strongly recommended, I might add…).

I was told that it takes about a week for the benefits of EMPowerPlus vitamins to manifest themselves. So I resolved to pay close attention and document the progress (if any) every day after about the first 4 days, if I noticed anything that soon.

Milkshake Bender

Well, there was one factor that nearly messed that plan up–that being the quitting of drinking a large milkshake every day for a week, a couple of days in.

Prior to deciding to come off of said milkshake bender, I had noticed an utter and absolute lack of anything resembling human energy. I felt almost as bad as I did when I was 24 years old and ended up with zinc poisoning, while braze welding in an enclosed space.

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Or have you ever had Mono…?

It was worse than just having no energy. It was like being devoid of energy, coupled with a feeling like you just had your lips around the exhaust pipe of a running tractor (for some reason…) for an hour.

Yeah. Now you know what I’m talking about, right??!

I am now certain that it was all the sugar and gluten and dairy from the milkshakes that had been making me feel like a bucket of hot cow turds covered in frog snot.

That feeling was all but gone before the EMPs would have “kicked in”. Although, it didn’t happen abruptly. I didn’t notice anything sudden. It was more like at one point I just noticed how good I was feeling, and I soon realised that this was not a fleeting, temporary thing.

Anyway, I am feeling pretty great, compared to a month ago, and I am certain that EMPower Plus vitamins are largely to blame.


I can actually say with some confidence that this EMPower Plus review will leave you feeling confident about it as a product, by the time I am finished. I just wanted to be transparent with you.

Ordering supplements online is something I started doing a lot of 4 years ago. Of the many vitamins and supplements that I’ve tried, I have done what I consider to be a not bad job of pinpointing what works and what is utter garbage.

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Lacking Focus and Energy

There has certainly been one consistent thought I know I have had frequently, lacking focus and energy- reviews of empower plus supplement
since as far back as I can imagine i should remember. And that is that I lacked focus and energy.

I just never really thought to do anything about it until later in life.

I want to eliminate the variables. If I find myself with dementia one day, I want to know that that is indeed what the trouble is. I want to not have to wonder if half of the problem is just my bad diet catching up, or something else I have neglected, so that if I am diagnosed with something terrible in my brain, it is not because I didn’t take every precaution I knew to take.

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Many Positive Reviews of Empower Plus Supplement by Truehope

I have seen no negative (I’m sure they exist – they always do) but only positive reviews of Empower Plus supplement.

I guess it’s about time I got on with my own, huh?

Without Further Adieu – Craig’s Empower Plus Review (Yes, that was meant to rhyme).

The daily milkshakes were making me feel very stodgy. But before this little phase, I just always remember feeling like I was always lacking energy and focus. I think this is quite normal now, at least in North America.

I am now beginning a Chlorine Dioxide protocol, to see if it will do a decent job of cleansing me from heavy metal toxicity and autism (It’s been suggested, half-jokingly, by people close to me that I have Asperger’s Syndrome).

I’ll let you know how that goes. But in the meantime, it has been 2 weeks of taking 2 capsules of EMPower Plus twice a day. The verdict is pretty clear-cut.

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EMPowerplus provides a broad spectrum, highly absorbable range of nutrients that are essential to brain function.

It occurs to me that I must have been lacking about 35 of those ingredients, because I feel more focussed than I can remember feeling. There is a clarity, coupled with a vigor that I feel I shouldn’t even be allowed to have at my age! I figured the damage must be done, by now.

Great. Now I am having an inner conflict about my worthiness to feel good, after treating myself so badly, for so long…

I am not going to self-sabotage, don’t worry. I am too far along now in my quest for optimal health to go back now. Besides – my new self is smarter than my old self, so my old thoughts can pee right off.empower plus review


Well… Yeah. Kind of…

But if you can adjust your budget to fit it in, I believe you will find the benefits of the EMPower Plus supplement to be something you will wonder how you were able to do without.

It is actually not expensive at all, when you consider the cost of buying all of these vitamins and minerals separately. Which, by the way, I pretty much did for over a year. And, for whatever reasons, it had half the benefit that I am now experiencing.

Actually, that is how I learned that most vitamins and supplements you buy are garbage. And when I strongly suspect something is not working, I am not afraid to take a large fistfull of it to eliminate all doubt. It is an expensive way to learn…

MANY commercial health supplements are purely devoid of anything useful. PURE PLACEBO!

For Me, Empower Plus Supplement by Truehope Is The SH*T.

Here are a whole bunch of video testimonies from Truehope’s website.

Many of these testimonies are from folks who have had success conquering bipolar, depression, panic and anxiety and even schizophrenia. But there are also many reports from people who have received relief from a diverse range of physical problems, as well. How about osteoporosis, migraines, brain damage / stroke, trigeminal neuralgia and spastic quadriplegia…?

Benefits of EMPower Plus Vitamins

EMPowerplus (claims to be) the most studied micronutrient formula in the world, boasting 30+ medical journal publications.

The creators of EMPowerplus’ specially formulated multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement designed it to help create a balanced life. They discovered that the cause of many mood disorders is commonly related to nutrient deficiencies. Or an inability to extract vital nutrients from food. By adding EMPowerplus supplements, the body is able to establish the proper levels of vitamins and minerals our brain requires for proper function.empower plus for depression

Mental Health Issues Are Nutritional Deficiency Disorders.

By taking EMPowerplus vitamin / mineral / multi-nutrient / amino acid supplement you are providing your body and brain with the nutrients it requires to support itself daily, to keep you feeling balanced, stable, and experience true well-being.

Research is showing that mental health issues are nutritional deficiency disorders.

By the way: The above video showed me something that I didn’t know (although I have been suspicious for awhile…).

Dairy is likely a huge factor in mental illness.

Craig’s Overall Verdict:

Unfortunately, EMPower Plus did not, as far as I can tell, heal me of trigeminal neuralgia or osteoporosis.

On the fortunate side, however, my mood is a bit cheerier and more stable, my energy has increased, and I have recently discovered that while reading something, I had read a sentence only once and knew what it said!!


As far as the trigeminal neuralgia and osteoporosis, I can’t take off any points for that. I don’t have those conditions. 😉

Vitamins and Supplements Cheat Sheet – Supplement Chart

Will I Get Some More?

Once I have finished what I have, I will replenish my supply.

empower-plus review-benefits of empower plus vitamins

There are a few things that some might not consider essential, or of enough importance to include in their monthly budget.

Some of them I agree with, and some I do consider essential, for me.

If anything makes me feel better, be more productive and less anxious or sad, on a daily basis, that belongs on my list, and I will make it work.

Even if I feel I “really can’t afford it”. I figure I can always afford something that significantly and naturally improves my life.

I have to say that I know that some things work better for some than others, but I can also say that there seems to be an improvement in my overall sense of wellness. I am amazingly not a rich man yet, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, despite my enormous talents and cunning… What I mean to say is, $50 is a lot for me, but I think I will more than make it back, if performance equals money in my account. I feel like I’m performing. In a machine sense. Not that I perform for money. I am not NEARLY that “humble”.

Please Leave Your Thoughts In the Thought Spot Yonder

This has been my Truehope EMPower Plus Review. I hope it has helped you to make a decision about the product, and maybe you even learned something else that you didn’t know…?

I would love to hear any thoughts, questions or personal experiences. Please leave a few words in the comments, if you feel so inclined. Thanks!


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Stay Informed!

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12 thoughts on “EMPower Plus Review | Truehope | Un-Pharma.com”

  1. Thanks for the feedback, Eija! I’m afraid you might well be correct about the chattiness 🙂

    It is a personal review of a product, so the self-reference was kind of unavoidable, but I know I will be mindful of that in the future now, so thanks again! It is hard to be the best you can be at something when you don’t necessarily know what the tweaks are that you might need to make. 


  2. Thanks very much Jessi. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

    Yes, I was quite apprehensive about doing the article with the thought in my mind about the cutting out of the sugar, etc. being largely responsible. But in the end I was (and am now even more certain) that I felt/feel significantly better than I had before the little milkshake party, haha. I have bought a second bottle, and I am not a rich man, so I hope that says something. 

    I have grown less and less certain that these afflictions are actually genetic. I have met a few people with autism, and as near as I could gather, their parents didn’t have it. I know that dementia didn’t run in my stepfather’s family…

    Again, much appreciated, Jessi. Blessings to you.

  3. Hey, Bill. I’m very sorry to hear that. 

    Have you heard of MMS / CDS (chlorine dioxide solution)? I would not want to get your hopes up too much, but I have read testimonies about people recovering from stroke by using it and DMSO.

    And there is an article on Un-Pharma.com with many helpful links if you want to research CDS.


    Yes, all the little things you can do will add up!

    I don’t know if you believe in prayer, but I have seen it do amazing things, as well. 

    Stay hopeful!

    Craig J

  4. Craig,

    Good supplement review although I might have done it more concise myself. A lot of chattiness and self reference which may put off some people and they will stop reading. That would be a pity as your review is really good, also good explaining the financial aspect of supplements.

    Good luck with it all.


  5. Proper diet and exercise are very important towards treating mental illness, although I do think that medication has its place, and should not be completely dismissed, based on my own experience of trying to treat my anxiety without medication vs. with it. 

    If you are concerned about whether you’re getting enough nutrients, or about whether your body is functioning properly, I would recommend having some routine blood tests done. That will give you a pretty good indicator, rather than spending a lot of money on vitamins that you may not actually need. I spent about 100$ on my recent doctors visit, which included routine wellness blood work. Really, we should be getting those tests done anyway, to make sure there aren’t any weird things coming up. So, that’s something to consider. 

    Like you said, a lot of vitamins are pretty useless, and if your body is already getting enough of a certain vitamin, then taking extra in a supplement just results in expensive pee. Having tests done can save you a lot of time and energy in that regard.

    I would be curious to know (and I know there really isn’t a way to test it at this point) how much of your feeling better has to do with cutting down on all the extra sugars, and how much is caused by the vitamin itself.

    I do want to point out that, from everything that I’ve heard/read, autism is a genetic condition. You can’t detox your way out of having it. If you believe you have Aspergers your best bet (in my opinion) is to seek the advice of a medical professional. There may also be something going on that has similar symptoms and is easily treated. Dementia also has a lot of genetic factors, from what I understand. 

  6. Oh My God, by the way, did he send you and you post my way because my wife has had a bad stroke and is completely in-cogent, 100% disabled not saying it will completely heal her but a little help would go a long way.

    Thank you so much I’m saving you’re URL so payday I can order some.

    Thank You So Much,

    Bill Wright   

  7. Thank you so much Steve, for all the feedback! Some food for thought is always nice. 

    I know the lines are a bit blurred at times. I guess in my mind what constitutes a “pharmaceutical” is something full of chemicals designed to keep a person “maintaining their sickness, rather than their health”, to loosely quote a good friend. 

    I do very much appreciate the time and effort, and you have given me some things to ponder and keep in check.

    Thanks again, and have a blessed weekend!

  8. Hi Craig – I like a lot of things about this site!

    The writing keeps me moving down through each post.

    The organization is clear (mostly) within each article.

    The theme is consistent with the stated intention.

    My general concern is the lack of reference to reputable medical professional sites (e.g. NIH, Harvard, MayoClinic, WebMD).  It could be painful to learn that a reader had an adverse reaction (e.g. allergic), which was well documented in medical arenas.

    An area that perplexed me was how talking about supplements fits on a site titled ‘Un-pharma’?  Seems to me, often supplements could be accomplished with simple changes of diet?  And if I understand the economics behind the scenes, often we find supplement-makers funded by big food and/or big pharma (shell and re-label game).  So I thought of many areas where today we have a blur in ‘what is Un-Pharma’, e.g. biogenetics to deliver pest-resistant fruit.

    The posts have engaging titles!  And the content presents one or more hypothesis (this might work..does it?).  

    Unfortunately, in general I was unpersuaded.  Maybe its that over decades, within a large multi-generation family, we have many conversations like these back to when the magazine Prevention was talking about this (bleeding edge pre-Mother Earth News).  

    The reason for my concern is that we have experiences spanning decades with someone overdoing one of these recommendations, and a few ending up in a hospital.  So in our family conversations (similar genetics), we are careful to talk about trying things as a hypothesis, taking it slow, test everything, doing the minimum, and finding a balance that works for each person.

    It might help to provide the anecdotes within a well-structured A/B test method, or randomized testing over time?  So we could see how these alternatives from a simple change of diet compared to use of the supplement, and how all other conditions (exercise, sleep, any other supplements or diet) were held constant during testing?  Use of a null hypothesis (what if nothing changed, how does that feel over a similar period of time) can also help build confidence.  Without some of this, I was unpersuaded.

    I really enjoyed the positivity and passion, and the vivid descriptions of your reactions along the way!

    Hope this helps –


  9. I just bought a similar product off of Amazon that I am going to finish and see if I have seen any improvement.  Then I might just give this a try.  Only thing I am curious about is the ingredients.  I don’t see any where that you list them.  I can look this up on my own, but that is one thing I always look at before trying anything.  I like to research the ingredients and see if they are something that I would benefit from.  Adding the top ingredients would be great!

  10. Glad to hear it! Healthier, no doubt about it. It is really a can of worms, once you open it. Makes me amazed at how resilient our bodies are. They have been subjected to so much poisonous abuse! 

  11. I agree with you that a lot of dietary supplements are complete garbage. I have not heard of Empower Plus prior to your review, but it is something that I will definitely research more fully. I like your website approach, the “Un-pharma” I agree with many of your articles, going natural, away from chemical pharmaceuticals is something I have been doing for a couple of years now, and I am heathier for it.

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