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If you are looking for supplements and vitamins to improve memory, I will hook you up near the end of the article. But we will also discuss this a bit further on.

We have written previously about natural health for the brain, natural brain detox, healthy eating for brain function, neuroplasticity and re-programming the brain, and lots about foods that improve brain function.

Improving Memory and Focus Naturally

And we have shown you what we consider to be the best natural supplements for the brain. So I am going to focus specifically on how to improve memory and focus naturally in this outing, and try not to be too redundant.

But first, let’s find out if you could use a natural brain detox, and the best way to accomplish this. We will then look into some memory exercises and techniques for how to naturally improve memory and focus, as well as looking at how to enhance memory and concentration via some methods which might not have occurred to you.

And of course, we will again briefly revisit what are the best foods, supplements and vitamins to improve memory and focus, and recap the best methods for repairing and maintaining natural health for the brain.

I would strongly urge you to follow some of the many links I will be placing throughout the article, to get more in depth with each sub-topic, as this would otherwise be a very long novel.

Could You Use a Natural Brain Detox?

Everyone could use a natural brain detox to improve memory and focus. Just some of us more than others…

But why would a person need a brain detox? What is it that toxifies our brain, over time? And what are the signs that you need to detoxify your brain?

Well, you are probably here because you or somebody you know has been showing signs, such as frequently and/or suddenly forgetting things, or finding it harder and harder to concentrate or focus on everyday tasks, or getting lost in a conversation.

This is likely the result of neurotoxicity.

What Is Memory Loss Caused By?

I’m sure this is obvious already, and I would hate to beat it to death, but at this point I feel I should stress that unless you change some habits, a natural brain detox will be quite futile.

So what is memory loss caused by? What is memory loss caused by - Gearhead

Memory loss and an inability to concentrate are probably both environmentally and diet-rooted, far more than anything else. And by environmentally I don’t mean in a social sense, although social trauma is a very real thing, which could surely have a significant effect on a persons cognitive functioning, via depression, for example.

PTSD would also be a cause of memory and concentration difficulty. As could a silent stroke, sleep apnea or improper breathing.

For the purposes of staying on track (speaking of inabilty to focus) with the theme at hand, let’s stick to the dietary causes and solutions. We have other articles about the various other culprits, such as heavy metals, lead paint, pesticides and other poisons in the soil and tap water, as well as toxins in processed foods.

How to Improve Memory and Focus, Naturally

Okay, let’s find out  and how to enhance memory and concentration by getting into some foods that help memory / concentration, some healthy brain supplements, and some other things, and you will be able to recognize as we go along what habits you may have been unknowingly practicing (or not), and recalibrate.

Again, it is as much about what you quit consuming, as it is what you will start consuming. We need to stop drinking unfiltered tap water (and many bottled water brands), cut out processed foods as much as is possible, and learn to read food labels, for starters.

Then we will replace these things with good foods, and supplements.

Healthy Eating For Brain Function

Healthy eating is the best way to improve brain function / memory, along with exercise.

Some brain foods to enhance memory would include foods rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats. These foods supply your brain with energy, and help protect your brain cells, which in turn helps in defending against the development of problems with memory loss, concentration, and other brain issues.

You may not be aware that gut health plays a large role in brain health. Some foods for the maintenance of gut health are yogurt containing live and active cultures, aged cheese, fermented vegetables (think sauerkraut, olives and pickles), whole oats, garlic, apples, beans, bone broth, salmon and mushrooms.

Basically foods that contain substantial quantities of fiber, pre and pro-biotics, and collagen.

There are several hormones and neurotransmitters that form in the gut before enter the brain. which impact cognition. These hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for your ability to comprehend things and process new information, and to

How to enhance memory and concentration

concentrate and retain information.

Foods That Improve Brain Function

Processed foods contain many ingredients that contribute to inflammation, which will cause all manner of problems at some point or another, including failing brain functions.

Good foods that help memory, concentration and overall brain function and protect against damage to your brain, in addition to the above-mentioned, would include foods rich in monounsaturated fats, like avacados and extra virgin olive oil.

Also, anti-oxidant-rich foods like berries, beats, celery, dark chocolate, celery, nuts (particularly walnuts), and many herbs, such as parsley, basil, sage, cilantro, rosemary, peppermint, turmeric, ginger and garlic.

A few other foods that improve brain function are green, leafy vegetables like kale, romaine lettuce, swiss chard and spinach. And anything else with a high vitamin K, choline (egg yolks) flavanols (dark chocolate), vitamin C, nitrates and fiber.

Broccoli is rich in vitamins C and K, cholites and fiber.

Cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts and Kraft cheese slices are all very good, too. Just kidding about the last one. Just seeing if you were paying attention.

Vitamins to Improve Memory

In addition to those mentioned in the foods listed above, other vitamins to improve memory are vitamin B12 (only helpful if you are deficient, which is common), vitamins A, C, D and E, beta-carotene, selenium, and nootropics (not really a vitamin, but very beneficial, indeed).

Natural Supplements for the Brain

Let’s list some additional healthy brain supplements. These would mostly be considered nootropic supplements:

…and there are a few more good supplements for the brain that I excluded, but I believe that these are the best ones, in addition to the ones previously mentioned.

The Best Supplement for Memory and Brain Function In a Capsule

Have you noticed that many of the foods I have mentioned are a chore to eat? I have learned to enjoy a handful of real, healthy foods that never really cared for, but there are a couple that I still find hardly worth choking down for any reason.

If you are the same way, there is usually a workaround, if you can’t find an alternative food with the benefits that you are after.

Here is a classy little number you can get, which is a great supplement to accompany a health diet for the brain, and it is surprisingly wallet-friendly, as well as being from a very safe and reputable source, and with excellent reviews:

I have used this to positive effect, as have some other people I know.

I found it actually improved my mood and energy, as well!


The creators of EMPowerplus Advanced discovered that the cause of many mood disorders is usually related to nutrient deficiencies or an inability to extract vital nutrients from food. By adding EMPowerplus Advanced, the body is typically able to establish the right levels of vitamins and minerals required for proper brain function.

Memory-Improving Exercises

Here are some memory-improving exercises that I came across. This will be like hitting the gym, but for your brain. Exercise for your memory is going to be paramount. And these are actually kind of fun, I must say:

Memory-Improving Exercises


What is this article about, again – I forget…

Oh, yeah. How to improve memory and focus, naturally (see what I did there?).



Ok, Y’all. We’ve covered a lot. You should now have a firm grasp on the benefits of a doing a natural brain detox, and be able to better discern whether or not you need one.

We have found some brain-improving exercises, which are so very beneficial to getting and keeping your memory sharp (I don’t feel like I emphasized that strongly enough), and we have listed the best supplements and vitamins for memory and brain function, and of course the best foods and healthy eating for brain focus, memory and overall brain function.

We have also talked about what memory loss is caused by, and hopefully helped you to recognize what you might need to start doing differently, if you have found yourself suffering from memory loss or a diminishing ability to concentrate.

Please leave your thoughts, questions or suggestions below. I respond to all comments, and we always love to hear from you.

Happy healing!


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6 thoughts on “10 Vitamins To Improve Memory | Natural Brain Detox”

  1. That is so excellent, Jannette! Isn’t it amazing how you feel when you change a few things? We tend to not notice the extent of the damage until we change these things. If you continue on this course, you will notice your brain improving more than you would have imagined. Stay with it!

  2. I need to go take the Hazmat endorsement test for my driver’s license and need to improve my memory as had difficulty remembering what I was studying. After reading your article I followed your advice by drinking water and eating the foods to improve my memory. Thanks for helping me improve my memory naturally. 

  3. Wow! People actually suffer from memory loss. I just thought that this happened in the movies haha. I have forgotten a few things that have happened in my past. I feel like everyone has forgotten a few things that has happened in their past but that does not mean we suffer from memory loss, right? 

  4. Glad you are finding value in the website. If you do a search for “memory”, all the articles will come up where we talk about improving memory and how and what to take, etc. My stepfather recently died with dementia, so it has become something of a passion for me to get to the bottom of what is behind brain issues.

    Thanks, my dear!

  5. Omg I’m so glad for this article. I have a lot of experience with memory loss because of health problems. I never have heard of a brain detox before I will have to try out. This is going to help me thank you. However after reading the causes I realized mine is because of epilepsy and insomnia. Two things that really effect memory. I would like to know why can I remember somethings but forget others? Is it just selective. I like how you talk about reading nutrition labels because most don’t do that. I learned a lot after I learned to read them. I do know I need to start drinking filtered water. The supplement you suggested I’m going to check out. So thanks for the article so helpful. 

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