8 thoughts on “How Often Do You Laugh? | What Are the Health Benefits of Laughing?”

  1. Great articles of What Are the Health Benefits of Laughing, Especially in Dark Times? After read in full article I feel that I miss many things, and I have learned a lot on what is the benefit of laugh related both mental and physical. It’s the lesson learn of my life on how to manage the life to become the people who have good health both mental and physical.

    Very appreciate with your article and want to say thanks you.

  2. Well said! 

    Too many people have lost their sense of humor, I think mainly because they neglect the cultivation of it.

  3. Hello. Laughter is very healthy in every sense, especially mentally and mentally. I love people who are positive and who constantly laugh because they transmit positive energy that way. We should all use laughting methods more and make other people laugh. Of course there are no side effects only positive.

  4. Laughter always signifies happiness and can be very infectious. I knew laughing was good for our mental and physical health, but never realized there are so many benefits, including helping to lose weight.

    I love your analogy of the sculptor that removed everything that didn’t look like a horse. I will certainly try it next time I am in a situation that needs cheering up, and remove what is not funny. It did make me laugh!

  5. Our attitude and emotional state are very important to how we cope with difficulties in our life. When I am stressed I find it beneficial to close my eyes and to imagine being in a beautiful valley beside a waterfall. I think about the sights and the sounds that I so loved by being in this situation for real in my past. It brings a smile on my face and demonstrates the power of one’s imagination. We have been gifted with this incredible ability. When one laughs it makes us remember happy times and allows us to be transformed to a different emotional state. Being able to find this control, will take tiem and practice but as you say laughing has incredible healing properties!

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