What Is a Detox Cleanse and Do I Need One? | What’s the Best Detox Cleanse?

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What Is a Detox Cleanse?What is a detox cleanse

First of all, the question, “What is a detox cleanse?” could be simply answered thusly:

Our bodies are well-equipped to process and remove toxins from our bodies on a constant basis.  That is assuming that our liver, kidneys and other organs are functioning properly. If they are, then a detox cleanse is what our body is always doing! It is constantly eliminating unwanted substances by doing exactly what it was designed to do.

So, as trendy as detox diets are these days, be careful that you don’t get sucked into buying expensive supplements and whatever else promised to do what your body is already doing, automatically.

With that said, there are very bad things in our food, household products and prescribed medications, as well as environmental toxins, that our bodies were not designed to have to deal with in such excessive amounts. This is why we get diseases like cancer, diabetes, dementia, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

So, exactly what is a detox cleanse, beyond your body’s natural ability to detoxify you, and under what circumstances might your body need some extra help?

What Is Detoxifying Your Body?

Detoxifying your body is something you would need to do if your organs aren’t what they used to be, due to long term alcoholism, for example. Or if your body has retained certain toxins that you have taken in excessively over a long period of time. Like fluoride and heavy metals, for example. By the way, this is everybody!

So, what is detoxifying your body, exactly what is a detox cleanse, and do you need one?

Detoxifying your body is just what it sounds like. It is cleansing your innards of those excessive toxins that have overwhelmed your organs’ ability to adequately deal with them, and they have “built up”. And yes, very likely you need to detoxify your body (and brain) to feel focused, clean and energized.

Why You Need to Detoxify Your Body | Fluoride and Heavy Metals

If you don’t know about the serious dangers of fluoride, and what it has more than likely done to your body and brain, you will want to read this article, and follow the links in it. And if you live in a town or city where the government puts fluoride in the tap water (if you don’t know, you will want to find out), you need to get a water filter that actually filters it out (many claim to, but actually don’t).

This young man is an authority on fluoride and water filters, in my estimation. He has tested many different water filters that claim to remove fluoride, and very few of them actually do. While at his website, make sure to read his article on tea and it’s fluoride content. You will be shocked.

Heavy metals are also cumulative toxins, which your body could more than likely use some extra help to get rid of, by way of a cleanse.

Other Cumulative Poisons

What toxins have accumulated in your body, besides fluoride and heavy metals?

There are many other cumulative toxins found in the food we buy at the grocery store, as well as cleaning and hygene products. Many of these toxins can not only harm our physical health, but can be (and are) very detrimental to our cognitive functioning. They make us not be able to think too good and learn stuff good, too.

These poisons include steroids, pesticides, cyanide, formaldehyde, phthalates, arsenic and triclosan, to name a few.

Signs that you need a detox cleanse

Signs That You Need a Detox:


  • Trouble concentrating
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Skin conditions
  • Headaches
  • Sore joints and muscles
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Poor digestion

How to Detox Your Body Naturally

Eliminate processed foods, drink lots of water and exercise.

Until you stop consuming toxic substances, there will be little point in trying to detoxify and supplement your diet. And you will have poor digestion without being adequately active, physically.

Obviously drinking lots of water will aid the detoxification process; especially if you add real lemon (not the bottled stuff that is called that) and ginger to it. There are many popular and trendy suggestions on how to detox your body naturally, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, but you can get right artistic about it, if you like.

What's the best detox cleanse
How to Cleanse Your Body of Toxins |

What’s the Best Detox Cleanse?

I have taken to replacing at least one meal a day with a smoothie full of good stuff like kale, broccoli, a Grannie Smith apple, a banana and other antioxidant-rich foods, like blueberries. Most of these things are also high in fiber, but I also add buckwheat and other fiber-rich things like strawberries, avocado, carrots and some flaxseed. High-fiber foods are great for digestion. Anti-oxidants, which most of the things I just mentioned contain, are excellent for flushing out cumulative toxins.

I throw in a lemon, too. Lemons are high in fiber, as well as vitamin C, and can help prevent all kinds of afflictions, like heart disease, cancer, and kidney stones.

So what’s the best detox cleanse?

Probably the single best thing for detoxifying your body naturally is ginger root.

Ginger root cleanses the body by aiding in digestion and circulation, and helps you “sweat out” toxins. Ginger works amazingly to cleanse the colon, liver, and other organs of accumulated toxins that your body may have trouble getting rid of. Add ginger root and lemon to filtered water, and add some honey for flavor. Down a couple glasses of this cocktail a couple times a day and you’ll be amazed at how you soon feel.

Garlic, turmeric and cayenne are also all great for digestion and detoxifying your body. You can buy capsules that contain combinations of these three spices.
Why You Need to Detoxify Your Body - fluoride in green tea

Be Very Cautious with Green Tea

Green tea is widely heralded as having excellent antioxidant properties, and it does.

But most brands also contain a TON of fluoride, which is a certified neurotoxin, and causes many other health problems, as well.

This is very likely contrary to what you probably heard, growing up, and maybe still believe, I know.

Again, here is my article on fluoride. Please follow the links within the article.


So, we’ve learned what a detox cleanse is, what’s the best detox cleanse, what is detoxifying, and why we need to detoxify our bodies.

We have seen that there are things in our food (and very likely our drinking water), our household products and our environment which build up to a point where our bodies have a hard time expelling them, and that there are ways we can help our body to expel nasty toxins, like heavy metals and fluoride, from our system.

We have seen that there are ways to detoxify your body, naturally, and what the best detox cleanse ingredients are, as well as having listed some signs that you need a detox, and some things to eliminate from your diet, before there is any point in trying to detoxify your body.

Making my daily smoothies, I feel a bit like a mad scientist. I have fun with it, trying to make it taste as good as possible, but having all the beneficial stuff in it. I was never a fan of vegetables, so I wish I had thought to do the smoothie thing earlier in life. I am now pretty much addicted to them, and don’t even crave the junk I used to eat.

If I can enjoy healthy food that cleanses me, helps me lose weight and gives me back my energy and focus, and even tastes good, anyone can!





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8 thoughts on “What Is a Detox Cleanse and Do I Need One? | What’s the Best Detox Cleanse?”

  1. Hey, Daniel. 

    YES, if you make smoothies, you can put lots of high-fiber things in it that will most definitely help with digestion. Some high-fiber things taste great (like blueberries, etc.), and the things you might not be crazy about the taste of you can sneak in and won’t even notice the taste of.

    Absolutely get yourself a blender, if you don’t have one!


  2. Will detox cleanse help with digestive problems? I suffer from digestive issues so if this can help me with my digestive issues, I will be more than happy to try it out. Also, does it taste good? I am a very picky eater and drinker so I always try to eat and drink things that will make my stomach happy. 

  3. I am a person who has bought cleansing formulas.  I think the advice that you give in this article is very important.  I identify with 3 of the symptoms you list which says to me I need to do something on a regular basis.  I do drink lots of water but cleansing the toxins may not happen.  Your recipe looks good.  Your article has pushed me a bit to become intentional in understanding the cleansing process more and looking for food that can help in the process.  Thanks for taking the time to write this articl.e

  4. I know, I like green tea!
    Yes, “modern medicine” does scoff at anything that we try to remove that they have spent so much time filling us up with, and getting us addicted to…


  5. Although modern medicine often scoffs when they hear about detox therapies, I think there is a lot of benefit to cleansing the body to remove unwanted elements. I’m kind of shocked to think that green tea could have fluoride – I’ll be looking into that more! 

    Like you, I also like to sneak healthy ingredients into smoothies where I won’t notice unpleasant tastes. Great idea!

  6. I need to detox. And I am glad there are these natural and healthy solutions. My skin condition is the most visible sign I need it.
    I like Ginger roots. And I have been reading about how it cleanses our bodies in such an incredible way.
    I love lemons, and they have been a part of my life for a long time.

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