What Is Glaucoma Caused By? | 5 Remedies to Cure Glaucoma Naturally

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What Is Glaucoma Caused By and Is It Curable?

What Is Glaucoma Caused By - Cure Glaucoma NaturallyAre There Remedies to Cure Glaucoma Naturally?

There are remedies to cure glaucoma naturally, but you have to be consistent, and diligent. We’ll show you several things you can do to ultimately cure glaucoma naturally, including listing the best foods for glaucoma treatment, and near the end we will present some things that are a bit less “orthodox”, but which are known to be quite effective to control and even reverse glaucoma naturally. And of course, we will also answer the questions, “What is glaucoma caused by?”, and find out what happens when you don’t treat glaucoma.

A person very dear to me has recently been diagnosed with glaucoma and she is, understandably overwhelmed and worried. Loss of sight is frightening in the extreme and not to be taken lightly. Consequently I have researched the subject in detail in hopes that this article will reassure her, as well as all of you who either have glaucoma or know someone who has.

The most important first step after being diagnosed is to have your eye pressure checked often until it is under control. If you do not feel comfortable with your
doctor’s care you must seek a second opinion.

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There Are Ways to Stop Glaucoma

Some people with glaucoma have what is referred to as “low vision.” This means you may have problems doing daily, routine things due to such things as loss of contrast sensitivity (the ability to see shades of the same color), problems with glare, light sensitivity, and the ability to see fine details. Be assured that help is available, such as magnifiers, colored lenses, and computer text enlargers.

After being diagnosed, there are ways to stop glaucoma progression. An appointment with an ophthalmologist is the first step to definitely having it. He/she will then check your eye pressure and check the size and color of your optic nerve.

Then regular checkups will be necessary in order for the ophthalmologist to monitor the disease and slow, or sometimes even stop, the disease progression.

Glaucoma usually develops slowly and can take as much as fifteen years to develop into blindness. Treatments include lowering the pressure in the eyes with drugs, laser surgery, or regular surgery to preserve the remaining vision.

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What Happens If  Glaucoma Is Left Untreated?

What Happens When You Don’t Treat Glaucoma?

As you would likely imagine, what happens when you don’t treat glaucoma quickly, after learning that you have it, your eyesight will continue to worsen. Early detection of glaucoma will save you from blindness, simply put.

Foods That Raise Insulin Levels: Avoid Them!

When diagnosed early, the following actions will help to slow the progression, sometimes very noticeably.

Eat a healthy diet, rule of thumb being to avoid the foods that raise insulin levels such as pasta, pastry, and sugar.

Eat plenty of foods that contain vitamins, zinc and omega 3 as these reduce eye pressure. Examples of these foods for glaucoma treatment include:

  • leafy greensFoods That Raise Insulin Levels and Other Ways to Control Glaucoma Naturally
  • carrots
  • red peppers
  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • apples
  • oranges
  • lemons
  • broccoli
  • green cabbage
  • celery
  • peaches
  • radishes
  • green beans
  • beets
  • eggs
  • fish
  • cheese
  • plums.

A quick and easy way to consume the above is by juicing.

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Other Ways to Control Glaucoma Naturally

  • regular exercise, such as jogging or walking. Avoid exercises that put large amounts of pressure on your body.
  • reduce caffeine and alcohol intake
  • stay hydrated
  • sleep with head elevated to reduce pressure on the eyes
  • reduce stress. Stress and emotional trauma can exacerbate the progression of glaucoma.

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Supplements and Foods to Reduce Oxidative Stress

At this point I am going to dive further into foods for glaucoma treatment and supplements which will help to prevent glaucoma from worsening.

Oxidative stress is associated with damage to the optic nerve in glaucoma, so antioxidants can help to prevent further injury. Antioxidant-rich foods to reduce oxidative stress include:

  • pomegranate
  • acai berries
  • cranberries
  • dark chocolate
  • black and green tea
  • flax seeds

Nutrient deficiencies can be addressed with supplements that include vitamins A, B complex, C, and E, as well as magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

Taking the Modern Medical Route

It is the policy of this blog to avoid prescription drugs or surgeries, opting for the natural and supplemental remedies, and we will get to some very good and little-known remedies, shortly.

The things mentioned already can help to keep the pressure in the eyes down, thereby managing the glaucoma, but medical intervention may still be required. Medications usually are in the form of eye drops used regularly throughout the day in order to keep eye pressure down. Of course, these can cause a plethora of bad side effects.

List of Medications to Avoid With Glaucoma

Laser and eye surgery become necessary when the fluid in your eyes cannot drain properly. The placement of a glaucoma drainage device is one surgical intervention.

During laser surgery a focused beam of light is used to treat the eye’s drainage system. Incisional surgery involves creating a drainage hole with the use of a small surgical tool. This allows the fluid to bypass the clogged drainage canals and flow out of this artificial drainage canal.

Questions often asked after this diagnosis are legitimate, and I feel should be answered honestly:

1. Will glaucoma limit my life?
Yes, to some degree, but following the remedies such as diet and exercise as listed above, taking supplements or whatever is needed,
and following professional recommendations can assure you of many good, fruitful years. “We are limited only by what we think we can
or cannot do.”

2. What can I do to help others?
Teach your friends and relatives to get regular eye exams for eye pressure and optic nerves. Often people with glaucoma have no symptoms.

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What Is Glaucoma Caused By - Natural Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment That Work

What Is Glaucoma Caused By?

If you or someone close to you have not been diagnosed with glaucoma, by now you might be wondering, “What is glaucoma caused by?”

Actually, glaucoma can be any or all of a series of conditions which cause damage to the optic nerve. Essentially, the cause of glaucoma is the build-up of fluid in the front of the eye, which puts pressure on the optic nerve. This pressure is also known as ocular hypertension, and can eventually lead to serious eye damage and even blindness.

High blood pressure, eye injury and severe nearsightedness (myopia) are probably the three greatest risk factors for developing glaucoma. Others include vitamin A deficiency and prolonged dehydration.

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Natural Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment That Work!

DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide for Glaucoma Treatment

The following two remedies for glaucoma treatment can be purchased online, and despite some things you might read online (particularly about chlorine dioxide solution), they are both extremely safe (if not grossly misused), I can promise you. You have to keep in mind that 3-letter organizations like the FDA  have a vested interest in discrediting anything that they and the sickness industry can’t capitalize on, or which would cure diseases that they rely on to maintain their obscene empire of wealth and power.

Chlorine Dioxide for Glaucoma

If you have read our article on Chlorine Dioxide Solution, you will know that it can cure just about anything. The problem is that many people are afraid of it because the FDA won’t approve it for medicinal use. They themselves have actually perpetuated a ridiculous false rumor that chlorine dioxide solution is bleach. IT IS NOT. It has in fact cured malaria, cancer, autism, numerous viral infections, and much more, by flooding the body with oxygen and destroying viruses and harmful pathogens in a completely safe way.

And we’ll add glaucoma to the list of afflictions that are known to be reversed and even cured by CDS (or MMS, as it is sometimes called).

Here is Jim Humble’s (the guy who put CDS / MMS on the map) protocol for treating glaucoma with chlorine dioxide solution, or MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution).

You can purchase CDS / MMS online here.

DMSO for Glaucoma

Many have also had success using DMSO for glaucoma treatment. DMSO is the abbreviation for Dimethylsulfoxide, and hasDMSO for Glaucoma - Doctors Choice DMSO liquid shown to have an amazing ability to heal and protect the structures of the eye. It is a safe, organic sulphur compound whose medicinal wonders were discovered by a research team in 1963.

As a source of sulfur, DMSO works great for heavy metal detoxification. Sulfur binds with aluminum, arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel, and casts them out of your temple via sweating and going to the bathroom.

DMSO – The Real Miracle Solution

DMSO is as safe as water, and although it is approved for medical use by the FDA, they don’t like to talk about it much.

This mother and daughter team have a website devoted to discovering and sharing buried or covered up scientific research that reveals amazing truths about natural cures for virtually anything you can name.

Here is their amazing and thorough article on DSMO, which will link you to how to properly and safely use DMSO for glaucoma. Or here is a direct link:

You can purchase DMSO online here.

Black Seed Oil and Turmeric for Glaucoma Treatment

Black seed oil is an amazing remedy, and many having used black seed oil for glaucoma treatment have found significant improvement in their symptoms.

Black seed oil helps by reducing pressure in the eye, as well as increasing acetylcholine levels.

Turmeric seems to cure certain type or some cases of glaucoma. One lady proclaimed: “My Glaucoma is gone! I take curcumin daily… I had my eyes tested by my eye specialist today. He couldn’t find any signs of glaucoma. I have been taking curcumin daily for about a year.”

Turmeric and Ginger Health Benefits Are Huge

Studies reveal the therapeutic function of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) to be quite vastly effective in treating many degenerative and inflammatory eye diseases, including glaucoma.

Pure Frankincense Essential Oil for Treating Glaucoma

This man cured his glaucoma using pure frankincense essential oil:
My Personal Glaucoma Cure Using Frankincense

“I was able to cut my eye pressure in half in less than 2 weeks using high quality Frankincense essential oil!”

Essential Vitamins and Supplements

  • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Goji (lycopom barbarum)
  • Resveratrol
  • Vitamin D with magnesium citrate
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C

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In Conclusion

Eye care is not to be neglected at any time, but particularly if you notice anything unusual with your sight, such as blank spots in your vision. Stop that bad boy in his tracks!Essential Vitamins and Supplements for glaucoma

So, what have we covered today… We have learned what glaucoma is and what it is caused by, how to cure glaucoma naturally / ways to stop glaucoma, and listed some medications to avoid with glaucoma and why.

We have also presented some natural remedies for glaucoma treatment that work, with links for more comprehensive information on each, as well as links to buy them. The 5 natural remedies for glaucoma that we listed were:

  • Chlorine dioxide for glaucoma
  • DMSO for glaucoma
  • Black seed oil for glaucoma
  • Turmeric for glaucoma
  • Pure frankincense essential oil for glaucoma

We also listed 10 essential vitamins / eye supplements for glaucoma and preventing glaucoma.

Please share your thoughts and experiences, or leave your insights or questions below. We always read them and respond.

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  1. Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by pressure inside the eyes. This increases fluid production and causes damage to nerves. There is no cure but there are treatments that help reduce symptoms. For example, someone like myself in sports requires eye-hand coordination which requires vision. Someone who does not see well may have trouble playing sports. With the help of vitamins and nutrition, sight can improve. Hopefully everyone should take care of their eyes. 

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  3. Being diagnosed with glaucoma must be a terrifying thought for most people. To find that there are natural remedies that can be used, is very reassuring. It once again shows that nature provides the best answers to so many health issues. It is very interesting to see that turmeric, black seed oil and DMSO are amongst the natural products that can help you with glaucoma. 

    The most important thing is to eat a healthy and balanced diet and get enough exercise and sleep. Thank you for sharing this great post. 

  4. A super article outlining further the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet and how these can actually fight of various ailments. Obviously this article relates to the natural treatment of glaucoma by adjusting your diet and exercise routine, I also appreciated the list of medication to avoid if you do suffer with glaucoma. 

    Thanks for sharing, Danny.

  5. Sight plays a big role in a lot of the things that I love to do, or that I’m good at. Losing that would surely be a frightening experience. It’s good to know that there are so many natural ways to cure it, or maybe even avoid such a thing from happening.

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