What Is Nascent Iodine Good For? | 12 Essential Nascent Iodine Benefits

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What Is Nascent Iodine Good For?

what is nascent iodine good for

Before we jump right into answering the question of what nascent iodine is good for, we should probably address the question of What IS nascent Iodine.

We will also establish an understanding of the difference between iodine and nascent iodine, and get into whether nascent iodine is safe, and more particularly, is nascent iodine safe for children.

And we will address how to take nascent iodine, whether or not there are side effects, and where to buy nascent iodine and what the heck–let’s learn how to make nascent iodine, while we’re at it!

What Is Nascent Iodine and What Is It Good For?

Nascent iodine, otherwise known as atomic iodinemonatomic iodine, or detoxified iodine, is a supplemental form of iodine that is administered orally. It is classified as being in an atomic state, having a negative electromagnetic charge, a result of it’s having an incomplete number of electrons. Iodide, being a negative ion, seeks to bind with positively-charged ions, like potassium, creating potassium iodide, which may be better absorbed.

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Iodine is a vital mineral, which the thyroid uses to produce hormones essential to the body for maintaining proper metabolism and immune function, and ensuring proper brain development. It is classified as an essential nutrient, due to the fact that your body doesn’t produce it, but requires it. These hormones produced by the thyroid are essential to every cell in your body.

Because iodine is hard to get enough of from today’s food, a large segment of the population seem to be deficient, making iodine supplementation imperative for good health.

Iodine vs Nascent Iodine

Nascent iodine is in iodide form (single molecule), as opposed to other common dietary forms of iodine, which are two molecules These forms don’t become iodide until they reach the digestive tract. Nascent iodine being already in iodide form, can do what it does on it’s way down, rather than being ineffective until it reaches the digestive stage.

Nascent iodine could be considered a pure form of iodine. Being in iodide form, it is more quickly and readily available to be absorbed, and then utilized, by the body.

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Nascent Iodine BenefitsNascent Iodine Benefits

The health benefits of nascent iodine, in addition to the above-mentioned benefits to brain development, immunity and metabolism, nascent iodine benefits bone and breast development, as well as detoxification of poisons bent on disrupting proper functioning of the thyroid.

Because a deficiency of iodine can deplete, or at least diminish a body of energy and impede metabolism, weight loss becomes another of nascent iodine’s benefits. As does mood enrichment, alleviation of brain fog, hormone balance, and even healthy bones, skin and nails.

And did you know that the number one cause of (completely preventable) mental disabilities is iodine deficiency? For this reason, adequate levels of iodine are especially crucial during early childhood. A developing fetus will not even grow properly without iodine! But these levels have to be maintained throughout life for proper brain function and overall health.

As mentioned, nascent iodine benefits immune function. Being an antioxidant, it fights free radicals, which aim to damage your cells.

Iodine can also be very beneficial if you are thinking about doing a natural heavy metal cleanse.

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Is Nascent Iodine Safe, and Are There Potential Nascent Iodine Side Effects?

I’m sure you are wondering by now if nascent iodine is safe.

The only nascent iodine side effects to ever be reported seem to be rare and mild. Slight nausea or digestive discomfort has been reported, as well as slight headache, or a metallic taste in the mouth.

If you are pregnant, congratulations. And don’t worry, iodine is not only safe, but crucial to the baby’s development, as I mentioned. In fact, an iodine deficiency can cause a miscarriage.

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Signs of an Iodine Deficiency

An iodine deficiency, in technical terms, is very bad! 

Unfiltered tap waterhousehold cleaning products, and cosmetic and hygiene products all usually contain some amount of toxic ingredients, which will impede proper thyroid function, among other things. Signs of an iodine deficiency would include (but not necessarily be the only cause of) high blood pressure, any type of infection, difficulty with memory and/or focus, negative mood, hypothyroidism, low energy, weight gain, hormone volatility, trouble producing saliva, or dry mouth, swollen saliva glands, poor digestion, and skin issues.

How To Take Nascent Iodine

Take nascent iodine in a full glass of water or juice, or add it to a smoothie to improve the taste and reduce the likelihood of stomach upset. The amount of iodine to add to the water or other beverage will be between 4-6 drops, but check the label for the recommendation there. Don’t take too much. Excessive doses of nascent iodine can actually have the opposite of the desired effect on your thyroid.
Foods That Provide Iodine

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Foods That Provide Iodine

Fruits & Vegetables: Potatoes (I know) sweet potatoes, leafy greens, lima beans, green peas and corn are among the vegetables that can provide iodine for your body. As for fruits, bananas, cranberries, strawberries and prunes are the ticket. But you have to eat quite a lot of these things to increase iodine to any significant level. Food grown in coastal soil will have higher iodine content, however.

Seaweed: Most types of seaweed are high in iodine, with kombu having the highest content. A gram of kombu provides about 2,000 per cent of the daily value.

Himalayan Pink Salt: Even regular iodized table salt is a fairly significant source of iodine, but the iodine is added artificially, the process for which adds unwanted chemicals to the salt, and table salt is also bleached. Himalayan pink salt contains iodine naturally, however the levels are quite inconsistent from brand to brand.

Some other foods that provide iodine to your diet are kelp, wild-caught cod, organic yogurt, tuna, eggs, prunes, and cheese.

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Where to Buy Nascent Iodine

I would head to the Brighteon Store for their amazing organic nascent iodine, or any organic supplement, for that matter. They are often sold out of many things, due to their rapidly-growing popularity, but it would be worth it to check there, first. If the Brighteon Store does not have theirs in stock, the second (and a pretty close second) best nascent iodine supplement that I have come across, and in my educated estimation, would be…

Organic Nascent Iodine: The Second Best Organic Iodine Supplement You Can Buy:

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“Deficiencies in iodine have a great effect on the immune system. Nascent Iodine by Health Products Distributors is iodine in its atomic rather than its molecular form. Gives you energy. I received my order quickly and was packaged so well. PureFormulas is by far the best outlet on the net.”

Nascent Iodine Shelf Life

Health Ranger nascent iodine has an incredibly long shelf life, due to its use of an alcohol solution, rather than glycerine. But the shelf life of brands that use a glycerine solution will still last around 5-7 years, which is likely a lot longer than what the expiration date will say.

(How to) Make Nascent Iodine

It is quite a process to make nascent iodine, requiring quite a lot of apparatus and materials, and will be somewhat time-consuming. But if you are a science “geek”, you might be into that. How to Make Nascent Iodine

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Well, that’s just about it. If you didn’t know what nascent iodine is or what nascent iodine is good for, you should now.

We have also gone through the difference between iodine and nascent iodine, the safety and potential nascent iodine side effects, and. of course, the fact that our bodies need it via supplemental means, since the body doesn’t make iodine, naturally.

Nascent iodine benefits for health have been listed, as have foods that provide iodine, and we have gone over the symptoms and signs of an iodine deficiency, and what can happen if you don’t get enough.

I have provided two sources for where to buy nascent iodine of the highest quality available, which is from the Brighteon Store (if they have it in stock) and from the also awesome PureFormulas store. I would highly recommend the products fromnascent iodine benefits- what is nascent iodine both these sources.

You will likely never have much of an inclination to throw a lab coat on and make nascent iodine in your basement, but in case you ever do, you had better bookmark the page!

Take good care, and here’s to our all natural health and wellness (clink).


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16 thoughts on “What Is Nascent Iodine Good For? | 12 Essential Nascent Iodine Benefits”

  1. Nascent iodine changed my life. I take it everyday. I take more than the usual recommended amounts. In 1 week I was a changed Person. Iodine is part of the halogen family. Chlorine bromine fluorine and more. I believe my pineal gland had fluorine from all the water I drank with fluoride in it. Iodine kicked out Fluorine. My head became clear. My voice change first thing in the morning. Not that rough morning voice as much. It was a miracle. I have never taken a supplement that made such a difference in such a short time. I won’t be without it. I used another brand (detoxidine) but I don’t think it matters. I am writing this comment because if I can help someone else that makes me feel good. I have told others and it has made a difference for them too. I am 62 now and started taking it about seven years now. It is good for your body. That’s what I know.

  2. Hi, Carolyn.

    Yes, nascent iodine works as an antioxidant, and you typically would put it in water. It works better in water than other liquids. It could also be used on wounds, etc.

  3. Hi and thanks for your post on Nascent Iodine. Can you clarify for me, do you use this by adding it to a beverage? It is not something you would use to put on a scrape or abrasion? It sounds like it is good for your thyroid. Is it good as an antioxidant? I think I would prefer to purchase it and not try to make it on my own.;)

  4. Nascent is better absorbed and utilized by the body. At least that is the common claim.

    Thanks for coming by!

  5. As someone who has myxoedema, meaning my thyroid does not work and I have to take thyroxine orally every day, I am always interested to learn more about ways to help and support my thyroid. I knew that iodine is essential for thyroid function, but I had no idea that there are different forms of iodine. 

    So ideally I should be taking nascent iodine to support my thyroid, not just normal iodine. I always use iodized salt, but it seems it would help to switch to Himalayan salt. Thank you for sharing a very informative post. 

  6. Well, it seems to me that there are likely not too many people who are not deficient in iodine, these days, being that our bodies don’t produce it naturally, and the food these days doesn’t provide sufficient amounts of it. 

    And it’s not so much that iodine is good for a thyroid condition, as just the thyroid is what utilizes iodine to do it’s job, taking care of all of your cells.  

    I hope this helps, and thanks for your questions!

  7. From what I gather, Nascent Iodine is great for people with thyroid issues, or pregnant women.  Would I be correct?  I am wondering if a person that is neither of those, would really benefit from this.  Would this be for the cognitive benefits it can provide.  I actually had to go and do a search for Nascent Iodine benefits after reading this, as I wasn’t completely clear on what the benefits were.  I’m all for supplements, if the benefits are for me.  I am unsure if this would benefit me particularly.

  8. Thank you for your response. The immune system needs to be allowed to do what it does. It is like a muscle that needs to work against something to stay strong. If it is prevented from doing it’s job, it will atrophy and stop working. There will be a lot of people in the days ahead who are always sick and can’t get better, and this is why.

  9. I feel that my body’s immunity is gradually declining. If you see a small wound in your mouth that doesn’t heal after a week, it seems that your immunity to aging has decreased a lot. We will consider positive use of initial iodine for reassuring explanations. Like my friends, there are some people who do not get well from colds or wounds, but I would like to recommend them after using them.

  10. Great quality information! I had many questions answered by your research and sharing. Thank you for your diligent research, well-written.

  11. Thanks, Daniel. It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t have much of a clue either. But it is so important these days to be aware of what you are putting in your body. It could be a matter of life and death! I’m glad you are taking an interest. Happy health!

  12. When it comes to health and knowing your body, I am completely blind. I do not know the first thing when it comes to health so it is good to come across articles like this. It helps me better my understanding of my health. I will be sure to share this article around

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