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What Is Taurine Good For?What is taurine?

Taurine is good for you. But what is taurine good for, exactly?

While researching my article on tinnitus I was excited to learn that taurine, which I did not know existed, lessens the severity of tinnitus, in some cases alleviating it altogether. After being told repeatedly for years that there is no cure for it, this prompted me to do further research. To my surprise I discovered that taurine has numerous additional benefits and has been around for eons. Who knew?

The Wonder Molecule

According to Healthline, this “wonder molecule” is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the brain, eyes, heart, and muscles.It is also found in some foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products. Consequently, it is found abundantly in healthy bodies but those who participate in vegan or vegetarian lifestyles lack adequate amounts of taurine.

We all know that the Japanese have a life expectancy among the highest in the world. Well, guess what contributes to that in a huge way. They all have a high dietary intake of taurine. It promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function, and immune modulation.

what taurine does - the wonder moleculeWhat Taurine Does

A recent study declared that “taurine is undoubtedly one of the most essential substances in the body.” Either naturally or with supplementation, taurine can restore insulin sensitivity, mitigate diabetic complications, reverse cardiovascular disease factors, prevent and treat fatty liver disease, and reverse tinnitus. It protects retinal and inner ear cells and evidence is slowly being discovered that it can assist in preventing epileptic seizures and liver disease.

Taurine defends liver cells against free radicals and toxins. Epileptic seizures are disruptions in the function of excitable brain tissue and taurine regulates these tissues.

Taurine is good for–well, actually vital for–eye health, helping to prevent age related vision loss. Here comes the aging thing… Taurine levels decline significantly as we age.

We all know (and some of us experience) that big bad ogre called obesity. Well help is on the way. Human studies have proven that three grams per day of taurine for seven weeks will reduce body weight significantly. Also it helps muscles work harder, longer, and safer, contributing to better and more effective workouts.

As well, diseases of the liver, heart, or kidney, also cancer or diabetes can cause a deficiency in taurine. One more bad point for our aging bodies: they often can no longer produce enough of the wonder molecule internally.

Some drugs deplete the body of taurine, including some chemotherapy drugs and some anti-epileptic drugs.

Taurine Can Prevent Diabetesbull - taurine prevents diabetes

So, ladies and gentlemen, it is time for supplementation with taurine. Taurine supplements are safe and show no known side effects. The supplements are made synthetically so are safe for vegans and vegetarians. It has been shown that 1.5 grams a day can restore taurine levels, thus preventing type 2 diabetes and reducing arterial thickening. Consuming a liquid taurine supplement combination which includes carnitine, CoQ10, and multivitamins reduces ventricular volume. So as not to sound too technical, the bottom line here is that this combo reduces the need for coronary bypass surgery. It has been shown that taurine can prevent diabetes.

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Does Taurine Have Negative Side Effects?

This product may also be sold as Mega Taurine. There are no effects of drug abuse, no short term effects, or no long term effects with this amazing supplement. So, I ask, what is the down side? The only two precautions I could find were to ask a doctor to monitor your intake of taurine if you have congestive heart failure and avoid use while pregnant.

Oh yes, one other word of advice. Taurine is a major ingredient in energy drinks, which are getting a bad rap lately if consumed in high quantities. It has been proven that the taurine is not the cause of the adverse reactions but why consume them anyway? They are not healthy. The benefits do not outweigh the risk.

taurine rich foods - fishSome Foods That Contain Taurine

In Conclusion

We have discussed the many health benefits of taurine, as well as the risks with having low levels of it. We now also know that taurine has been proven, without a doubt, to be a necessary ingredient to body health, and is completely safe if taken as directed.

As always, we hope you have found something of value in this post, and we very much welcome your thoughts and/or questions. Please leave a comment below, and may the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose!

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9 thoughts on “What Is Taurine Good For? | The Wonder Molecule”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that taurine is good for such things. Even preventing diabetes, that sounds great! I’m not a fan of energy drinks at all, so I will definitely avoid them. I don’t eat a lot of meat, so taking supplements would be better in my case. Thanks for the information!

  2. I haven’t heard of anybody being stupid and having any terrible experiences with taurine or anything else we advocate for. Would you mind citing these reports? I would appreciate it, and I appreciate your response, also.

  3. I think taurine is getting a bad reputation because people just don’t know how to take it in a responsible manner. All these products should never be taken without first asking a doctor that can really suggest you the right dosage and how often you need it. Most of the time we use them in a way we think is the right one and this can have the opposite results. All these supplements can be beneficial but must be taken only after professional advice.

  4. Hey Oliva. 

    It is hard to get everything we need from the food these days. But also you have to be careful with buying supplements. So many of them are garbage. I have learned this the hard way! 

    Larke, who wrote the article, has started taking taurine. I’ll suggest she respond to you about it. But yes, I would very much recommend it, and I will likely get some myself. 

    I am about to post an article about black cumin seed. You should check that out, as well. They say it cures everything but death!

    Also, if you drink unfiltered tap water, it could be a cause of low energy.

  5. Hi, I have never heard of Taurine before. Thank you for that. I think I have to order a bottle for myself. I am 43 now, and I feel as if my body is changing dramatically. Low energy feels fatigued sometimes. I went to the doctor to see if I was diabetic, but it turns out I’m not.

    Do you think I should get a bottle or rely on the food that we eat for Taurine? I feel as even food is not enough, what do you think>

  6. I have never heard about Taurine, to be honest, but before the lockdown, I used to take exercise supplements. I just checked the label and sure enough, it was listed on the ingredients so I guess I have been indirectly benefiting. What perked me up to the benefits as well as the positive impact it has on the eye and cardiovascular health. Two areas as I get into my middle ages I am paying close attention to. Will check my local pharmacy to see if the brand you highlight is available as I live in the Caribbean. Thanks for the research and the helpful tips.

  7. Hi Abel. Yes, the energy drinks are not good!

    Thanks for your comment, and all the best, and let us know how you make out!

  8. have been hearing about all the benefits of taurine. But I was a bit concerned about the side effects. Thank you for addressing the energy drinks issue. Yeah, those energy drinks have so many chemicals, but people that link taurine to them and give a bad report. I will start taking this amino acid in small dosis and see how it turns out for me.

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