What Is the Pineal Gland | Is the Pineal Gland Your Soul??

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What Is the Pineal Gland, and What the Pineal Gland’s Function Is

Here is a summary of what we will be learning today about what the pineal gland’s function is, and maybe more importantly first, if you didn’t know–what is the pineal gland?:

  • What Is the Pineal Gland?

    What is the pineal gland and what is the location of the pineal gland

  • What Is the Pineal Gland’s Location In the Brain?
  • What the Pineal Gland’s Function Is
  • Is the Pineal Gland Your Soul?
  • Dysfunction of the Pineal Gland
  • Fluoride and the Pineal Gland
  • How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland
  • What is the fastest way to decalcify the pineal gland?
  • Conclusion

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What Is the Pineal Gland?

Don’t feel daft if you are well out of school, and found yourself wondering, “What is the pineal gland?”, as I did.

Of course, I knew that it was a part of the brain, but had never really been curious enough to inquire about what the pineal gland’s function is. And I certainly hadn’t remembered learning about it in school (although there is a pretty good chance I was either sleeping, or just not paying attention…). Nevertheless, it still seems to me to not be an overly-talked-about gland.

Anyway… it has been a most fascinating learning journey for me, since at some point not too long ago I found myself asking, “What is this thing that I have heard is the ‘seat of the soul’, or something like that… Exactly what is the pineal gland, anyway, and is the pineal gland your soul??”.

As it turns out, the pineal gland, also known as Epiphyses Cerebri, is a tiny, pine cone-shaped (hence the name PINE-ee-al) gland in your brain. If you are into all the scientific jargon and the technical mumbo-jumbo, this video has all of that, while still being quite informative for those of us who aren’t quite so… fancy

What Is the Pineal Gland’s Location In the Brain?

The pineal gland’s location in the brain is right in the center. Right where the two hemispheres meet.

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What the Pineal Gland’s Function Is

What the Pineal Gland's Function Is

Part of what the pineal gland’s function is is to produce and regulate melatonin, which affects our “sleepiness”, to use the official scientific term. It also produces the strange new feelings we get when we are going through puberty, and sexuality, later on.

The pineal gland connects the hormonal, or endocrine system to the nervous system. Simply put, it converts nerve signals from the sympathetic nervous system into hormone signals. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so simply put…

But for a gland smaller than a pea, it is fascinating that it plays such an essential role in so many things. Such as how we sleep, perform daily tasks, make decisions, and it even determines how we perceive reality and develop, psychologically.

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Is the Pineal Gland Your Soul, Or the Seat of It?

I don’t know about that, but have you ever just observed people these days? How they seem so suggestible to anything they are told by the television or other media? Or their government? Do they seem more disconnected from others, or even to their own instincts?

Do they seem a bit like they would walk off a cliff to their death if everybody else was doing it?

Do they seem kind of… soulless? (Then I’ve got a fluoride filter and some chlorine dioxide to sell ya.)

Is the pineal gland your soul?

This is the result of a calcified pineal gland.

Cut them some slack…they are probably not just stoopid!

So, Is the pineal gland your soul?

Well, not in the Biblical sense.

There are different ideas about what the soul is, but I would say that “psyche” would be much closer, according to the The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary:

psyche [ sīkē ] n.
The mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion, and behavior and consciously or unconsciously mediating the body’s responses to the social and physical environment.

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Dysfunction of the Pineal Gland

If the pineal gland stops functioning normally, and becomes unable to produce sufficient amounts of melatonin, a person could also experience (in addition to Doltishly Average Blind Obedience Sheep Syndrome, or “DaBOSS”) insomnia, anxiety, hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone production), intestinal hyperactivity, or symptoms of menopause.

The pineal gland producing too much melatonin, on the other hand, could cause low blood pressure, abnormal function of other glands in the body, like the thyroid and adrenal glands. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) could also be a result of a dysfunction of the pineal gland that causes it to produce too much melatonin.

Pineal gland calcification can lead to serious issues emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

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fluoride and the pineal gland

Fluoride and the Pineal Gland

Many trusted experts have connected fluoride to calcification of the pineal gland. It’s a no-brainer, in other words.

A scientist named Jennifer Luke from the UK discovered in the 1990s high fluoride concentrations in the pineal gland of her subjects.

Fluoride, which seems to be attracted to the pineal gland in humans more than anywhere else in the body, accumulates there. Calcification is what occurs when phosphate crystals form, creating a hard shell around the pineal gland, due to the accumulation of fluoride.

The primary cause of pineal gland calcification is fluoride in our drinking water.

How to Decalcify the Pineal Gland

To cut off decalcification of your pineal gland:

  • Use fluoride water filters or chlorine dioxide to eliminate fluoride (and other toxins) from your tap water
  • Use fluoride-free toothpaste, or some other alternative, like baking soda
  • Quit taking synthetic calcium supplements
  • Avoid using Teflon cookware
  • Limit your intake of processed foods, which could contain synthetic fluoride and/or synthetic calcium and pesticides, all of which can be detrimental to your pineal gland.

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To Decalcify the Pineal Gland:

  • Eat things with high levels of chlorophyll, like seaweed, particularly spirulina and chlorella. Also, blue-green algae, wheat grass, and leafy green things, like lettuce and spinach. Also, broccoli. These things are often called “super foods”.
  • Eat things rich in antioxidants, like chaga mushrooms, turmeric (contains curcumin–an amazing antioxidant), and even dark chocolate.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, which is a great decalcifier.
  • Essential oils like neem and oregano boost the body’s endocrine system, which the pineal gland is a part of. You can make your own shampoo and add oregano oil or neem extract!
  • Iodine may help eliminate toxic halogens like mercury and other heavy metals, bromides, fluoride, etc. by chelating (bonding to them). The toxins are then expelled.
  • Magnesium oil is known to be one of the quickest ways to decalcify the pineal gland, and has many other amazing health benefits.

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The best place I know of to get these “superfoods”, or supplements that contain them, is at Brighteon.com.

While there, please read about nascent iodine. It is an extraordinary supplement which, like vitamin D and magnesium, many people are deficient of. I will likely do an article about nascent iodine in the near future.


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How Long Does It Take to Decalcify the Pineal Gland?
What is the fastest way to decalcify the pineal gland, and how long does it take? 
The best and fastest way to decalcify the pineal gland will simply be to follow all of the suggestions I have listed. There is really no magical way to expediate the process. It took a long time for it to become calcified, so how long it takes to decalcify the pineal gland will depend on how diligent and consistent you are with practicing the things listed above.
I believe that if you use magnesium chloride oil topically, in addition to the other things mentioned here, you could notice pineal gland decalcification as soon as a month or two.

In Conclusion

You should now have a better understanding of what the pineal gland is and its location in the brain, as well as what the pineal gland’s function is. And you will also understand the abusive relationship between fluoride and the pineal gland. You will also know how to prevent further damage, and how to decalcify the pineal gland from the ravages of fluoride and other toxins.



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14 thoughts on “What Is the Pineal Gland | Is the Pineal Gland Your Soul??”

  1. Actually I never knew there was such a thing in our brain, I never thought about it, but its is one of the most important larts of the brain.

    I like your article about Pineal Gland it is very informative and important as well, I mean how to take care of your Pineal Gland and prevent from harming it by eating certain types of vegetables or food, and some liquids.

    thank you for sharing your ideas about Pineal gland, I appreciate. 

  2. Thank you, Shirley!
    It is great to hear from you, and your words have encouraged me very much, just when I was down a pint.
    So thank you!
    Please keep me apprised of your progress with this.
    Blessings and peace to you!

  3. Craig, After receiving the advice to check out my pineal gland, due to narcoleptic
    symptoms, I must have fallen asleep, or could not pursue immediately, and promptly forgot! Reviewing that conversation today, months later, I promptly went to the article. I do not remember reading your posted article.

    What a great article! Thinking it over, I don’t think I have a calcified (flouride attacked) pineal gland. I avoid flouride in water, toothpaste, dental work…
    I take turmeric often. I eat my dark green leafy’s, frequently use lemon juice (similar to ACV), take nascent iodine (for other reasons), use some spirulina…

    But in reading your article, I am pleased to learn of something I actually knew nothing! RESEARCH: still in progress. Your work is growing, and you are being a blessing! I wish you a heap of success!

  4. One thing that had stuck in my brain while in school was a tiny pea shape, and we used to joke with my siblings that their brain was like a pea, (in other words our brain was so small) but had no idea how significant that is.

    It so happens it is a part of your brain to keep you functioning. This article gave an excellent description along with an image to show and know where it is located in our brain.  To see the pros and cons, I am glad I am eating the right superfood that has chlorophyll for good support of my health.

  5. “In God’s creation, the inconceivable is constantly present”. I like that!

    Thanks very much Nsikan, for the great response. 

  6. Hi Craig,
    This article is very informative; most of us are unaware of the Pineal Gland, a thiny thing in our brain that plays a significant part in our lives and should be protected. In God’s creation, the inconceivable is constantly present. Fluoride should be avoided at all costs because it harms our pineal gland; yet, I was unknowingly following the other measures you outlined here while still using fluoride toothpaste. Which I need to get rid of right away. This is one of the main reasons I use the internet, and I will return to your blog for more useful information.

  7. Stella, the fact that you know to do all those things suggests that your pineal gland might be functioning…

    We seem to be born with certain instincts – almost like all of our organs have their own owner’s manual, which they recite to us, if our ears aren’t dulled by a constant swarm of lies.

  8. Good thing I already use Apple Cider Vinegar in my cooking.  Also I drink wheatgrass juice daily for 3 months out of the year.  Also drinking parsley, celery and cucumber juice.  So hopefully I will not end up with a calcified pineal gland.

    It’s interesting to note all the things it does in the body.  Such wonders to perform…

  9. Hi Craig. Thank you for very interesting article. I knew what pineal gland is, but to be fair I had no idea how important it is and how many function it is responsible for. And this is very useful to know that there is food like apples or broccoli which can decalcify it and  make it work better. Looking forward to test your advices and recommendations in practice

  10. I always knew where the pineal gland was and had a very basic idea about what it did. But this information is “the next level” x 5. Very interesting information, especially as to how to detox or decalcify  your pineal gland. I never knew that fluoride had such a bad effect on the pineal gland and I am going to start using some of the products suggested to decalcify my pineal gland. A great well written informative article.

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