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What’s the Easiest Way to Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

The best quit smoking method I have found is actually the only quit smoking method I have found to work. But it is actually the most effective. I’ll share it with you. But you’re probably thinking, “I don’t care what the most effective method is. What’s the easiest way to quit smoking?”.

Well, it turns out the best way is also the easiest way!

I know what you’re thinking again. Sorry about that. It’s a gift I hate to waste.

The Best Quit Smoking Method

You’re thinking that I’m going to say “cold turkey”. Right? Well… Yes!

But if you’ve never tried quitting smoking cold turkey, the thought of it probably sounds really hard, and makes you widen your eyes and your heart beat a little faster. And if you have tried in the past to quit cold turkey and failed, maybe after reading this article you will feel you know how to try it again, optimistically and confidently.

The best quit smoking method is…

Stop trying to quit smoking and just be done with it!!

Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. Or maybe it is. Please keep reading. I will tell you my story.

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How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

I hope you know what “cold turkey” means, otherwise the above subtitle is going to sound really weird.

I don’t know if young people still use this term, but in case anybody doesn’t know, to “quit cold turkey” means that you do not try to ween or “taper off” the use of an addictive substance. You just quit, and suffer through the difficulty of it, until you feel stable enough to function normally.

I know that everybody is a little different. It is going to be a lot harder for some people than others, but there are two fundamental things you need to quit smoking:

1. You have to really want to and decide, like you are ramming a flagpole into the ground.

2. You have to vigilantly start to see yourself as a non-smoker.

how i quit smoking cold turkey

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Like so many things, your identity dictates your behavior. If you don’t see yourself as successful, you will never be successful. It is the same principle with quitting smoking as it is for financial success, being happy, or being an unhappy failure.

I quit smoking by making up my mind to do it, and making starting again not an option. But it wouldn’t have worked without almost constantly making myself identify as a non-smoker, who was free from the bondage of smoking.

Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes?

“Why do people smoke cigarettes” is a very important question.

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It is because they are believing a lie. They believe they need them, for some reason. We should stop and seriously think about why we would believe this lie, and why we would be enslaved by a false belief and allow our life to be virtually consumed by it.

It consumes you, constantly. You smoke a cigarette. And between putting it out and lighting the next one, you are thinking, “Is it time for another one yet?” Is this any way to live??

When you quit smoking, that goes away, if you then truly see yourself as a non-smoker, and aren’t giving cravings a foothold in your mind. And you can do that by reminding yourself that it is a lie that you “need” a cigarette. The fact is, you actually need a cigarette as much as you need a poke in the eye.

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Again, addiction is different for different people. It affects people to differing degrees, but the fact always remains that the degree you are “addicted” to something is always in direct correlation to what you believe. And how easy it is to quit depends on how much you believe it. You can fixate on needing a cigarette. Or you can not.

Remember, I am just telling you how I did it. I don’t have anymore “willpower” than you do. In fact, anybody who has known me long would tell you that I have an “addictive personality”. But that is another lie that you don’t want to believe. If you do, you have a classic identity crisis. Your personality has nothing to do with it. If you have an empty hole you find yourself trying to fill with things that make you feel good, you need to look at why that hole is there. I mean, if you want to.

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I have quit a “chronic” (another BAD word) alcohol habit, which nearly killed me, and cigarettes at the same time! Not because I have a ton of willpower, or courage, or anything like that. Neither willpower or courage are things that some people have more or less of than others. Nobody has either on tap. They both start with a decision, and are something you DO, because you choose to believe that fear and weakness are not who you are, and that they are, in fact, an act of your will, which everyone has (not willPOWER) and when I quit, just making the initial decision was by far the hardest part. Nicotine Patches For Quitting Smoking - skull and crossbones grave

The harder you ram that flagpole into the ground, the easier the rest will be. I knew this. And it was H-A-R-D! For about 10 minutes. Because I knew that once I threw the pack away, that would be it. And once I did, the rest was instantly easy.

Nicotine Patches For Quitting Smoking

I know that these have worked for a few people. But I also know a hundred people that they didn’t work for. Using nicotine patches to quit smoking, to me, is like fixing a flat tire by sticking a nail back in the hole. Usually they don’t really want to fix it. And it is just a toilsome struggle, until they give in to the lie that brings them back into bondage.

In essence, the lie actually IS the bondage. Deal with the lie, and you are home free.

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To Sum It Up

I am imagining a bunch of people yelling at me for this article. I’m getting used to that, though. But again, I will say that what is the easiest way to quit smoking for somebody might be different for somebody else. If you have quit smoking successfully some other way, I am happy for you, believe me.

The hard 10 minutes I mentioned, that I experienced before throwing the pack in the garbage was a really hard 10 minutes! I don’t want to ever have another ten minutes like it again. I would rather be kicked in the junk by Chuck Norris.

But after it was over, I can’t say there was ever a time when I felt so free and strong. I ran 20 blocks to where I lived, in a blizzard, singing triumphantly. I really did! I knew I was finished with smoking.

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The best quit smoking method there is is cold turkey, I firmly believe, but you have to do it right. You have to be consistently deliberate in reminding your thoughts who is boss, and cultivating the identity of a person who doesn’t smoke. And as long as you don’t, guess what? You are a non-smoker!

But again, it is how you begin that is crucial.

Of course, like any addiction, there are underlying causes that usually need to be identified and addressed. But you will find it always comes down to identity. You are what you think you are. Do you like what your thoughts are saying about you?

If not, entertain some different ones.

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