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Why Can’t We Be Totally Healthy? Is It Normal to Never Be Sick?

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Should It Be Normal to Never Get Sick?

Why Can’t Anyone Ever Be 100% Healthy? Should It Be Normal to Never Get Sick? Why Can't Anyone Ever Be 100% Healthy

Is it normal to never be sick? Is it unreasonable to imagine having perfect health, and why don’t we?

Are we a flawed design?

I will begin with a disclaimer:

I am not condemning anyone for believing whatever they want to, nor am I attempting to convert them into something they don’t want to be. I am just trying to provide some context for why it might be that so much of the population is so much more sick and diseased and tired and foggy-headed and obese and complacent than they used to be. It is not hard to connect the dots, if one is interested in doing so.

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Could Our Poor Health Be Tied to the Theory of Evolution?

Sure, nothing once exploded and accidentally became everything, including peacocks, zebras, birds that talk, the human eyeball and billions of people each with unique fingerprints. Whatever keeps you unaccountable and feeling like the king of your own castle. We are all also born with a conscience, or an innate understanding of right and wrong, a will, and feelings that will never be able to be examined under any microscope.

All any rational, free-thinking person needs to do to make real sense out of everything is to stop for a minute or two and consider what takes far less faith to deduce, regarding the existence of everything, than theories like the universe being condensed into a tiny dot and exploding into everything we know. Give these geniuses a prestigious prize of some kind, for God’s sake! No matter how small you shrink something down, it still exists, I hate to have to tell you. A microscopic dot containing everything that would ever be is still something. Nothing does not explode and become everything. Sorry.

By the way, if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? And what did they used to be?

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Why is it that the enemies of a creator would try so hard to invent such theories, and then expend so much energy trying to drive it into the minds of the whole world’s population for so long?

Because they want to be God! And they want the minds of and complete control over the global population. A key difference between them and God, however, is that God gave us a free will, and will not try to force his on us. We are free to believe whatever we want. But it happens that we also have been given a brain and the ability to reason. And it isn’t very hard to deduce that some things are reasonable, and some things are preposterously asinine, given a little examination with a healthy mind that has not been commandeered by liars with a global agenda that does not have our best interests at heart, to say the very least.

Should We All Be 100% Healthy?They like to get ’em when they’re young, too. Would we really believe the preposterous things many of us do if they hadn’t started working on us when we were perfectly impressionable?

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I Have a Theory About Theories

I hate theories, when they masquerade as truth until they are widely and blindly accepted as such, having never been proven to be true and poisoning the general population. Yes, I know. People will argue that the same thing could be said about a created world. Except creation pretty much does prove itself to anyone who wants to see it. And, as I said, it takes a whole lot less faith to believe than the asinine concepts that evolutionists somehow believe (but do they, really??).

I am only trying to establish that if a person chooses to, they can take a minute to reflect upon where the beliefs they may have came from, and the notion that they may have been presented to them when they still believed in Santa Clause, or that their nose would grow if they told a lie.

We need theories to determine truth. But we can’t skip the steps in between and just start calling theory fact, and jamming it into everybody’s mind as being fact, and then condemn everybody who questions it.

I swear this is still a health blog. Hang with me, please. 🙂

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Was God Drunk?

Ok, so you decide to come to terms with the idea of people and everything else being created. You decide that an intelligent designer who has a purpose in mind for everything is way less insane and depressing than thinking everything came into existence by fluke, and everything is meaningless.

So why does the sun cause cancer? 

Well… It doesn’t.

Why are cholesterol and salt and fat terrible for you? 

They aren’t. They are in fact essential nutrients.

Why are there all these contagious microscopic things floating around that will wreak havoc in our bodies and threaten our lives? 

Those things don’t exist in reality. That is why it is called “germ theory“, and not germ fact.

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What kind of loving and sober creator would haphazardly commence the production of everything without some thought of quality control?

The facts are that the sun does not in fact cause cancer, there is no bad cholesterol, salt and fat are essential for health, blue light does not damage your eyes, and there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny, either.

So why do people seem hard-wired for sickness?Should It Be Normal to Never Be Sick?

You guessed it. They’re not!

Somebody knew what they were doing, and it was once all perfect. Then man’s pride and greed—enabled to get out of control because of having a free will—messed it all up. And now the greediest of people, after grossly abusing their own free will, want to strip you of yours, and dominate every aspect of your life, including your health.

Why Can’t We Be Totally Healthy? Should It Be Normal to Never Be Sick?

I know that many people are either unwilling or simply unable to believe it, and will laugh you to scorn for suggesting that sickness is an industry created by evil minds who hate humanity and want to eliminate it. The design was never flawed. In fact, it had a built-in system to fight off what its creator must have known it would need to when these toxins would be introduced. When nearly everything we eat has some measure of poison deliberately put in it, they then sell us more poison to deal with the effects of those poisons, which just introduce further problems, and they’ve got you on a hamster wheel.

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Sickness is a giant industry, for certain. Fewer and fewer people will argue against that, today. But it is more than that. It is not really about money. They already have all of the money. Realize how money is not real but the illusion of its worth is in fact destroying us.

Should We All Be 100% Healthy?

We should all be completely healthy, yes. And some people do claim to never get sick. So what are they doing right?

Well, the people known to be in near perfect health, and who live longer than everyone else tend to come from remote, tribal nations, who never eat anything that comes from a factory, or is contaminated by pesticides and other chemicals. And the people in these remote cultures would have much healthier soil than we do in the west, as well. And those people are not being destroyed by Rockefeller medicine and the food industry.

Nowadays there are factors that are beyond our control, with regard to not getting sick. But there are still many things we can control.

Eating organic food and forsaking junk food with tons of sugar (especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup), getting adequate amounts of micronutrients (which is becoming increasingly difficult without quality supplements) and spending time in the sun and staying active are all paramount. 

Everyone has heard the saying, “You are what you eat”, and it is pretty much that simple. If you eat healthy food, you will be healthy. These days it is just a matter of finding that healthy food. Or being able to afford it! If you can, shop at farmer’s markets, or grow what you can at home, if you have the space. Otherwise, even with “organic” grocery store food, get good at reading nutrition labels! 

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Phytochemicals and the Immune System

You won’t read nearly as much about phytochemicals (also known as phytonutrients) as vitamins C and D, zinc or other vitamins, with regard to immunity. But phytochemicals are said to be the most important discovery in nutrition over the last half-century, and a deficiency is largely responsible for poor immunity in humans.

The following short video explains what phytochemicals are and how and why they are so important for our health.

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In Summary

Yes, it should be normal to never get sick. Of course, that is very rare in the western world, especially. Sickness and disease are getting harder and harder to escape, especially when few people will have any immune system left, very soon, and the healthiest food doesn’t provide nearly the amount of nutrition that it once did.

So, we have to be extra diligent and vigilant to do everything we can to stay healthy. And it all adds up, if we can develop habits and routines, like staying active, opting to cook nutritious food rather than convenient processed foods, and finding an integral source for the micronutrients that are so lacking in our soil. Here is one such source that I solidly trust for supplements. And if you can’t find something there, here is another amazing store.

Should we all be 100% healthy? It is probably an unreasonable goal in this day and age, but we will certainly live longer (if you’re into that) if we try!


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Download this article as an e-book

8 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Be Totally Healthy? Is It Normal to Never Be Sick?”

  1. A very thought provoking read and 100 percent correct as we were not designed to get sick but we do, unfortunately, because of our life choices. I also think it is mainly due to what we put into our bodies in the way of processed and junk foods as well as not enough veggies and fruit that makes a huge difference. I am sure modern medicine and antibiotics also go along way in killing off what little is left of our immune systems. 

  2. Rockefeller medicine and the food industry! Then you dove into the Pharma love/hate, again you did your research.  I agree with just about everything you have here. Chemicals, processed sugars, most thing manufactured are bad for you! That’s why they are addicting, they include things to make us want them more. Clearly you have done a lot of research to get here! Thanks for sharing this article!

  3. So well said, Lee! It’s not rocket science – it is pretty simple, and like you imply—you just have to look around. But so many are either unwilling or unable to see. It is like some are past the point of no return, as far as the brainwashing. It is so sad, but we do see people waking up. Hopefully there will be enough awake-able ones before we are expected to officially sell our souls or starve. And that time is very near!

  4. You are speaking my language, Craig. The past hundred years of Rockefellar medicine was designed intentionally to make us sicker for obvious reasons. Isn’t it amazing how we can have so much so-called progress in healthcare to only see people sicker now than ever before. And what has happened to most of us recently will surely destroy our immune systems. People need to wake up and realize what is happening by being critical thinkers. Stop buying into the lies. It’s not about money anymore as you say…it’s power, control and destruction of us that’s the goal. 

    Learning how to take simple supplements (D3, zinc, C), eat organic, get sunshine and exercise are all critical to helping our health. I try to incorporate that everyday. We’ve never lived in a time where it was more critical to try and stay mentally and physically healthy. Thanks for shedding light on this. More people need to become aware but trying to de-program ingrained, blind faith is the real challenge.

  5. Hi Nikki. No newsletter, but you can subscribe to get notified about new articles. 

    Thanks very much for your comments, and I’m glad to hear that you question the “deliberately broken system”. Those of us not bewitched by it need to continue exposing it, at whatever cost, and keep questioning everything! 

  6. I am amazingly stunned by your website!!! The amount of truth in all of your articles and I read quite a few of them is very intriguing to say the least. I loved the amount of valuable information you have in all your articles about healthier foods and I am in total agreeance with you in everything you spoke of. Matter of fact I speak the same things all the time about foods and what we are putting in our bodies and how the population is growing more and more ignorant and unconscious. All because of a broken system that was created broken purposely to keep people in a cycle and mindset of autopilot and participate as just another cog in their broken system to keep their pockets lined with money. It’s all rather sickening and I am convinced A.I will become conscious enough to want to wipe us out because it to won’t be able to understand why we harm ourselves and others for the sake of money. They will see us as a threat to their existence and eliminate us just my opinion. Anyway thank you for this site I bookmarked it and am going back in to follow you and sign up to your newsletter if you have one available.

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