Why Do Things That Are Bad for My Health Taste So Good? | Why Is Food So Bland?

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Why Does Unhealthy Food Tend to Taste Better To Us Than Healthy Food?

Why Is Food So Bland?

Why Do Things That Are Bad for My Health Taste So Good?Why do some unhealthy foods taste better than healthy foods? Why is food so bland, in general, and why do things that are bad for my health taste so good, and healthy foods tend to taste bad?

Actually, they don’t, necessarily. Or at least they don’t have to. There are reasons why the tastiest foods seem to be the least healthy. One reason is that we can tend to get accustomed to eating things that are full of sugar, which becomes addictive. The more sugary / salty processed food you eat, the more dull your taste buds become to anything that isn’t sweet and salty.

We become conditioned from childhood, and this is intentional, by the food giants, and the medical industry. I will illustrate this further, as we go.

How the brain reacts to sugar like it does to cocaine.

We will get into a couple of other reasons why things that are bad for our health taste so good and why that is. We will also find out how to make healthy foods taste better, and we’ll see what happens when we eliminate junk foods for a time and then re-introduce them. This will be an interesting experiment, if you are up for trying it.

Please read on. We’ll see how to make healthy food taste better without adding unhealthy sauces, loaded with sugar, and much more.

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Why Do Things That Are Bad for Our Health Taste So Good?

Think of vegetable dips and sauces and all of the most unhealthy, sugar-laden substances there are that we have to put on the foods that used to be delicious, because those foods now, otherwise, are less favorable than styrofoam insulation.

So, once again, the food industry wins double-fold, at the expense of everyday people, just trying to enjoy their dinner and stay out of hospitals, because most of the “food” available to us now is making us diseased, tired, and cognitively handicapped.

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Why Is Food So Bland?

Why is western food so bland, these days?

Another reason we tend to opt for junk food instead of healthy food more and more these days is that all of the food that is supposed to be good for us has lost much of the flavor it once had.

Part of the reason, at least historically, is that in the cooler “western” climates, many spices didn’t grow very well.

I should specify that not all western food is bland. But that is because some people know how to cook, and use spices.Why Is Food So Bland? But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about why food is so bland these days, right from the grocery store.

The feed fed to chickens now is very beneficial for their growth, at the expense of flavor and nutrition, when it is on our plate. Some of what is in the feed is actually nutritional for the chicken. Or it was until fairly recently. Now it seems they have found a way to produce virtually flavorless chickens, which end up not being totally flavorless, by the time they are packaged to be sold… How?

“Flavor Solutions”

The “natural flavors” and “artificial flavors” you so often see in the foods we buy from the grocery store (which they don’t seem to be required to explain on the labels), is what the food industry refers to as “flavor solutions.”  These include some actual spices, as well as MSG, hydrolyzed yeast, and many other things which are, evidently, none of your business.

(Chickens) are all broilers now. Words like “fryer” and “roaster” still appear in cookbooks, but they don’t exist anymore. We eat gigantic babies. As a paper in the Journal of Poultry Science puts it, “If humans grew as fast as broiler chickens, a 6.6 lb. newborn baby would weigh 660 lbs. after 2 months.”

The bottom line is that it is more profitable to raise big, tasteless chickens and contract out somebody to add fake flavor to them to make them taste like chicken again, than it is to raise chickens normally. And this is exactly what the food industry does.

Have you ever had a real tomato? If you have, you remember it. It was like having gnawed on a tennis shoe for years, thinking it was a strawberry, and then biting into a wild-grown strawberry, grown in the Bahamas.

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More About Why Unhealthy Foods Taste So Good

Why does the body like junk food despite its being non-nutritious?

Before I get too far off track, let’s get back to why some unhealthy foods taste better than healthy foods. Why do foods that are bad for our health taste so good?

There is a method to the madness, and I brought it here to say this:

Unhealthy foods taste so good, in part, because we often need them (think condiments and sauces) to make healthy foods that have had all of the flavor sucked out of them taste better.

But the real and obvious junk foods, sadly, are consumed by people who either don’t know, or don’t care how bad they are for them. And we don’t seem to have any thought or foresight, when convenience rules the day.

So, why does healthy food tend to taste bad and unhealthy food taste good?

Try quitting crappy, sugary foods for a week or so. Then eat a Twinkie. Or anything that comes in a box at the grocery store, pretending to be food. Fish sticks. Frozen pizza. Chef Boyardee. Even a tomato; It will taste like cardboard soaked in formaldehyde.

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Stephanie’s Experiment

Stephanie Topacio Long  shares this story, and I can concur, from personal experience, and maybe you can, too:

“Strangely, eating junk food (again) was pretty miserable. In just two weeks, my taste buds seemed to have re-calibrated. I was weirdly overwhelmed by the salty, flavorful chips I chose, and then horrified to realize how hard it was to stop eating them in spite of it. Bringing processed foods back into the mix suddenly reminded me of what it was like to be painfully full and how easy it can be to overeat. It was a perfect example of how food is engineered to be addictive and a reminder of one of the many reasons I’d wanted to go unprocessed in the first place.”

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Here is a shocking video:

We get used to eating bad. It begins to taste good. Our bodies and brains adapt, as they do with everything. That doesn’t mean that bad food becomes good for us. Our bodies are an amazing design, and can handle a lot and are built to compensate for unforeseeable circumstance. But we were also given a mind and a will, which are designed to be far less automatic. 

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How To Make Healthy Food Taste Better

How do you make healthy food taste better without adding unhealthy sauces or condiments?

Unfortunately, the reason people don’t tend to cook anymore is because it is very time-consuming and toilsome (if you don’t particularly enjoy cooking, like me). This is because the food is so bland, making it taste good is like composing a sonata. Nobody is going to do this 3 times a day, every day.

Here is a good starting point. This is an article with a few good and simple cooking tips (I just learned what the dark stuff left in the bottom of the frying pan is called!). Ten Simple Tips to Make Food Taste Better

We will likely do an article expounding on this topic, in the near future, but to my mind, the best thing we can do is shop at farmer’s markets, when possible, and buy food that doesn’t need its weight in salt and sugar added to taste like anything but sugar and salt.

Of course, even the food you buy at a farmer’s market has been grown in nutrient depleted soil, and the feed for the livestock that the meat comes from, well… this is probably depressing enough for one day, wouldn’t you say?

Here is a trace mineral supplement I believe everybody needs.

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How do you make healthy food taste better without adding unhealthy sauces?


Why does the body like junk food despite being non-nutritious?

I love what Mark Schatzker drives home in the above video, and it is such a good point. And that is that yes, we should certainly be concerned about the nutritional value of the food we buy, but we should also be concerned about the flavor of our food. The lack of flavor in the food we buy is not happenstance.

As I mentioned, we have to see the end game of what they are doing to us. The food is bland on purpose. It is cost-effective for the manufacturers, first of all. But then they really give it to us by making atrociously unhealthy garbage products that we need to add to those bland foods to make them flavorful. They want everyone diseased and addicted to sugar.

They have us by the short and curlies, on both ends.

And then we end up diseased and needing “health care”, which is sure to keep us sick and reliant on a very sad cycle of existence.

Are you connecting the dots, yet?

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