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Will Your Body Tell You What You Need to Know?

What would your body tell you if it could talk? Your Body Will Tell You What It Needs

What Would Your Body Tell You If It Could Talk?

It is an old cliche, but it’s true. Your body will tell you what it needs.

There is such a constant barrage of this type of thing on the internet. A million people yelling at you to eat this and take that, and avoid this and avoid that. Eat this for this problem. Stop eating this if you want that to happen, and on and on.

When you stop to think about it, doesn’t our body tell us what we need to know, if we are paying attention? And guess what? Out of a dozen foods and vitamins suggested for one ailment, 10 of them are what you will need for a handful of other things. There aren’t that many things you need to do, avoid or ingest that are crucial for good health. Those few things will have you covered!

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Your Body Knows What It Needs.

Your body will tell you what it needs, and it will also tell you what it doesn’t want.

We were built to function optimally, having been given a system designed to deal with things we couldn’t have even known we would have to.

It used to be that illness could be pretty quickly cured by your neighborhood physician, and he went to sleep at night with a sense that he was filling a hole in society that only he could, and so he should feel that way. That’s why we tend to follow the talents that emerge, as we grow up, as I dare say we should. And that is why doctors become doctors, historically speaking.

But at some point, things changed.

We have referenced these topics consistently in other articles at Un-Pharma.

I seem to be hooked, currently, on the thoughts of people and what they think about how well their bodies have taken care of them over the years, and I just love to hear their ponderings on that, which I seem to align with. It is hard to deny, when you stop to think about it, that our bodies are designed to handle what their designer seemed to know they would need to handle, if you can allow yourself to think so humbly. But we are now virtually dictated to by the “medical establishment”, and even supranational organizations that have nothing to do with health or medicine!

There is so much ridiculous and audacious over-reach by these criminal organizations that most doctors are likely pretty confused, these days.

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It is not that hard to find a decent doctor, who actually cares about your health. But should we put so much stock in needing one? 

Does your body tell you what it needs you to know?

“What would your body tell you, if it could talk?

And does your body talk to you?

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Again, it seems to me (based largely on experience) that cause and effect is the way things are. Something causes something else to happen, and that has to have a result. It is not something there is any point in debating. And it should still be a crucial factor when we find ourselves held at gunpoint, with some tyrannical, self-appointed regime having a distinct and decided motive for convincing us otherwise. And not questioning those motives is just lazy, and ultimately suicidal.

Our bodies were designed to have a way better idea of what we would need than you or I could ever conceive of.

We areCan You Hear What Your Body Is Saying to You all fallible creatures. But even if we did our utmost to eat well and take care of ourselves, it is impossible to avoid the many harmful things over which we have little to no control, these days.

But we were given a system to cover us!

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We will continue to fail in our efforts to be perfectly healthy, and maybe even become sick. But if we do, we should question why it happened. And it could just be because somebody wants us that way. If we can allow ourselves to consider that, and even come to terms with it, then we can instantly become impervious, as I see it.

The really funny thing, to my mind, is that we have a system within us that was pre-designed to be able to take what the designer knew would be thrown at it, in times just like these… and there are many of us walking around, despite everything they have tried to do to kill or control us, who still have a sense of this.

The laugh would be on them, if we all simply listened to our bodies (and that is the best advice I could give, not being a physician), and any real doctor would say the same. Again, your body will tell you what you need, or need to avoid.

If your body could talk, what would it tell you?

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Can You Hear What Your Body Is Saying to You?

First of all, it is not your body talking when you hear “Go buy a chocolate cake and eat the whole thing“, unless you are caught in a cycle of craving something that is bad for you. We can become physically addicted to things. But that is not what I’m talking about here.

What would your body tell you if it could talk? Well, I reckon it doesn’t much matter if we aren’t listening...

The following video outlines 6 ways of listening to what your body may be telling you, for the sake of maintaining good health and wellbeing:

1. Intuitive eating
2. Tune into your digestion
3. Cravings
4. Look at your skin
5. Understand your “cycles”
6. Do a mental check-in

Another Video: 

How to Read Your Body, by Dr. Eric Berg

If you are experiencing unusual pains or discomfort in a certain area, if you are experiencing a sudden change in your weight, a decline in vision, mood swings, brain fog, changes in appetite… whatever the case may be, your body is probably trying to tell you something.

It may be telling you to go to a doctor, if whatever is happening feels like it could be something severe.

Or you may just need to adjust your diet, be a bit more active, get more sleep, identify something you could be lacking and get a good supplement, or limit stress in your life.

If you run to a doctor everytime something seems a bit off, there is a fairly good chance you will be subscribed something you don’t need, and this could actually cause new problems. I mention this because it has become obscenely common these days, if you didn’t notice.

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A List of Things to Consider

Here is a list of things that are commonly the cause (or the result in some cases) of symptoms which may be manifesting in your body, which could just be your body trying to tell you something that you need to correct. I will link the items to other Un-Pharma articles articles on these topics, which will each open for you as a new page:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or you suspect any of the causes listed could be connected to something you are experiencing, I am sure you will find something in the corresponding article (or one of the external links within it) that will enlighten you.

Please bookmark this page, for future reference. I will likely expand this list, periodically, so stay tuned.

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In Summary

So what would your body tell you, if it could talk?

It is probably talking to you right now. Maybe you have learned how to hear what it says, and you have been able to avoid trips to the clinic when something doesn’t feel right; or avoid paying for and taking medications you don’t need, and which would likely cause additional, unrelated problems. And they wouldn’t fix the issue at hand!

If you haven’t yet learned to hear what your body may be trying to tell you, I believe either of the above videos would be a good starting point, as well as the list just above.

Your body will tell you what it needs, but as mentioned earlier, that will be of little use if you can’t hear what it is saying.

And I will also reiterate:

Your body may be telling you to go to a doctor. Usually when it says that it will be a pretty audible voice. Just try to find a doctor that isn’t merely a drug dealer. They do still exist, last time I checked.

But if you can learn to get in tune with your inner workings and do what your body would like for you to do so it can function as it was meant to, the chances will be far slimmer that you will ever have to step into a doctor’s office again!

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14 thoughts on “Your Body Will Tell You What It Needs (Or Doesn’t) | It’s Awesome to Listen!”

  1. Very good point about making that distinction as clear as possible, and I will do that. Thanks, and thanks for sharing the story about your husband, and I’m glad you had a good doctor, and that he is doing better!

  2. Hi Hawumba. Thanks for your thoughtful response. 

    There is a lot of information out there, isn’t there? And it is hard to tell what is right for whom, not to mention if it is even factual.

  3. Thank you very much for your thoughts, which were very well articulated.

    Yes, more sun exposure, certainly!

  4. Hello,
    This is such an interesting topic that I could discuss a lot. However, I will try to be short and concise.
    My husband had health issues about 7 years ago. And he was given a handful of medications and a strict diet to follow. He was very thin and weak at that time and the diet made him even worse. Not only that he became thinner and weaker but also other issues (like sickness and vomiting) appeared. The doctor was confused, she said it had worked well on everyone so far. Thus we decided to look for another opinion. We were lucky. The doctor was very open-minded and understanding. He advised us just as you did here. He said my husband should listen to his body. What made him feel sick should be avoided. No matter how good it did for people’s organisms, for some reason, my husband’s body didn’t accept it. The doctor also suggested testing all other food including the ones that were excluded by that strict diet. 
    Luckily, it really worked. After testing almost all the food, my husband made his own list of what not to have in order not to be sick. We are so thankful to this doctor. I am also very glad that you have put it into writing, as a document so more people can read this valuable information. 
    The only thing I would suggest here is making a clear line between body and mind. Our mind can ask us to do something our body doesn’t support. For example, my daughter’s body can’t digest milk. But she loves it. And she is so tempted that when she has it in sight she can’t resist. This is not her body telling her to drink it, but she is tempted by her psyche. Someone might misunderstand and interpret this as a body need. 
    Thank you for enabling people with this valuable information. 

  5. Hi, Craig, thank you so much for this post. It is indeed vital that we learn to listen to our bodies and pick up the messages it is communicating. If one analyses history-taking by doctors, it narrows to finding out whether the patient has been alert to the messages of his/her body. However, one dilemma in all of these communication channels is the inability to fathom the messages. I my view, this is where there is a need for some level of knowledge on how one should interpret the meaning and make the correct association with any defect if any, and the goes on to make corrective measures. As for the measures to take, one may either go to visit a doctor or make any corrective changes in the lifestyle. Once again thank you for this post.

  6. Hi Craig,

    Thank you for an intriguing post. It is well written.

    I can not agree with you more. Our body takes care of ourselves under normal circumstances. 

    We are more stressed and anxious because of the changed circumstances. 

    We sleep less. 

    We are working on multiple tasks simultaneously trying to be highly productive in all our task to be successful in the eyes of some.

    We eat not mindfully and do not enjoy.

    We want instant gratification.

    We move very little and stay with our digital friend 

    We have no time to appreciate small things in life 

    I have personally found these are harmful to our life.

    How to listen to your body- I agree totally with you. Just may be added sunlight exposure if you can or have optimal Vit D by supplementing with food and/or supplement.

    I look forward to your next post.

  7. Hi Craig, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the article. I am a ´natural freak´, and I completely agree with you about how intelligent our bodies are. I have studied a bit of Ayurveda, and I am against taking drugs unless it´s an emergency. I have learned to listen to what my body needs. I believe one can eat anything as long as it is in moderation, and you learn to stop taking whatever is making you feel unwell. Sleep is also important. I´m going to bookmark your page and read more. Thank you. 

  8. Yes, people generally seem to think that sickness and disease are just a normal part of life, so they eat garbage food and then just run to the doctor when something goes wrong.

    Thanks, my friend.

  9. Sometimes, we are not aware of our bodies and what they need. You may feel tired or have a headache, but you simply don’t notice it. We live in a society where we are constantly stressed and on the go, which makes it difficult for the body to break down everything that happens.

    You have explore the mind-body connection and its effect on quality of life. In order to truly understand the mind-body connection, it is important to first understand what happens in the brain when we experience a particular emotion.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  10. There are so many people that do not listen to what their bodies are telling them. With the amount of over-processed foods that are consumed, most no longer know what their bodies are telling them, if they ever did. I love the video you shared on the 6 ways to listen to what your body is telling you. Eating a healthy balanced diet, combined with exercise and enough sleep, already helps your body. 

    And yes there are still doctors around that are not only drug issuers. I prefer using a doctor that also has additional training in alternative medicines and natural remedies, to provide me with better choices. 

  11. Hello there thanks for this helpful piece of information, i must commend you for dropping this here . going through this article I have learnt many things I never thought was going on ,my mind and body has this communication that tells me what my body needs.i really appreciate this article learning from the video and the list of how my body talks to me.

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